2016 Baseball Bat Reviews

Last updated: Thursday, March 2, 2017

The most recent set of reviews is currently added under the 2017 Baseball Bat Review page. There are no more 2016 releases. If you’re Old School, maybe the 2015 baseball bat reviews is what you need.

We’ve Spent hundreds of hours meticulously reviewing, swinging and evaluating baseball bats released in 2016. The 2016 line of baseball bats is reviewed on individual pages below. They are divided up by brand. As we review more bats they will be added. Slowly, but surely, we will have every 2016 performance baseball bat reviewed on the lists below.

2016 Baseball Bat Reviews: Bests

2016 Pre-Season Best Baseball Bat Awards
Readers’ Choice Awards: Best 2016 BBCOR Bat
The 2015 Baseball Bat Review list can be found here.

2016 Baseball Bat Reviews: By Brand

Adidas Bats

2016 Adidas EQT X3 RBZ Review

2016 Adidas EQT X3 RBZ Review: Adidas Now With a Two-Piece Hybrid (price)

Anderson Bats

2016 Anderson Centerfire Bat Review

2016 Anderson Centerfire Review: Big Barrel and Youth Barrel Hybrid (price)

Axe Bats
2016 Axe Element Hyperwhip

2016 Axe Element Hyperwhip Review: Asymmetric Knob and End Cap (price)
2016 Axe Avenge Review: Updated Knobs (price)
2016 Axe Elite Review: Two Piece, Axe Knob, Balanced Swing (price)
2016 Axe Fungo Review: Axe Knob on a Composite Maple Fungo (price)


2016 Combat Maxum Review

2016 Combat Maxum Review: Putting Other Big Barrels to Shame (price)
2016 Combat Vigor Review: A More affordable Single Piece Composite (price)
2016 Combat Portent G4 Review: Big Barrel, Big Hitter (price)


2016 DeMarini Bat Reviews

2016 DeMarini Bat Reviews: Previewing the Reviewing
2016 DeMarini CF8 Reviews: The Electric Avenue (price)
2016 DeMarini Voodoo Raw: Hybrid Perfection if we’ve ever seen it (price)
2016 DeMarini NVS Vexxum Review: Hybrid Balance if we’ve ever seen it (price)
2016 DeMarini Insane Review: A Metal Bat that Swings Like Wood if we’ve ever seen one (price)
2016 DeMairni Uprising Review: Low End Bat, Average Performance (price)

Dirty South

Dirty South Swag Review: A Sweet Barreled Bat
Dirty South Raw Review: Newcomers With a Serious Stick

2016 Baseball Bat Reviews Article Contents

2016 Baseball Bat Reviews

Sam BatWoodSmooth$$
Sam BatYouthSmooth$$$
EastonZ-Core HybirdSerious$$$
Dirty SouthSwagSerious$$$
Dirty SouthRawDead Serious$$$
DeMariniNVS VexxumFavorite$$
DeMariniVoodoo RawElite$$$
DeMariniCF8The King?$$$$
AdidasEQT RBZ X3Serious$$$$


2016 Easton MAKO Reviews

2016 Easton MAKO Reviews: Doubling down on the TORQ
2016 Easton MAKO XL Review: The One and Only End Loaded Two Piece Composite (price)
2016 Easton MAKO TORQ Review: Great Bat—Still A Rotating Handle (price)
2016 Easton MAKO XL TORQ Review: End Loaded Two-Piece Composite with a Rotating Handle (price)
2016 Easton BBCOR Reviews: Previewing the Reviewing
2016 Easton S2 Review: Old School Hybrid—New School Paint Job (price)
2016 Easton S3 Reviews: Reprinting 2015 (price)
2016 Easton S500 and S500c Review: We can confirm it’s cheap (price)
2016 Easton XL3 Review: End-Loaded Single Piece Bat for Youth and Senior League (price)
2016 Easton Z-Core Review: The New S3 (price)
2016 Easton Z-Core XL Review: The Heaviest Swinging Bat Easton Makes (price)
2016 Easton Z-Core TORQ Review: Old Bat, New Twist (price)
2016 Easton Z-core Hybrid Review: Two Pieces of Happiness (price)
2016 Easton Z-Core Hybrid TORQ Review: New Bat, New Twist (price)
2016 Easton Z-Core Hybrid XL Review: Big Bat, Big Twist (price)
2016 Easton MAKO YOUTH Barrel Reviews: The Bats of the Little League World Series (price)

Louisville Slugger

2016 Louisville Slugger: 916 Prime, 716 Select, 516 Omaha2016 Louisville Slugger: 916 Prime, 716 Select, 516 Omaha: Previewing the Reviewing
2016 Louisville Slugger 916 Prime Review: It’s Back and Bigger (price)
2016 Louisville Slugger 716 Select Review: Two Piece Hybrid With a Big Swing (price)
2016 Louisville Slugger 516 Omaha Review: One Piece Dinger (price)


Marucci AP5 Albert Puljous 5

2016 Marucci Wood Bat Reviews: Youth Sized Bomb Droppers (price)
2016 Marucci Best Wood Bat Reviews: Pro Stock (price)


2016 Mizuno Nighthawk Review

2016 Mizuno Nighthawk Review: Two Piece, Tapered Barrel (price)
2016 Mizuno Generations Review: Bigger Barrel This Year (price)
2016 Mizuno MaxCor Review: Stiff Soft, But Bigger Barrel (price)


2016 Rawlings 5150 Review

2016 Rawlings VELO Review: Not Much Changes, But Still Great (price)
2016 Rawlings 5150 Review: New Versions for 2016 (price)
2016 Rawlings Trio Review: Three Pieces, One Bat (price)


rip it element

2016 RIP-IT SmartBat: It’s finally here—or is it? This got the can.
2016 RIP-IT Element One Review: Single Piece Senior and BBCOR bats reviewed (price)
2016 RIP-IT Element Two Review: Two Piece Hitter’s Bat (price)

Sam Bats


Youth Wood Bats Sam Bat Reviews: The Cadian Boat Rockers (price)
Custom Made Sam Bats Review: The LL-CD1 (price)