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2017 DeMarini CF9 Review | Baseball and Fastpitch Updates

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Update: DeMarini Baseball will not release a CF9 in baseball for the 2017 season. Instead, the marquee baseball brand will take the CF series and split it into two different bats. They are: (1) an end loaded two piece composite (called the CF Insane) and (2) a balanced two piece composite (called the CF Zen).

In fastpitch DeMarini will keep the CF series in the traditiona numbering system. There will be 7 different 2017 DeMarini CF9s in fastpitch. Jump to the DeMarini CF9 Fastpitch Section

Baseball Update: CF Insane and CF Zen Overview

2017 DeMarini CF9 Review

In baseball, the 2017 CF Insane is a new iteration to DeMarini’s line. The bat, to put it simply, is an end-loaded version of the CF8. There are upgrades in addition to that which are covered in the longer review on the Insane.  (Amazon Price Check)

2017 DeMarini CF9 Review

The 2017 CF Zen is the most direct “next generation” of the 2016 CF8 and 2015 CF7. Like those previous iterations, the CF Zen is a lighter swinging two piece composite built with the every day hitter in mind. It has a full usable barrel and, compared to last year, an upgraded composite (DeMarini’s claim). We discuss this more in our full review.  (eBay Search Price Check)

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DeMarini CF9 Fastpitch Overview

Like last year, there are seven different DeMarini CF9 Fastpitch bats for 2017. Four of those are drop 10s and the other three are a drop 8, drop 9 and drop 11. Here is an overview:

DeMarini CF9 Fastpitch Drop 10s

2017 DeMarini CF9 Review

The most popular CF9 in the 2017 line up is the Balanced fast pitch Drop 10. The majority of fast pitch players will prefer this middle of the road swing weight and considerably poppy bats. The bat has a balanced swing, large barrel and greatly minimizes hand sting on mishits.

2017 DeMarini CF9 Review

The HOPE CF9 fastpitch bat is exactly the same as the balanced CF9 with the obvious exception of the colorway change. As well, the proceeds from this bat help support DeMarini’s partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

2017 DeMarini CF9 Review

The CF9 comes in an endloaded version called the DeMarini CF9 Insane. Although the total weight of the bat is the same as the other drop 10’s, the distribution of the weight is more towards the end cap. This change of balance point increases the swing weight (often referred to as MOI). As you could guess, when the swing weight increases the bat is more difficult to swing. However, if the additional swing weight doesn’t effect the players bat speed then more power can be transferred to the ball. In other words, stronger players who aren’t quite ready for the drop 9 or drop 8 should consider the CF9 Insane.

2017 DeMarini CF9 Review

Last but not least in the 2017 DeMarini CF9 fastpitch line up is the drop 10 slapper. Left handed players who make a living getting on first base will appreciate the 2017 DeMarini CF9 fast pitch stick. The bat has a long 14 inch barrel, opposite taped grip and a balance point very close to the hands for easy control which are all features lefty slappers will love.

CF9 Fastpitch Drop 8, 9 and 11

2017 DeMarini CF9 Review

Elite highschool and collegiate players tend to the drop 8 CF9. Mostly due to the fact that the most legal length to weight ratio is met in this beast and DeMarini designs it with that in mind. Those who can swing this monster should swing this monster. As well, upgraded composite features, found on all the CF9 bats this year, area also on the drop 8.

2017 DeMarini CF9 Review

Heavy hitting highschool players will appreciate this 2017 CF9 Drop 9. While not as end loaded as the drop 8 above, the Drop 9 is perfect for a player who needs more power than a drop 10 endload could give them but not quite ready for the drop 8. It has a long, usable barrel with a smooth feel at contact.

2017 DeMarini CF9 Review

The drop 11 2017 CF9 fastpitch bat is the lightest swinging CF9 DeMarini makes. Little league players who need as much bat speed and bat control as possible will appreciate this bat. The bat does lacks some punch for sure, but when the plan is to just get the ball in play then lights swinging stick is the right fit. The same performance composition, including the upgraded composite found in 2017 CF bats, is also on the drop 11.

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