2017 Fastpitch Bat Reviews

2017 Fastpitch Bat Reviews | Tested and Tried

We’ve spent hundreds of hours in the cage and on the field testing, evaluating and using fastpitch bats. There isn’t a performance bat on the market we have not used or compared. The following lists our 2017 Fastpitch Bat Reviews in alphabetic order. Feel free to read them all or, if you just want the best, check out our article on the best fastpitch bat. You can also find our 2016 list of fastpitch bats here.

We will update these reviews, and add more, as we gather and write more. Last updated: Monday, July 18, 2016

2017 DeMarini CF9 Fastpitch Bat Reviews

HOPE cf9

2017 DeMarini CF9 Overview: Baseball and Fastpitch: Here we overview DeMarini’s 2017 fastpitch line up. New composite material makes for a more focused load and an improved, at least they claim, barrel. Huge selection again and a hitter for every player.

2017 Louisville Slugger’s Fastpitch Bat Reviews

2017 Louisville Slugger Fastpitch Xeno Plus Review

2017 Louisville Slugger XENO Plus Fastpitch Review: Like last year, seriously hot bat with a big barrel and great balance point. Stiff transition for more feel in the barrel at contact, but advanced players tend to like that.

2017 Louisville Slugger LXT Hyper Review: Ultra balanced swing weight with a less stiff transition the LXT Hyper is a beast. We expect this to be the most popular bat in 2017 and for good reason. It’s predecessor was as good as they get and Slugger’s distribution and brand recongnition is far and wide.

Custom LXT PHoto

2017 Custom Louisville Slugger Fastpitch Bat: Here we review the LXT Hyper’s custom made site. A bazillion options on fantastic point. Only real problem is the bat isn’t free. Otherwise, everyone would own one.

2017 Marucci Pure’s Fastpitch Bat Reviews

Marucci Pure PHoto 2

2017 Marucci Pure Fastpitch Review: We find the new connective piece on this first generation bat unique and helpful. Marucci always makes beautiful stuff—and you should expect the same from the Marucci Pure. Performance, at least on our first cracks, were as good as anything we could find.