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2018 Easton Beast X Reviews | Speed, Hybrid, Loaded


We know virtually nothing about Easton’s 2018 baseball line at the moment. With the obvious exception of name. We had some inside sources tell us it will be the Z-Core line may very well be upgraded to a 2018 Easton Beast X. That bat will come, much like the 2017 Z-Core, in a Speed, Hybrid and Loaded.

2018 Easton Beast X Details?

We did find some pictures and will wait a few weeks to get those out in the open as to respect Easton’s process. But, for the record, they look smoking hot and quite different than anything Easton has done to date.

This page will serve as our landing page for the 2018 Easton Beast X Reviews. Expect an overview of the entire line as well as a one off review on the Beast X Speed, Beast X Hybrid and Beast X Loaded. In the mean time you may find some value in checking out our 2017 Easton Z-Core Reviews.

2018 Easton Beast X Reviews

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