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Baseball Bat Database w/ Swing Weight and Balance Points


Baseball Bat Database with Swing Weight and Balance Point

Since bat companies don’t like publishing their actual bat swing weight data (called moment of inertia or MOI), this bat swing weight database is created to establish a user generated bat swing weight repository for baseball and softball bats. Anyone can contribute to the bat swing weight database, and is encouraged to do so, through the MOI calculator found here. Once you get the hang of the calculation the process of getting bat swing weight data is 3 to 5 minutes per bat.

Baseball Bat Database

A few guys who couldn’t care less about swing weights.

Submitting to the calculator gives you immediate bat swing weight results. We then analyze your bat swing weight data for accuracy and input them in the database below. That process takes a few days so check back often as things are constantly being updated. We accept any year and any type of bat data. The more the merrier.

Dia. = Diameter, LGTH = Stated Length in Inches, BP = Balance Point in Inches, SW @ 6 = Swing Weight or Mass Moment of Inertia measured at 6 inches from the knob, SW @ 0 = Swing Weight or Mass Moment of Inertia measured at the knob, Weight = Actual Weight, Drop = Difference between Stated Length and Stated Weight.

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