Baseball Bats Drop 3

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Baseball Bats Drop 3

By way of clarification, because I see a lot of people trying to figure it out, a search for “Baseball Bats Drop 3” is probably better searched for by using the term BBCOR Baseball Bat. A BBCOR bat is also a drop 3—meaning, the bat has a numerical difference between its weight and length of 3.

For example, a 32 inch length bat that has a 29 inch length is a drop 3. This bat can also be a BBCOR bat if it has passed other standards including a trampoline effect test.

There were 38 drop 3 baseball bats releaed for 2015. None of those drop 3 baseball bats are currently uncertified with BBCOR. Said better: all BBCOR baseball bats are drop 3 and all drop 3 baseball bats, made in the last several years, are BBCOR certified.

Baseball Bats Drop 3

Below is a list of Baseball Bats Drop 3 for your review. Please see this 2015 BBCOR baseball bat list for the entire release for this year.

2015 Adidas BBCOR
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2015 Anderson BBCOR
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2015 Baden Axe BBCOR
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2015 Combat BBCOR
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2015 Combat Portent G3 BBCOR Bat

2015 DeMarini BBCOR
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2015 Easton BBCOR
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2015 Louisville Slugger BBCOR
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2015 Marucci BBCOR
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2015 Mizuno BBCOR
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2015 Rawlings BBCOR
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2015 Old Hickory BBCOR
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RIP-IT Air Elite
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2015 Rude American Bat Company BBCOR
MOAB Speed Engineered
MOAB Power Engineered

2015 Rude American Bat Reviews

What are drop 3 baseball bats?

Drop 3 baseball bats are BBCOR baseball bats. The BBCOR restriction on highschool and collegeiate baseball bats constrict a number of factors of how the bat is designed. To name a few, the baseball bat must have a batted ball trampoline effect similar to wood bats. This is referred to as .50 BBCOR and any bat which has passed this qualification has a visible stamp saying as much on the bat. Additionally, a BBCOR baseball bat must have a numerical difference between the stated weight and stated length of 3.

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