Best 2015 BBCOR High School Bat Recommendations

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There are several clickable links in the following infographic: 2015 BBCOR Baseball Bats Recommendations Guide. However, they only work when viewing the image at full scale—which is about 800 pixels wide. Each bat below can be clicked directly to its review. As well, you might find interest in our Best 2015 BBCOR bat Award Page.

Best 2015 BBCOR highschool bat

How to find your Best 2015 BBCOR Highschool Bat?

Step 1: Choose Swing Load

  • Swing load refers to the where the balance of the bat is felt as you handle it. Some bats have their load more towards the hands, others towards the end cap and the rest somewhere in the middle. Choose your swing load by your preference for its feel. Do not confuse this concept with the concept of swing weight. Different types of hitters (power or contact) do need different swing weights, but a swing weight should be adjusted by changing the length of the bat that has the swing load you prefer.
  • Example: You are a power hitter but prefer bats whose load feels more in the handle. Purchase a handloaded bat in a longer size.

Step 2: Decide Price Range

  • recommends using the Rule of Seven when determining how much you should spend on your baseball bat. The “Rule of Seven” states that your budget for a BBCOR bat should equal the number of games you expect to play with that bat in its lifetime, multiplied by seven.

Step 3: Narrow down you bat by features found in the chart above

Step 4: Pull the Trigger

  • Once you’ve identified your bat, we prefer major online retailers for the best prices. We have success buying bats here or here.

Extra Innings

  • Buying Used Bats: We often buy used. Feel comfortable buying composite barrel bats that have less than 3 years of use and are in relatively good shape.
  • Buy Last Year’s Model: If you can find last year’s model in stock it often makes lots of sense to go that route. Don’t, however, sacrifice the right size for a better price.
  • As well, check out our 2015 BBCOR bat reviews to see what significant changes may have occurred from previous years—especially when thinking a previous years model is the best bet.

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