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Best 33 Inch Baseball Bat | 33/30 33/28 BBCOR & Drop 5

Best 33 Inch Baseball Bats


In baseball, BBCOR and drop 5 bats come in a 33-inch. That makes this best baseball bat review on 33 inch bats write up rather straight forward. Although we cover this information on the best BBCOR bats and the drop 5 rankings on our best youth baseball bats elsewhere, we thought more insight might be helpful for those looking for a list of the best 33 inch baseball bat.

Best 33 Inch Baseball Bat

Best 33 Inch Baseball Bat

CategoryBrandModel ReviewSizeRatingPrice
BBCORSlugger617 Solo33/295/5$$$
Drop 5 Big HitterMarucciCAT 733/285/5$$$
Drop 5 BalanceEastonBeast33/305/5$$$

Best 33 Inch BBCOR Bats

Best 32 inch bat

The best 33-inch BBCOR bat, we think, is the 2017 BBCOR 617 SOLO from Louisville Slugger. We think big hitters, those who actually need a 33 inch bat, will appreciate the stiff feel and honest barrel of this single piece hybrid. It has a balanced weight that is aided by its extended composite end cap.

Price Check the 617 Solo

Best 33 Inch Wood Bat

Best 32 inch wood bat

Marucci's AP5 would be our favorite wood bat in the 33 inch length. We like the larger barrel that is built for big hitters like Albert Puljos. There are a dozen or so legitimate wood bat companies in the market. Marucci has the best market presence and usage at the top levels. We think it is the best wood bat. Further, the AP5 is the best power hitter bat they make. Naturally, then, the AP5 is our favorite 33-inch wood bat.

Price Check the AP5

Best 33 Drop 5 Baseball Bat Balance

Best 32 inch baseball Bat

We like a number of drop 5 bats. They are, far and away, the biggest hitting bats on the market. Not only are they heavy, but they are not restricted by the .50 BBCOR standards. We have long held the opinion that if you can swing a drop 5, you should be swinging a drop 5. We detail our entire list on our best drop 5 bats lists.

In the middle-of-the-road swing weight area, we like Marucci's CAT 7 in a 33/27. It is a stiff feeling bat that feels like wood on contact, but has enough technology in the hand to rarely sting hands. The CAT 7 uses a unique aluminum barrel, with tapered insides, to get a larger sweet spot.

Price Check the Cat 7

Best 33 Drop 5 Baseball Bat Speed

Easton Beast Youth

If you need speed but want to jump into the big boy 33-inch and drop 5 space, then Easton's 2017 Easton Beast is a great choice. Super huge barrel with a pop packing punch make it a great choice. It swings a bit heavier than the 2016 version of the MAKO, but is still considered in the "speed" or handloaded cateogry. (Compared to the "Balanced" Marucci CAT 7 or an Endloaded bat).

Price Check the 2017 Easton Beast

Best 33 inch baseball bat

We would run amiss without mentioning the CF Zen in a 33/27. It is, by all measurements, an equal to the Beast. Although a slightly smaller physical barrel, it is not to be taken lightly. This is also a speed/balanced bat and has been known to hit a ball a country mile. It is right up there with any drop 5 33-inch baseball bat you could find.

Best 33 Inch Baseball Bat Sources

We referenced a number of sources when putting together this article. As the reader might find them helpful, too, we share them here. Our Best BBCOR Bat and our best Drop 5 Bat article was useful. So was our Best 32-inch Baseball Bat article. Some may find our bat size chart a useful tool.

Common 33-Inch BBCOR Questions

Are These Bats Really the Best 33-inches?

In some sense of the term, the bats on this list are in fact, the best. We would argue they are the best bats in terms of performance, durability and price point for the largest percentage of players. But, are they the best bat for you? That is impossible for us to tell. Bat preference is, well, a preference. Throw in the differences in durability needs, budgets and swing weights, and before you know it, you are back at square one.

With that disclaimer out of the way, here is our list of 33-inch bats that are the best in baseball.

Who Should Swing a 33-inch Bat?

In our opinion, way TOO many high school kids think they should be swinging a 33-inch bat. It is, we would guess, a matter of believing the bigger the bat, the better the kid. Sounds about like high school.

Back in reality, think of this: Tony Gwynn, likely the best hitter baseball has seen in a few generations, used a 32 inch-bat. The notion any kid who is 18 or younger should be swinging a 33 inch, even if it is a balanced bat, is far fetched. Take a better OPB and AVG all day over a longer bat.

So, who should be swinging a 33-inch bat? We would suggest a moderately strong collegiate hitter and a number of pros.

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