Best Adult Batting Gloves

Best Adult Batting Glove: Louisville Slugger Advanced

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We often like to point out how it’s nearly impossible to wade through the 38 BBCOR baseball bats that are new for 2015—and how that makes my head spin in trying to differentiate. Trying to come up with the best bats for 2015 is quite a chore. But if there is even a sliver of room to complain about the mountain of bats there must be a truck full of room to be amazed at the number of batting gloves in existence. By our count there are roughly 100 as of this writing. It is staggering.

Despite the collassal amount of batting gloves in existence, we’ve taken upon ourselves to whittle it down to just a few that we think are best.

The Best Adult Batting Glove

Best Adult Batting Glove

In the end, the Louisville Slugger Adult Advanced batting glove won the category for a couple reasons. (Amazon Price Check).

  1. What we may like most about these Slugger gloves is their top shelf price quality with not so top shelf price. Ebay regularly has these for under $40 brand new. Under $40 for a high end glove and you’ve got yourself a bargain.
  2. The glove straps just above the wrist. We like the added protection while still allowing us good mobility—unlike some other more trendy batting gloves recently released that feel like they are strapping in both our hands and elbow the Advanced slugger feels just like it should.
  3. The glove finds a nice balance between protection and grip. It’s more like a batting glove instead of a hockey glove but also adds nice protection to the backhand without being over bearing.
  4. We like the color scheme and straight forward color options. We realize others tend to more flash and flamboyance and many batting gloves in the market have gone that route. However, we are perfectly happy going to the costume store and a nail salon in the event I wanted the entire world to notice our hands.