Best Baseball Bat Instagram Accounts | 12 Can’t Miss Feeds

Best Baseball BAt Instagram Account

Written by: Just Bat Reviews


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As the second largest social media site in the universe, Instagram offers a few exceptional Instagram accounts that focus on baseball bats. We like to think we have some experience in determine what accounts are must follows—since we spend way too much time on IG anyways. As such, we put together our definitive list of Best Baseball Bat Instagram Accounts to follow. If you think we missed one, or two, hit us up on our Instagram account.

List Inclusion Criteria

On the whole, the Instagram accounts that made the below list are baseball bat heavy. Many post things instead of bats, but we had to make some exceptions. Aside from that, our decision process was rather arbitrary to our preferences. We can’t think of the last time any of these accounts posted something that we did not double tab.

 Just Bat Reviews
Best Baseball BAt Instagram Account

Well, let us get this one out of the way. This is our Instagram account. Although out of the official rankings, we think our Instagram account a worthy follow for those interested in all things baseball bats.

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#1 DeMarini
Best Baseball BAt Instagram Account

In terms of consistency and great shots on bats, DeMarini’s IG account is a very worthy baseball bat account. You can join the other hundreds of thousands of followers.

Follow DeMarini’s

#2 CurtofHotIronCC
Best Baseball Bat instagram Accounts

Easily one of our favorite follows, CurtofHotIronCC makes custom laser engraved bats. Dope designs that we have been the welcome beneficiary of.

Follow CurtofHotIronCC

#3 Trinity Bat Company
Best Baseball BAt Instagram Account

Another off the beaten path follow is Trinity Bat Company. Consistently updated with dope shots this bat manufacturer makes as good of Instagram pictures as they do bats.

Follow Trinity Bat Company

#4 Slugger Nation
Best Baseball BAt Instagram Account

As the arguable leader in brand recognition for baseball in the world, Slugger’s IG account is a very worthy follow of any baseball bat aficionado. Dubbed #sluggernation, the account is popular follow.

Follow Louisville Slugger

#5 Rawlings
Best Baseball BAt Instagram Account

At this point, if you have followed DeMarini and SluggerNation above, there is no reason to leave out Rawlings’ IG account too. Often replete with gloves and other sorts of equiptment, there are enough bat pics and insight to be worth a follow and this list.

Follow Rawlings’ Instagram

#6 Marucci Sports
Best Baseball BAt Instagram Account

For the same reason you would follow Rawlings you would also follow Marrucci. they have 200K+ followers and often show great bats among other Marucci branded gear.

Follow Marucci’s Instagram

#7 MLB Game Used Bats
Best Baseball BAt Instagram Account

One of our favorite follows on Instagram. Expect almost daily pictures of MLB game used bats and a little bit of history behind it all. Although only 8K followers now, we fully expect them as one of the biggest IG accounts in the space soon enough.

Follow MLB Game Used Bats’

Best Baseball BAt Instagram Account

The largest vendor in the bat space also has a decent Instagram account. You can find some good giveaways and promotional material there too. Worth a follow to keep up to speed on what is hot and what is discounted.


Best Baseball BAt Instagram Account

For the same reason you would follow, you would follow Although not as big as justbats, they still offer a number of discounts and promotions worth checking out. In fact, a number of their products are only available through social media channels.


#10 Easton Baseball
Best Baseball BAt Instagram Account

Easton’s Instagram is a worthy follow in the baseball space. Although bat information and pics are few and far between we can’t imagine you’ll be dissapoitned in the content feed.

Follow Easton Baseballs

#11 Axe Bats
Best Instagram Baseball Bat Accounts

Great videos, great shots and some unique insight found on the asymmetric handled bat. Worth a follow and worthy of this list on best baseball bat Instagram accounts.

Follow Axe Bats instagram

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