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After several hours of searching every bat imaginable, and even more writing and reviewing them, we present recommendations on the best baseball bat under $50 in various categories. Our attempt is to update this page often. As well, you might find some success checking out our bat deals page, although those bats are rarely under $50. Hence, the sole focus of this page is to find the Best Baseball Bat Under $50.

Last updated: Friday, September 30, 2016

Best $50 Bat: How We Decided

Best Youth Baseball Bats

Finding a $50 bat in any category is a very difficult challenge. Throw in the reality that bats in this price range are very similar across brands (insomuch we would guess they were literally the same bat made in the same factory before being branded differently) and it becomes an impossible task.

Despite such difficulties, below is an honest attempt to find bargain prices on unique bats that could possibly have the edge for any number of reasons. We also look for bats that would fit the largest group of players possible. After testing some, and reading for hours about others, we came up with the best in each category.

Of course, as we always mention in our best bat reviews, the best bat for one isn’t always the best bat for another. Hitting is as much an art as it is a science where feel and comfort play a huge part in success. Often, those metrics can only be measured by getting the bat in hand and taking a season full of hacks.

Best $50 BBCOR Bat

Best BBCOR Bat Under 50

As of this writing, the best BBCOR bat we found consistently priced under $50 was the Omaha from Louisville Slugger. Do not confuse this with the 2017 517 Omaha that we review elsewhere. This Omaha is a basic alloy bat with a good sized barrel and a remarkable price point. User reviews give it great ratings on durability (as should be expected) and performance when hit in the sweet spot. We found it on Amazon for under $50 with this search.

If are willing to look for more of a deal, and our best bat deals page isn’t showing anything to your fancy, try some unique eBay and Amazon searches. For example, *this one from eBay shows all bats for auction in the BBCOR space less than $50. This one shows Amazon bats priced in the BBCOR space less than $50. If you are not in a time crunch, you can often pick up a deal or two on a more top shelf bat in the price range you seek.

*During the writing of this article, we found a 2014 DeMarini Voodoo FT sold for $49. Seriously, that is a deal on a previously $300 bat.

Best $50 Big Barrel Bat


If we were looking in the big barrel space for a new bat with a $50 budget,  we would buy the 2014 Easton S200 on Amazon. The grip has a top shelf feel and will help compensate for the hand ringing most one piece aluminum bats generate. This particular model is a 2 5/8 Drop 8 with a big barrel. For $50, it isn’t a terrible option is a good option.

With that said, like we did in the BBCOR section, if you were able to give yourself a bit more time, eBay will give you the best bang for your buck. However, it takes a bit of skill in terms of when and how to bid. Our search would start like this. At the time of publishing, a 2014 Slugger Attack was being sold for $49. That was a $200 bat just 24 months ago. Well worth your $50 if that is your budget.

Best $50 Youth Barrel Bat

Best Youth Bat Under $50

At $50 in some sizes on this link, the S500 from Easton is a smart buy. Our one caution is hand ring on the very small sizes. The S500 is a drop 13, and at its very short lengths (it goes down to a 27 inch 14 ounce bat), could be the ticket to hating baseball. Few things are more discouraging than pain every time you hit the ball. Remedy that by getting a larger and longer bat whose sheer girth will be able to punish the ball more than your hands.

We once reviewed the S500 from Easton.

As we suggest with BBCOR and big barrel bats, don’t hesitate to check ebay for a killer deal under $50 with a search like this. At the time of this writing, there was a 2014 Easton MAKO Torq (our review) going for $50. It did look pretty beat up, but as a composite bat that might be a good thing. (See why here).

Best $50 Wood Bat

Best Wood Comp Bat Under 50

This may be the easiest decision on the list. A composite wood bat from Easton for under $50 might be the perfect winter work out BP bat. The composite wood doesn’t break easily, it is a heavier swing in the drop 5 range and has a small barrel and sweet spot for real technique driven hitting. We love this.

If you need a full wood bat, without any composite, then our search is much more difficult. eBay is not always a great option with used wood bats. But again, if you are patient, you can sometimes find a good deal with a search like this.

Best Bat For Under $50 Conclusions

Finding the best bat for under $50 is a reasonable request. As well, our experience tells us it is possible to pick up some legit sticks for that price range. However, patience on a site like eBay and buying during the off-sesason (September through October) can often get you a steal on a top shelf bat. But even at a full MSRP $50 for a new in wrapper bat, there are at least some legit options.


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