Best Bat for 11 Year Old

Best Bat For 11 Year Old: Youth, Big Barrel and Senior League

If you are looking for the best bat for an 11 year old, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve sorted through every baseball bat at every level of baseball and fastpitch, hit with all of them in both game and cage situations and written near endless reviews about our progress and what we’ve learned. We’ve compiled that knowledge to give you the best bat for an 11 year old we could find. We will update this occasionally so check back often: Last updated: Wednesday, October 12, 2016.

Overall RankCategoryBat Model Review
1OverallDeMarini CF8
3Best Budget BatSlugger 516 Omaha
Best Fastpitch BatSlugger LXT Plus
2Power Hitters BatEaston MAKO XL

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Recommendations for 11 Year Old Bats

We discuss these recommendations at length below, including the several caveats you should be aware of before pulling the trigger on a particular bat in the following table. But we assume you came to this page looking for a chart like the one we post here. So, here it is at the top:

Best Overall 11u Baseball Bat

Best 11 year Old Baseball Bat

DeMarini’s 2016 2 3/4 Drop 10 CF8 is as good of a bat as you’ll find in the 11u space. We’ve yet to hear anyone disappointed in the bat’s performance. It’s a light swinging two piece composite built to drill balls in the gaps and, often with the right hitter, take leather deep. It has several similar sizing options to fit your needs (like a 2 5/8 or a drop 12). Just Bat Reviews has access to every baseball bat you could imagine, and when the game matters, two of my sons almost always reach for their CF8.

Best Budget 11u Baseball Bat

Best Bat For 11 Year Old

The 2016 Omaha 516 from Louisville Slugger is a straight forward single piece aluminium bat with fantastic balance and fantastic player ratings. The budget 11 year old bat is a pretty easy decision. Its simple design lends to a less expensive bat that can be picked up rather cheaply. We’ve always liked the swing weight of the bat as well as the camo 1.8 Lizard Skin Grip that comes stock on the bat. It has a reasonable sweet spot and very good durability. We’d hesitate purchasing the bat used as it’s already cheap enough and aluminum bats never get any hotter than just out the wrapper.

Best Heavy Hitter Option

Best Bat for 11 Year Old

The drop 8 Easton MAKO XL from 2016 is easily our most favorite heavy hitter option in the 11 year old space. It’s a smooth sailing swing with just enough endload to push balls 275 and gone instead of the 245 off the wall—especially from those more husky souls that can flat out rake. It’s a smooth two piece composite from Easton’s top shelf line. If you’ve yet to get a chance to hack belt high on a hanger with this green monster then add it to your bucket list. It is fun to hit with because it is fun to win.

Best Fastpitch 11 Year Old

Best Bat for 11 year Old

We admit up front this is a terribly difficult decision. Easton, DeMarini & Worth put out some amazing bats in this space. But, since you are forcing us to choose, the 2016 Louisville Slugger LXT Plus drop 10 would be our general pick for the best 11 year old fastpitch bat. The bat has outstanding ratings across the board from every end of the skill spectrum of serious players. It’s a two piece composite with a light swing in many size options. Hard to go wrong with a number of bats in this niche, but we can’t make the case that any of the others is any better than the LXT Plus.

What You Should Know About 11u Bats

We hate to start by telling you that it would be nearly impossible to give a single bat recommendation to fit all 11 year olds. The skill level and body type is so awkwardly different at 11 years old that the range of bats is wide. But that doesn’t mean we can’t at least get you on the right path.

It would be helpful, then, to speak in general terms at a minimum, and get to some specifics, with several caveats. Let’s cover: Sizing, Budget, Legality, then give you some up to date recommendations for 11 year old’s baseball and fast-pitch bats.

Sizing for 11 Year Old Bats

For many 11 year olds, puberty is a reality. This makes a specific size recommendation a bit more difficult. We like to use this chart in determining size. It suggests the optimal bat speed is achieved by taking the weight (in pounds) of an 11 year old and dividing it by 18. Then adding 16 to that number. (You can read more about that wizardry here.)

Once you have found the correct weight, you can then narrow down the search for the length based on the type of drop the bat uses. (The drop is the numerical difference between the bat’s length in inches and weight in ounces). For example, if your 11 year old weighs 90 pounds then a 21 ounce bat could be found in a 29 drop 8, 31 drop 10 or 33 drop 12.

Be mindful, as we discuss in this blog post, that a bat’s total weight is not perfectly indicative of how hard it is to swing. Some bats have end loads while others have hand loads. In other words, use the chart and bat size recommendations with caution. Each bat has it’s own personality.

Also, don’t hesitate to adjust by an ounce or two based on the experience and skill of the player. Better players can, and should, swing heavier bats at this age. Less experienced players might benefit from a drop or two in the ounce.

Best Bat Weight for 11 Year Old

The Drop is the numerical difference between the length of the bat measured in inches and the weight of the bat measured in ounces. For example, a 31 inch bat that weighs 21 ounces would be considered a drop 10. Bats for 11 year olds range in drops from 5 up to 14 with most common in the 8, 10 and 12 range. 

Budget for 11 Year Old Bats

As we discuss in another post at length we implement the rule of 7 when considering a budget for a bat. The rule of 7 is rather simple: you should spend no more than 7 times the number of games you will be playing with that bat. For example, if the plan is to play 30 games with the bat then spend no more than $210 on the bat brand new.

This does not imply you should spend that much, but simply that you should feel justified in spending that much if you can, or want, to afford it. Budget shopping and deal finding is always recommended.

A $400 bat won’t fix a $4 swing. This holds true for most any sport where top shelf gear doesn’t fix fundamentals. It may give the player more confidence—and you can’t have too much of that at the plate—but good hitting comes from sound fundamentals—not second mortgages to afford baseball bats.

Best Bat for 11 Year Old

Make Sure It’s Legal: Best 11 Year Old Bats

Bats, you should know, come in a number of different types that satisfy requirements by governing boards. There are a number of reasons for this. For our purposes here, we simply emphasize that you need to both confirm the bat you purchase is legal in the league in which you play,  and at the same time, find a bat with the maximum allowable legal limits. In other words, you should strive to give yourself the best chance possible at success.

Some common parameters leagues regulate are maximum barrel diameter (e.g. 2 3/4, 2 1/4, etc.) and BPF ratings. Regulatory approvals are stamped onto the bat’s barrel by the manufacturer.