Best Batting Gloves 2015

Best Batting Gloves

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Best Batting Gloves 2015


We have tested a lot of batting gloves over the years at JBR HQ. What we’ve found was there are many well priced and very practical batting gloves for all levels of play. However, no one comes to a page called “best batting gloves” looking for a long list of options. They want the ‘best’. In that spirit, we made the hard decision and narrowed down each category below into a winner. You can click on the link for a longer review and links to pricing.

Best Batting Gloves for Sting: Markwort Palmgard STS

Best Batting GlovesThe PalmGard from Markwort is the best batting glove for sting that you’ve never heard of. It is no surprise that a company who started making soccer goalie gloves can make a pretty good batting glove that will take the ring out of anything. Read the full review here and check pricing here.

Best Adult Batting Glove — Top Shelf: Louisville Slugger Advanced Adult Batting Glove

Best Batting Gloves

This jamb packed category for adults is a hard one to narrow down. But Slugger’s performance advanced adult batting glove comes with the perfect amount of detail to padding without a hockey glove appearance. It also comes with a great price. Read the full review and find the best pricing here.

Best Adult Batting Glove — Value: Marucci Venture Adult Batting Glove

Best Batting Gloves

While these $34 gloves are on the high end of the “value section” they still take the cake in the adult batting glove value section. Lots of colors to choose from and a sleek look are among a few of the reasons. Find the best pricing here.

Best Youth Batting Glove — Top Shelf: DeMarini Digi Camo Batting Glove

Best Batting Gloves

It should not be surprising that the company which invented digi-camo by near mistake before anyone had even heard of such a thing takes the prize in this category. It may be the most popular batting glove in the world. Read the full review and find the best pricing here.

Best Youth Batting Glove — Value: Easton Youth Typhoon III Batting Glove

Best Batting Glove

Boring? Agreed. Predictable? By most accounts. Inexpensive? Yep. Does it work? For sure. The Easton Typhoon III batting glove is as plane Jane a baseball batting you can find. But for those looking for a youth batting glove that isn’t much more than a youth batting glove then you may have found your match. Check pricing here.

Best Batting Glove For My Birthday: Franklin Customized Batting Glove

Best Batting Glove

If budget isn’t an issue then might I suggest you go big or go home? If you have 4 to 6 weeks to wait for your glove to arrive then a personalized batting glove from Franklin is worth checking out. See the full review and check pricing here.

There are several gloves in the market that didn’t make the above list that probably could have. But, as we stated above, no one comes to a page like this hoping to see a thousand options. We took our experience in the market and the experience from our one million at bats this year and narrowed down the batting gloves to recommendable options.