Best BBCOR Bats 2016

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We named some pre-season awards for 2016 a while back, and recently noticed, much to our chagrin, we failed to put out a Best BBCOR 2016 Bats page.  To follow our 2015 version, we sheepishly and delinquently proceed. But, never fear, our 2016 best BBCOR bat article has been even more thoroughly vetted by nearly a full year of cage and game experience across a number of different player levels. We have spent no less than 300 hours hitting, reviewing, reading, examining and discussing the performance BBCOR market with both manufacturers and real players. With that in mind, we submit to you, our faithful reader, the official 2016 Awards for Best BBCOR Bat.

Best 2016 BBCOR Bat: Our List

CategoryWinner (Model Review Link)Price Check
Best Overall BatDeMarini CF8Amazon
Runner Up2016 Easton MAKOAmazon
Best Value BatLouisville Slugger 516 OmahaAmazon
Best Base Hitter’s Bat2016 Rawlings VELOAmazon
Best Power Hitter’s BatDeMarini Voodoo RawAmazon

Best 2016 BBCOR Bat: Criteria

Best BBCOR Bats 2016

In choosing the best BBCOR Bat for 2016, we looked at several features.

  • First, the bat needs to fit in a large niche of players. Those whose focus is meant only for a certain type of hitter, like an endloaded single piece aluminum for example, wouldn’t qualify. We do specify some smaller categories below as to include particular types of bats.
  • Second, the bat needs great user reviews on the regular sites that sell bats. While we are hesitant to rely on those sites, as there is no control over who is reviewing, we still would hope the average review is better than not.
  • Third, we need to review the bat personally and see it used by different hitters in game situations. We’ve done this with every performance baseball bat in the space for 2016.

Once we considered each bat that met the criteria, we made our decisions.

Best 2016 BBCOR Bat: Why We Are Wrong

Best 2016 BBCOR bat

Most best lists, especially those on baseball bats, are wrong. Check that, all ‘best lists’ on baseball bats are wrong. Baseball is too well known a sport and the baseball bat realm, especially BBCOR, is too competitive a market to really claim a certain bat is better than every other bat. We’d be silly, like a number of other sites are, to give you the impression we’ve somehow cracked the code in deciphering the unequivocal best.

For more perspective, consider: there are 13 major companies producing some 40 odd BBCOR performance bats in 2016 alone. That number only considers the aluminum or composite bats above about a $200 price point. The companies who make a certified BBCOR wood bat number another 30 or 40 at least with another 100 to 150 bat types. BBCOR bats sub $200 are in the dozens. It is mind boggling. Throw in personalized customization and you’ve blown up the internet.

What follows is not a “be all end all” list of the ‘best BBCOR bats for 2016’. Rather, you’ll find a list of bats we assert any player would feel confident taking to the plate. Do we guarantee any bat below will be the absolute best for any given player on any given day? Absolutely not.

Best 2016 BBCOR Bat: Overall

Best BBCOR Bats 2016

DeMarini’s CF8 (eBay Search, Amazon Price Check) is as predictable a choice as it is a good one. The stick defines balanced and produces top notch performance at every pitch speed. While it doesn’t boast the largest physical barrel, it should boast the most usable one—with pure pop from top to bottom. The two piece design of the CF8 produces as silky a smash as the industry has ever seen. It’s like the adjectives tranquility and beast-mode had a bat shaped baby with a $450 price tag. Throw in a slightly tapered knob and it’s over. We are hooked. (Our full CF8 Review)

Clearly there are other bats in this realm that are fantastic and are rightfully offended they didn’t win the top spot in this significant list. But when we consider the blessed and happy state of those who rock a D-fusion 2.0 handle with a delicious barrel of TNT known as the DeMarini CF8, we are left with no choice. The CF8 is straight money; it is euphoria incarnate. It is the best BBCOR bat in 2016.

Best 2016 BBCOR Bat: Overall Runner Up

Best BBCOR Bats 2016

(eBay Search, Amazon Price Check) We can’t slobber all over ourselves on the CF8 then, in the very next paragraph, start frothing at the mouth over its biggest competitor in the 2016 Easton MAKO. Oh, but we will. Why? Because no honest individual can express their dying love for the CF8 without also admitting they would have married Miss MAKO if they were just given the chance. Indeed, the Easton MAKO matches the CF8 in the statistical categories of childlike exuberance, baseball seam carnage and opposing pitcher Prozac prescriptions. It also has, when compared to the CF8, a larger physical barrel. (Our Full MAKO Review)

So why not 1st place? Fair question, and one for which we are not sure we have a great answer. It’s likely the answer has something to do with the MAKO growing a bit stale after 3 or so years on the market without much change in its construction. We struggle to argue the 2014 MAKO is any considerable amount different than the 2016 version. That doesn’t mean the 2016 isn’t a stick of dynamite that just about any player in the BBCOR space could have success with, but it might mean the bat isn’t first place in this list.

Best 2016 BBCOR Bat: Value

Best BBCOR Bats 2016

(eBay Search, Amazon Price Check) A best value bat is a bit hard to define. Does it suggest the bat, in this case the 516 Louisville Slugger Omaha, could be good, but since you’re a cheap son-of-a-gun that you won’t be as successful at the plate? Or, maybe it means the bat is just as good as any other on this list, but flies under the radar in terms of its price point? (Our 516 Omaha Review)

The answer, at least for our purposes here, is likely a little bit of both. We don’t think the  516 Omaha is as good as a CF8 or MAKO. But, we also would not cheat up from left field because some dude was rocking it in the box. To be sure, the 516 can hit a ball just as far as the other two bats above, but it might require a higher end pitch speed and a hitter who doesn’t shy away from hand sting. The fact it saves you a good $200 that might be spent at the batting cages, or on your mortgage, is the downright reality of it all. And a compelling enough reason for most of us.

Best 2016 BBCOR Bat: Base Hitters Choice

Best BBCOR Bats 2016

(eBay Search, Amazon Price Check) This may be the easiest choice on the list now that the CF8 already has a date to this dance. The 2016 Rawlings VELO is as highly touted a bat as the Internets and their hokey reviews sites have ever seen. Its tapered inner barrel and composite end cap have pushed the balance point toward the knob to be considered a very light swinging, dare we say hand loaded, BBCOR bat. It’s a base hitter’s dream to help generate the fastest bat speed and ball contact percentage possible. (Our 2016 VELO Review)

We’ve yet to find someone who has the BBCOR VELO (pronounced VEE-LOW) and doesn’t really like it. They like the pop, the bat speed they can generate, the price point for a performance bat and the Rawlings brand name. We are fans as well and have been so from the beginning.

Best 2016 BBCOR Bat: Big Hitters Choice

Best BBCOR Bats 2016

(eBay Search, Amazon Price Check) In a different life the author of this article was meant to be a 6’4” left hander weighing in at 228. The cannon equipped to my arm would only be equaled in power to the expertly crafted ball butcher of bat held at the plate. In 2016, such a bat would named the DeMarini Voodoo Raw, and the said left hander would have so, so many girlfriends. You don’t even know. (Our Voodoo Review)

But, alas, we are left to peruse the ‘balanced’ bat section of the sporting good aisle, hoping, rather praying, the .50 BBCOR stamp on our bat was put there by mistake. ‘Maybe quality control let this one slide,’ we’d mutterOn our way out, we’d run our fingers along the rack where the big boy bats are kept. Where Gunther and his guns can buy bats with his sponsorship money from winning things that strong and tall people win. If he had any brains, ‘and it’s likely Gunther doesn’t,’ we tell ourselves, he’d buy the 2016 Voodoo Raw. Not just because he can swing that end loaded hybrid for dingers all day, but because the bat is demonstrable ball assassin.