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Best BBCOR Bat 2016

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We have hit, seen hit, reviewed, tested and read numerous reviews on every single 2016 BBCOR bat on the market. As well, we compiled data from NCAA Division 1 World Series stats according to the bat they used. Although the answer can never be the same for everyone, all of this information led us to name the 2016 DeMarini CF8 as the Best BBCOR Bat for 2016. More details and reasoning follow in our discussion of the best BBCOR bats 2016 list. We consider this our definitive and final work on the 2016 season.

Best BBCOR Bats 2016

Most major vendors are sold out of the 2016 BBCOR CF8. At the time of this writing, your best bet is Amazon.

Best BBCOR Bat 2016 List

1DeMarini CF8Everything5/5$$$$
2Easton MAKO TORQSmart4.5/5$$$
3DeMarini Voodoo RAWKiller4/5$$$
4Axe Hyperwhip FusionThoughtful4/5$$

Best BBCOR Bats 2016: Why the CF8

Best BBCOR Bat 2016

DeMarini’s 2016 BBCOR CF8 has everything most people want in a BBCOR bat. For starters, the bat is balanced. Meaning, it swings easily and gives a lot of barrel for such a silent swing. Additionally, the bat is a two-piece design, so it allows for a smooth smash on sweet spots and a manageable ring on mishits. As well, the barrel is composite which leads to a larger barrel and greater performance along the length of the barrel. Also, DeMarini’s CF8 has a long pedigree of top shelf performance.

Add to that sweet and comfortable design a few other factors. Namely, users voted that bat as the best for 2016; the 2016 BBCOR CF8 is a very hard find because lots of people like it; Amazon reviews are generally glowing.

Is the 2016 BBCOR CF8 for everyone? Of course not. Each hitter has their own specific needs. But though it can’t be the best bat for everyone, it is the best bat for most.

Best BBCOR Bats 2016: Why NOT the CF8

Best BBCOR Bats 2016

There are at least a few reasons the 2016 CF8 BBCOR bat might not be for you. We delineate four of them below.

  • If you prefer the feel of a heavier swinging bat then the CF8 may not be on your Best BBCOR Bats 2016 list.
  • A player who likes the hot out of the wrapper feel and the hand ring afforded by an aluminum barrel bat will not like the CF8 BBCOR bat.
  • If cold weather is your style of play, then we have a hard time suggesting a composite barrel is the right fit for you.
  • The CF8 has yet to be considered an inexpensive bat. Rather, it is a top shelf bat with a top shelf price. If you would rather not afford that then the CF8 isn’t your cup of tea.

Best BBCOR Bats 2016: Runner Up


Best BBCOR Bats 2016

Our Best BBCOR Bat 2016 edition wouldn’t be complete without a runner-up. That award goes to the 2016 Easton MAKO TORQ. Yes, you read that correctly. The TORQ actually won a 2nd place award on this site.

Why the TORQ and not the traditional MAKO? Fair question. We will ask one of our own: why the MAKO and not the TORQ? They are, after all, the same exact bat. Put some Lizard Skin to pin down the spinning handle and BOOM! you just got yourself a MAKO. The MAKO TORQ has consistently run several dollars cheaper than the MAKO—enough to afford a Lizard Skin and still come out ahead.

The 2016 MAKO series is a fantastic line of bats, and we could argue, not a whole lot different from the CF8. In fact, it has an even larger barrel than the CF8. Throw in a cheaper version, a Lizard Skin and a family with handful of hotdogs at the ball park to boot? The 2016 BBCOR MAKO Torq is an easy choice.

Best BBCOR Bats 2016: Power Hitter’s Option

2016 DeMarini Voodoo Raw

Best BBCOR Bats 2016

There are only a few bats on the market made for dead serious big hitters. We discuss many of those at length in our best power hitter’s bat article. In the 2016 line, our top BBCOR bat is the 2016 DeMarini Voodoo Raw. This is a two-piece hybrid bat with an endload and a super stiff transition. Our experience with this bat left us enamored with the reasonable endload, hot out of the wrapper performance and trust in a model line that has supported big hitters for several years now.

Of course, like the CF8 and MAKO above, the best power hitter’s bat is a function of preference. Many big hitters like the ultra stiff feel of a single piece bat, and as such, the Voodoo Raw won’t cut it for them.

Best BBCOR Bat 2016: Off the Beaten Path

Axe Hyperwhip Fusion

Best BBCOR Bats 2016

The 2016 Hyperwhip Fusion may be the most unique bat ever invented. The bat’s asymmetric knob, long a fixture on Axe bats, leads to a phenomenon we have discussed at length referred to as “predictive impact.” The shaped knob forces contact on one side of the barrel. Axe plans for this by supporting the contact side of the barrel differently than the non-impact side.

In the 2016 Hyperwhip, Axe took it a step further by shaping the end cap to elongate the barrel on the hitting side. The asymmetric knob now has an asymmetric friend at the opposite end of the bat. This design creates a lower swing weight than could possibly be found on a bat without predictive hitting.

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