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17 Best BBCOR Bats | Top Rated 2017, 2016 and 2015 Big Boy Bats

Best BBCOR Bats 2017


With a number of options to choose from, the best BBCOR bat for 2017 is http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/slugger-617-solo-price-check-amazon/”>Louisville‘s 617 Solo.

But Why?http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/slugger-617-solo-price-check-amazon/”>gncenter wp-image-10226 size-full” src=”http://www.justbatreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Slugger-617-Solo.png” alt=”Best BBCOR Bats 2017″ width=”807″ height=”75″ />

We love the bat’s ultra light swing due to its extended composite end cap. The fact it comes in a 29-inch is a huge plus for a market that demands the lightest swinging sticks on the market. As we mention in our exclusive http://www.justbatreviews.com/best-baseball-bats/”>bestl bats article, the 617 SOLO has a huge benefit at a reasonable price point too. Slugger’s 617 Solo tops our Best BBCOR Bats 2017 list.

This articles serves as a subset to our http://www.justbatreviews.com/best-bats/”>best> article. It works along side our http://www.justbatreviews.com/best-baseball-bats/”>bestleague baseball bats article. Both may be worth your time too.


Best BBCOR Bats 2017
Rank Model Review Rating Price
1 Louisville Slugger 617 Solo http://www.justbatreviews.com/2017-louisville-slugger-617-solo-review/”>Hota> 5 http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/slugger-617-solo-price-check-amazon/”>$$2 Easton MAKO Beast http://www.justbatreviews.com/2017-easton-mako-beast-review/”>Topa> 4.5 http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/2017-easton-mako-beast-price-check/”>$$$$3 DeMarini CF Zen http://www.justbatreviews.com/2017-demarini-cf-zen-review/”>Beautiful-align: center;”>4.5 http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/demarini-cf-zen-price-check-amazon/”>$$$$4 Marucci CAT 7 http://www.justbatreviews.com/2017-marucci-cat-7-review/”>HOT-align: center;”>4 http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/2017-marucci-cat-7-amazon-price-check/”>$$5 Rawlings VELO http://www.justbatreviews.com/2017-rawlings-velo-review/”>Light-align: center;”>4 http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/2017-rawlings-velo-price-check/”>$$6 Axe Hyperwhip Fusion http://www.justbatreviews.com/2016-axe-element-hyperwhip-review/”>Thoughtful-align: center;”>4 http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/2017-axe-fusion-hyperwhip-amazon-price-check/”>$$

Best BBCOR Bats 2017 – 6 Top New Models

1. 2017 Louisville Slugger 617 Solohttp://www.justbatreviews.com/go/slugger-617-solo-price-check-amazon/”>gncenter wp-image-10075 size-medium” src=”http://www.justbatreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Screenshot_5-9-300×28.png” alt=”Best BBCOR Bats 2017″ width=”300″ height=”28″ />

There are several reasons the http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/slugger-617-solo-price-check-amazon/”>617> graces the top of our Best BBCOR Bat 2017 List. For starters, we like how the 617 SOLO is different. Unlike most top shelf choices that run with an expensive two piece composite bat with an over-sized barrel, the SOLO is a moderately priced bat in the single piece hybrid space. This design keeps the lighter swing found on more expensive bats, but now delivers hot out of the wrapper performance. The barrel size, usually sacrificed in aluminum barrels, still feels large and in charge.

Throw in the fact the bat’s MSRP is under $300, and the choice of a non-composite barreled bat gaining the top prize is actually pretty simple. What is that you say? The bat also comes in a 29/26 inch length making it the LIGHTEST swinging bat in the BBCOR space? Phenomenal.

We will be patient enough to hear reviews throughout the year, but for now, the 617 is the best 2017 BBCOR bat. (http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/slugger-617-solo-price-check-amazon/”>Pricea>)

http://www.justbatreviews.com/2017-louisville-slugger-617-solo-review/”>Seel Slugger 617 Review.

2. 2017 Easton MAKO BEAST

http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/2017-easton-mako-beast-price-check/”>gncenter wp-image-11198 size-medium” src=”http://www.justbatreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/BBCOR-Beast-1-300×28.png” alt=”Best BBCOR Bats 2017″ width=”300″ height=”28″ />

As predictable as the sun rising in the East, we like the http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/2017-easton-mako-beast-price-check/”>2017MAKO Beast in BBCOR a lot. This type of bat, a two piece composite with a balanced swing weight, has come to define the performance space. The MAKO Beast, much like the CF Zen below, sits at the top of the shelf in players’ minds and parents’ wallets for a reason. It is a smooth swinging, buttery smash ball driller and few there be that walk away unimpressed.

Why not the top spot? For many, we would argue, it is. But 2017 finds us looking for something different than the same old two piece composite with a huge barrel and balanced swing weight. (http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/2017-easton-mako-beast-price-check/”>Pricea>)

http://www.justbatreviews.com/2017-easton-mako-beast-review/”>Seel Easton MAKO Beast Review.

3. 2017 DeMarini CF Zen

http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/demarini-cf-zen-price-check-amazon/”>gncenter wp-image-8113 size-medium” src=”http://www.justbatreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/CF-Zen-1000-300×27.png” alt=”Best BBCOR Bats 2017″ width=”300″ height=”27″ />

In http://www.justbatreviews.com/best-bbcor-bats-2016/”>2016COR CF8 was our favorite bat of the BBCOR bunch. Even today, well into the 2017 bat market season, the CF8 is in high demand—-it is a tough find http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/demarini-bbcor-cf8-amazon-price-check/”>atcounts. The CF Zen is the next generation of that CF8 without much, if any, real changes.

Like the bat’s predecessor, we have yet to find a player that does not love the BBCOR CF Zen. This, like the Easton MAKO, is a remarkably legitimate stick in the hands of so many players. Even bad ones.

So, why not the top spot? If we were to pin it on one aspect, it is the lack of a 29-inch version. BBCOR is forced on younger and younger players, insomuch that finding a bat they can even make contact with is getting difficult. We might also add that there are so many two-piece composite bats with a big barrel and light swing weight that it makes it hard for one to rise to the top. (http://www.justbatreviews.com/best-bbcor-bats-2016/”>Pricea>)

http://www.justbatreviews.com/2017-demarini-cf-zen-review/”>Seel DeMarini CF Zen Review.

4. 2017 Marucci CAT 7

http://www.justbatreviews.com/2017-marucci-cat-7-review/”>gncenter wp-image-8188 size-medium” src=”http://www.justbatreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/c023300a-215e-4125-9788-199005052817-300×24.png” alt=”Best BBCOR Bats 2017″ width=”300″ height=”24″ />

If you are looking for a bat that is like the 2017 Louisville Slugger 617 SOLO, then http://www.justbatreviews.com/2017-marucci-cat-7-review/”>Marucci’sstrong> in BBCOR is an unrelated cousin. The idea is the same: balanced swinging single piece aluminum. The bat is hot out of both the wrapper and photo-shoots. It uses a proprietary sting dampening mechanism in the knob to help remove some vibration on the thumb during mishits. However, the CAT 7 does not have the extended composite end cap like the 617 SOLO, so expect a slightly heavier swing per given inch. It does not come in a 29 inch, but it is $50 cheaper. (http://www.justbatreviews.com/2017-marucci-cat-7-review/”>Pricea>)

http://www.justbatreviews.com/2017-marucci-cat-7-review/”>Seel Marucci CAT 7 Review.

5. 2017 Rawlings VELO

http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/2017-rawlings-velo-price-check/”>gncenter wp-image-8961 size-medium” src=”http://www.justbatreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Screenshot_10-300×30.png” alt=”Best BBCOR Bats 2017″ width=”300″ height=”30″ />

If you are looking for a near mimic of the 617 SOLO, then the http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/2017-rawlings-velo-price-check/”>2017s VELO is the ticket. This is also a single piece aluminum with an extended composite end cap. The bat is built with a very light swing and fits in the same niche as the 617 SOLO across the board. (http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/2017-rawlings-velo-price-check/”>Pricea>)

However, the 2017 Rawlings VELO’s shortest length is a 31 inch.

http://www.justbatreviews.com/2017-rawlings-velo-review/”>Seel Rawlings VELO Review.

6. Axe Hyperwhip Fusion

http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/2017-axe-fusion-hyperwhip-amazon-price-check/”>gncenter wp-image-10985 size-medium” src=”http://www.justbatreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Fusion-2-300×26.png” alt=”Best BBCOR Bats 2017″ width=”300″ height=”26″ />

The http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/2017-axe-fusion-hyperwhip-amazon-price-check/”>2017ip Fusion is the exact bat that won this category last year. Turns out, the bat hasn’t changed a bit. But that doesn’t mean we are wrong. For this bat, Axe’s asymmetric knob is combined with an asymmetric endcap. This endcap shape removes weight and lightens swing weight dramatically. Like the 617 SOLO and Rawlings VELO, it uses an extended composite end cap to even further reduce swing weight.

If you are looking for something a little bit different, but still want that light swinging single piece aluminum feel and sound, then the 2017 Hyperwhip Fusion Element could be the beginning of your magic moment. (http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/2017-axe-fusion-hyperwhip-amazon-price-check/”>Pricea>)

http://www.justbatreviews.com/2016-axe-element-hyperwhip-review/”>Seel Axe Hyperwhip Fusion review.

Best BBCOR Bats 2016 – 4 Used BBCOR Deals

To put together this list, we have hit, seen hit, reviewed, tested and read numerous reviews on every single 2016 BBCOR bat on the market. As well, we compiled data from NCAA Division 1 World Series stats according to the bat they used. Although the answer can never be the same for everyone, all of this information led us to name the http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/demarini-bbcor-cf8-amazon-price-check/”>2016i CF8 as the Best BBCOR Bat for 2016. More details and reasoning follow in our discussion of the best BBCOR bats 2016 list. We consider this our definitive and final work on the 2016 season.

Best BBCOR Bat 2016 Table
Rank Model Review Rating Price
1 http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/demarini-bbcor-cf8-amazon-price-check/”>DeMarini http://www.justbatreviews.com/2016-demarini-cf8-review/”>Everythingd>http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/demarini-bbcor-cf8-amazon-price-check/”>$$$$2 http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/easton-mako-torq-amazon-price-check/”>EastonRQ http://www.justbatreviews.com/2017-easton-torq-reviews/”>Smart http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/easton-mako-torq-amazon-price-check/”>$$$3 http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/2016-demarini-voodoo-amazon-price-check/”>DeMariniRAW http://www.justbatreviews.com/2016-demarini-voodoo-raw-review-t-ball-to-omaha/”>Killerd>http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/2016-demarini-voodoo-amazon-price-check/”>$$$4 http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/2017-axe-fusion-hyperwhip-amazon-price-check/”>Axeip Fusion http://www.justbatreviews.com/2016-axe-element-hyperwhip-review/”>Thoughtfuld>http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/2017-axe-fusion-hyperwhip-amazon-price-check/”>$$

1. Best 2016 BBCOR: DeMarini CF8

http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/demarini-bbcor-cf8-amazon-price-check/”>gncenter wp-image-4722 size-medium” src=”http://www.justbatreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/CF8-BBCOR-300×25.png” alt=”Best BBCOR Bat 2016″ width=”300″ height=”25″ />

DeMarini’s 2016 BBCOR CF8 has everything most people want in a BBCOR bat. For starters, the bat is balanced. Meaning, it swings easily and gives a lot of barrel for such a silent swing. Additionally, the bat is a two-piece design, so it allows for a smooth smash on sweet spots and a manageable ring on mishits. As well, the barrel is composite which leads to a larger barrel and greater performance along the length of the barrel. Also, DeMarini’s CF8 has a long pedigree of top shelf performance.

Add to that sweet and comfortable design a few other factors. Namely, users voted that bat as the best for 2016; the 2016 BBCOR CF8 is a very hard find because lots of people like it; Amazon reviews are generally glowing.

Is the 2016 BBCOR CF8 for everyone? Of course not. Each hitter has their own specific needs. But though it can’t be the best bat for everyone, it is the best bat for most.

Why NOT the DeMarini CF8

http://www.justbatreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Screenshot_75-300×88.png” alt=”Best BBCOR Bats 2016″ width=”300″ height=”88″ />

There are at least a few reasons the 2016 CF8 BBCOR bat might not be for you. We delineate four of them below.

  • If you prefer the feel of a heavier swinging bat then the CF8 may not be on your Best BBCOR Bats 2016 list.
  • A player who likes the hot out of the wrapper feel and the hand ring afforded by an aluminum barrel bat will not like the CF8 BBCOR bat.
  • If cold weather is your style of play, then we have a hard time suggesting a composite barrel is the right fit for you.
  • The CF8 has yet to be considered an inexpensive bat. Rather, it is a top shelf bat with a top shelf price. If you would rather not afford that then the CF8 isn’t your cup of tea.

2. Runner Up: Easton MAKO TORQ

http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/easton-mako-torq-amazon-price-check/”>gncenter wp-image-7061 size-medium” src=”http://www.justbatreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/BBCOR-MAKO-Torq-300×29.png” alt=”Best BBCOR Bats 2016″ width=”300″ height=”29″ />

Our Best BBCOR Bat 2016 edition wouldn’t be complete without a runner-up. That award goes to the http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/easton-mako-torq-amazon-price-check/”>2016MAKO TORQ. Yes, you read that correctly. The TORQ actually won a 2nd place award on this site.

Why the TORQ and not the traditional MAKO? Fair question. We will ask one of our own: why the MAKO and not the TORQ? They are, after all, the same exact bat. Put some Lizard Skin to pin down the spinning handle and BOOM! you just got yourself a MAKO. The MAKO TORQ has consistently run several dollars cheaper than the MAKO—enough to afford a Lizard Skin and still come out ahead.

The 2016 MAKO series is a fantastic line of bats, and we could argue, not a whole lot different from the CF8. In fact, it has an even larger barrel than the CF8. Throw in a cheaper version, a Lizard Skin and a family with handful of hotdogs at the ball park to boot? The 2016 BBCOR MAKO Torq is an easy choice.

3. Best Power Hitter BBCOR: DeMarini Voodoo Raw

http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/2016-demarini-voodoo-amazon-price-check/”>gncenter wp-image-7094 size-medium” src=”http://www.justbatreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Voodoo-Raw-Smallest-300×24.png” alt=”Best BBCOR Bats 2016″ width=”300″ height=”24″ />

There are only a few bats on the market made for dead serious big hitters. We discuss many of those at length in our http://www.justbatreviews.com/best-power-hitters-bat/”>bestitter’s bat article. In the 2016 line, our top BBCOR bat is the http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/2016-demarini-voodoo-amazon-price-check/”>2016i Voodoo Raw. This is a two-piece hybrid bat with an endload and a super stiff transition. Our experience with this bat left us enamored with the reasonable endload, hot out of the wrapper performance and trust in a model line that has supported big hitters for several years now.

Of course, like the CF8 and MAKO above, the best power hitter’s bat is a function of preference. Many big hitters like the ultra stiff feel of a single piece bat, and as such, the Voodoo Raw won’t cut it for them.

4. Best Design 2016 BBCOR: Axe Hyperwhip Fusion

http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/2017-axe-fusion-hyperwhip-amazon-price-check/”>gncenter wp-image-5535 size-medium” src=”http://www.justbatreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Screenshot_55-300×25.png” alt=”Best BBCOR Bats 2016″ width=”300″ height=”25″ />

The http://www.justbatreviews.com/go/2017-axe-fusion-hyperwhip-amazon-price-check/”>2016ip Fusion may be the most unique bat ever invented. The bat’s asymmetric knob, long a fixture on Axe bats, leads to a phenomenon we have discussed at length referred to as “predictive impact.” The shaped knob forces contact on one side of the barrel. Axe plans for this by supporting the contact side of the barrel differently than the non-impact side.

In the 2016 Hyperwhip, Axe took it a step further by shaping the end cap to elongate the barrel on the hitting side. The asymmetric knob now has an asymmetric friend at the opposite end of the bat. This design creates a lower swing weight than could possibly be found on a bat without predictive hitting.

Best BBCOR Bats 2015 – 5 Great Old Bats

1. DeMarini CF7http://www.justbatreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Screenshot_18-300×26.png” alt=”DeMarini CF7″ width=”300″ height=”26″ />

http://www.justbatreviews.com/2015-demarini-cf7-review/”>DeMarini’srong> is a pleasure to hit with. It’s sting dampening is top shelf. The barrel size is perfect. Its mid-balance, hand loaded feel gives great bat speed and feel through the zone. It is impossible for anyone to really measure in game batted ball speed in relation to other bats and we know that BBCOR standards really level the playing field, but from a pure eyeball test its hard to say anything hits the ball with as much velocity as the CF7. We simply love this bat. (Pricing check here).

2. Marucci CAT 6

http://www.justbatreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Screenshot_39-300×28.png” alt=”Cat 6 Marucci” width=”300″ height=”28″ />

We awarded the http://www.justbatreviews.com/2015-marucci-cat-6-review/”>Maruccia> a best http://www.justbatreviews.com/best-bat/”>pre-seasonat award and we are still in love with it for all the same reasons. We love the one-piece feel of power and drive. And with the added sting resistance in the knob it should be a preference for the rope-makers among us. The bat is downright beautiful. We are also in love with it’s price point and at $249 it is the least expensive bat on this list. (Pricing check here).

3. Louisville Slugger 915 Primehttp://www.justbatreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Screenshot_42-300×32.png” alt=”Best Power Hitting Bat” width=”300″ height=”32″ />

Ever since we saw http://www.justbatreviews.com/louisville-slugger-915-ncaa-review/”>Louisville‘s 915 in the Jr. Home Run Derby and make waves as the http://www.justbatreviews.com/best-bat-2014-ncaa-world-series/”>bestn hitting bat in the 2014 NCAA world series we knew Slugger was on to something. Since then this bat has received nothing but absolute rave reviews. Few, if any, have ever hit with the 915 and then ever let it out of their site. This bat is a highly recommendable. (Pricing check here).

4. Easton MAKO

http://www.justbatreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/broadside-300×36.png” alt=”2015 Easton MAKO BBCOR Bat Review” width=”300″ height=”36″ />Any honest list of the best 2015 BBCOR bats must include Easton’s http://www.justbatreviews.com/2015-easton-mako-review/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>2015 MAKO. This bat should sell upwards of twice as many as any other BBCOR bat in production for 2015. It’s barrel size is dreamed of, swing weight calculated precisely for the widest audience and two piece construction arguably flawless. http://www.justbatreviews.com/easton-bats/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Easton isn’t the largest baseball bat company only because they have massive distribution and marketing. No, they are they largest composite and metal bat company in the world because they make bats like the MAKO. Most who swing this bad boy never look elsewhere and scoff at any one who suggests they should. (Pricing check here).

5. Axe Avenge

http://axebat.com/” rel=”attachment wp-att-2388″>http://www.justbatreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Screenshot_7-300×34.png” alt=”2015 Axe Bat Reviews” width=”300″ height=”34″ />

If you’ve been keeping count the http://www.justbatreviews.com/2015-axe-avenge-bat-review/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>2015 BBCOR Axe Avenge is actually number six in this list. We just couldn’t decide and felt a little disingenuous if we kept it off the list of ‘bests’ because we are big fans.  This bat is an end loaded freak with a barrel built for one sided hitting. Whenever we’ve been asked what we think about the handle and barrel we have nothing to say but good things. Those who have hit with the bat and are patient enough to get accustomed to the axe shaped handle (which really doesn’t take that long) will fall in love. Another 2015 BBCOR bat that is highly recommendable. (Pricing check http://axebat.com/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>here).

2015 BBCOR Bat Class Overview

  1. Lots of bats are really good. It is probably safe to say that a top shelf bat from any number of companies performs at peak powers.
  2. More money usually does not always buy a better bat, but it usually does.  Bats that have higher price points tend to have larger barrels, more specific swing weights and technological innovations that dampen hand sting.
  3. BBCOR standard have leveled the playing field. implementation has really forced bat companies to the drawing board on innovation. This is ultimately good for all of us.
  4. Swing weight and where the load is found in a bat are not the same. To the contrary, a bat with an end load does not also have a high swing weight or MOI (mass moment of inertia). Instead, where the load is found in a bat is only one of many factors which determine swing weight.

Best BBCOR Bat Disclaimer

http://www.justbatreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Solo-Slugger-617-3-300×197.png” alt=”Best BBCOR Bats 2017″ width=”300″ height=”197″ />

As we state in every best bat article we write, the best bat for most is not the best bat for all. For the 617 Solo that is also true. In fact, we would go as far as saying the 617 might not even be the best bat for most. Meaning, less than 50% of the BBCOR bat buyers in 2017 should go this route. But, in terms of which bat should get the largest percentage of the buys, we are comfortable in claiming the 617 Solo as that top mark.

But those who will not appreciate the 617 SOLO are the same who will like the cushy smash of a composite barrel and the accompanying smooth feel even on mishits. We work under the general assumption that most BBCOR players appreciate that feel. If that is for you, then the 617 SOLO might not be your best BBCOR bat for 2017.

Best BBCOR Bats Rubric & Sources

We read a ridiculous amount of sources on the Best 2017 BBCOR baseball bats. The internet and its propensity for spam-my sites, flat out litter the interwebs with information. As such, it is quite a bit difficult to find any information from real baseball players and the parents that actually buy the bats.

That said, we did find a few articles helpful. In particular, the ability to sort Amazon reviews in the BBCOR section were useful. We also found a few rating systems out there worth your time.

In addition to the time spent reading customer reviews, we also spent considerable time our http://www.justbatreviews.com/2017-baseball-bat-reviews/”>2017l Bat Reviews page. There we dissect every bat on the market. In that same vein, our http://www.justbatreviews.com/bbcor-bat-reviews/”>BBCORiews page kept us in the ball park. Also, for your reference, our http://www.justbatreviews.com/best-bbcor-bats-2016/”>2016COR bat article reminded us of last year’s winners.

6 Commonly Asked Best BBCOR 2017 Questions

Now that you have narrowed down the best choices for your 2017 BBCOR bat, you may have some questions. There are several we have fielded and think this might be a good place to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about BBCOR Bats.

What is the Difference Between 2016 and 2017 BBCOR Bats?

The short answer is not much. If anything, the 2017 market has seen a surge of single piece hybrid bats. They give the stiff feel of an aluminum bat but lower the swing weight by using an extended composite end cap. Both the 617 Solo and Axe Hyperwhip, that made the best BBCOR 2017 list above, are single piece hybrid bats. And, both bats, are also new for 2017.

What BBCOR bat has the most pop?

Almost every BBCOR bat on the market meets the .50 BBCOR standard somewhere along the barrel. But, better bats tend to have a longer sweet spot along the length of the barrel and others, still, meet the standard at different pitch speeds. As a general rule, more expensive bats tend to do better at mulitple pitch speeds and longer across the length of the barrel. If we accept that rule, then bats like the 917 Prime, CF Zen, Rawlings Quatro and Easton Beast have the best pop. But these are, at best, debatable claims.

What are BBCOR bats made out of?

There are two types of material BBCOR bats are produced from. Composite is a type of plastic that performance bats often use. Aluminum alloy is a type of metal some other bats implement. Some bats use a combination of Composite and Aluminum and are referred to as Hybrid bats.

What is a Drop 3 baseball bat?

The drop of a baseball bat is the numerical difference between the length of the bat in inches and the weight of the bat in ounces. A drop 3 bat, as one example, can be of 33 inches and weigh 30 ounces. All BBCOR bats are drop 3 bats. As such, the best 2017 BBCOR bats are also the best drop 3 bats.

What is a BESR certified bat?

BESR is the bat standard that existed before BBCOR. It stood for Ball Exit Speed Ratio. It did not determine the exit speed of bats after they have been worked in and was therefore eventually scrapped for the current BBCOR standard.