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Best Coach Gifts | Baseball and Softball Ideas

Gifts for Baseball Players


Looking for that best coach gifts? We’ve got you covered. After literally thousands of hours of use with a number of baseball and softball products, we have a good feel for what is out there. And what people like. We also spent more time than ever before on Pinterest (which was about 8 seconds) looking, rather unsuccessfully, for coach gifts that didn’t take 4 hours to make. After such efforts, the following is our list of Top 6 ideas for gifts of appreciation. These are tried, tested and true. And they don’t require any assembly.

Best Coach Gift Idea #1: Power Net

Best Gifts for Baseball Coach

Spend all of 10 seconds reading the user reviews on this ball caddy (which coaches use to get baseballs and softballs without bending over) and you’ll see why it made this list. Anyone that has used it knows it’s something you can’t live without. It holds near 50 baseballs or 30 softballs, folds down to a very simple carry, saves backs and speeds up BP like no other. You can find it for less than $40 at the time of this writing.

Best Coach Gifts Idea #2: Rawlings BP Jacket

Best Gifts for Baseball Coach

This BP jacket from Rawlings is another no brainer. It comes in a number of colors and gives enough movement in a comfortable, light jacket to still throw batting practice. No baseball or softball coach can have too many BP jackets (we have multiple in the same color). The addition of this in their closet is creative and very, very useful. Around $30 at the time of this writing.

(Amazon price check)

Best Coach Gifts Idea #3: Pocket Radar

Best Gifts for Baseball Coach

Although on the pricey side of this list, the Pocket Radar is a perfect gift where the entire team could throw in $20 and get it for coach. He absolutely will not leave home without this gadget. This is a highly accurate speed gun that fits in your pocket and uses a couple AA batteries. Coach will find a thousand uses for it and it will become his prized possession. We reviewed this a few months previous.

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Best Coach Gift Idea #4: 2016 AXE Fungo

Best Gifts for Baseball Coach

We’ve mentioned this before on a holiday gift list, and for this coach list it’s even a better fit. A fungo bat is a coach’s bat built to hit grounders and pop fly’s with a lot of accuracy. Even if your coach already has a fungo, this gift is a PERFECT idea for the avid baseball coach. If he doesn’t have one, then it’s a no brainer. The Axe Fungo (with it’s unique handle) is a creatively beautiful gift made of a composite maple that will be his go to equipment piece forever.

(Buy at Axe Bats)

Best Coach Gift Idea #5: Padded Seat Diamond Ball Bucket

Best Gifts for Baseball Coach

You don’t quite know what you’re missing until you’ve sat on a Diamond Sports ball bucket’s cushioned seat. It’s tall and large and feels more like a seat than sitting on a skinny tree stump. It will fit any frame and isn’t very expensive considering. Just buying the bucket might be the perfect “basket” or “bag” to fill with other coach gifts. This may be the best thing a baseball coach never new he absolutely needed.

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Best Coach Gift Idea #6: Real Baseball Leather Wallet


A number of brand name companies, Rawlings, make full leather wallets from old baseball gloves or old baseballs. An Amazon search like this brings up a number of them. If you’re looking for that very unique, creative gift for a baseball or softball coach we would guess one of these would put you on the right track. Highly recommended in the very cool category of coach gifts.

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