Best Drop 10 Bat: Youth, Big Barrel & Fastpitch

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If you found this page by searching for the ‘best drop 10 bat’ then you’ve come to the right place. Let us start by putting you in a better direction as your question, assuming it runs exactly like the title of the page, is missing some key information to get you to a helpful answer in your quest to find the best drop 10 bat.

The reason, as far as we see it, is there are several types of drop 10 bats. Fastpitch Softball bats come in a drop 10 version—usually made for stronger contact hitters; Senior League baseball bats using 2 5/8 inch barrels also have a drop 10; Big Barrel bats with 2 3/4 maximum barrel sizes can be in a drop 10; youth barreled bats with a max diameter of 2 1/4 inch can also be found in a drop 10.

Ergo, your question about the ‘best drop 10 bat’ clearly depends for what league you are looking. We break down each of the leagues below and give you a short snippet of our answer for best drop 10 bat as we see it. You will also find a link to the article we wrote on that category of bats in detail.

Best Drop 10 Fastpitch Bat

Best Drop 10 Bat

The drop 10 fastpitch bat market comes deep and wide with options. That particular swing weight is built for the average size to stronger hitter in the youth to high school leagues and the contact hitter in collegiate leagues. As a reference point, there are several fastpitch bats which come in a drop 12 and 11 for young hitters who need as much bat speed as possible. As well, there are a handful that come in a drop 9 or 8 built for the more advanced and heavy hitting player. The Drop 10 in fastpitch fits squarely in the middle for the average sized player and we can’t find a model that doesn’t make this drop due to its market need.

We discussed our favorite fastpitch bat in a previous article. The bat’s drop 10 is our favorite of the bunch. Generally, players looking for the best drop 10 fastpitch bat appreciate that perfect combination of power and fineness to deliver solid drives to the gap. Most drop 10 players aspire to hit in the 1, 2 or 3 hole. As well, the performance based drop 10 bats almost always come with a composite handle and composite barrel for a good reduction of handsting and a balance point built more towards the hands.

Our experience with the dozens of fastpitch bats we’ve tested over the years is the drop 10 version is the flagship bat of the company’s line and, as such, that exact model creates the chassis for which all other drops in the model are built after.

Best Drop 10 Youth Bat

Best Drop 10 Bat

The good news, if you’re looking for a drop 10 bat in the 2 1/4 youth barrel space, is the options are limited. The reason: Unlike the fastpitch space where every company makes a drop 10 in their bat line, not all companies that make a 2 1/4 youth barrel baseball bat make it in a drop 10. Indeed, the most common drop would be the drop 12 (or maybe 13 depending on who you ask).

As such, there are only a handful of options in the drop 10 youth barrel space (2 1/4). Our favorite at the time of this writing (2016) would be the 2015 Easton XL. We wrote a review on this bat a year ago and were in absolute love at the time—that infatuation has yet to subside. Easton did make a 2016 version of the Youth Easton XL but there is so little by way of upgrades from to the 2015 to 2016 that we don’t find the price difference worth an upgrade (unless you really want a different grip).

The drop 10 especially is a strong bat with a massive punch built for the stronger player who is not quite ready for the drop 8 or drop 5 in the 2 1/4 space—but still wants more punch then the traditional drop 12 or drop 11 can offer.

With the bat size changes coming in 2018 to a 2 5/8 USABat standard we’d hesitate buying this bat new (or the 2016 version either). But a slightly used 2015 Easton XL in the drop 10 2 1/4 space is flat out hard to beat by way of performance along its oversized barrel. If you really want a new 2 1/4 bat in the Easton brand the S500 may do the trick.

Best Drop 10 Big Barrel

Best Drop 10 BatBoth 2 5/8 and 2 3/4 barreled bats are often referred to as “Big Barrel”. Many (including us) have tried to categorize the 2 5/8 as the Senior Barrel and the 2 3/4 as the “Youth Big Barrel” but the terminology has really yet to catch on. As such, the 2 5/8 and 2 3/4 bats are lumped into the same category with many parents and players not realizing there is indeed a difference. Many leagues do not allow a 2 3/4 but do allow the 2 5/8—which is the same barrel diameter for BBCOR. In the drop 10 category, both 2 3/4 and 2 5/8 bats are plentiful and, it turns out, our favorite in either category is made in both versions and is the same.

By way of performance, we do have a feel for our favorite big barrel drop 10 baseball bat. It is the same as our best big barrel bat article we wrote a few weeks back, that is, the 2016 Combat MAXUM. The Maxum is a single piece composite stick made with a stiff feel and serious barrel size. It is, far and away, the largest barrel on the market in either the 2 5/8 or 2 3/4 category of drop 10 bats. Whenever we’ve hit with this bat—or had others hit with it—the response is categorically positive.

There are, we must note, several exceptional bats in this drop 10 category of “Big Barrel” bats no doubt—like DeMarini’s CF8, Easton’s MAKO and Slugger’s 916—but we keep going back to the humongous barreled Maxum that doubles as a boat-oar. But with any of those four it would be difficult to go wrong.

The Final Say, For Now

There are, as we discussed above, several more facets to the question what is the best drop 10 bat. We have that category in the baseball Senior League 2 5/8, the Big Barrel 2 3/4 and the Youth 2 1/4 as well a number of fastpitch bats (which are, by the way, 2 1/4 inch barrels).

As we say in every ‘best’ bat article we write: the term ‘best’ is a misnomer in the sense that a best bat is very player and swing dependent. We simply found the above bats to serve the largest audience of ‘best’. Clearly your swing, budget, size and goals will determine the best bat for you. That hunt, if the above didn’t solve your riddle, should start here.

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