Best Drop 5 Bat For 2015: User Votes

Best Drop 5 Baseball Bat

Written by: Just Bat Reviews


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On our bat wars page we ran a relatively quite voting poll on the best drop 5 bat for 2015. Users who found the page were presented with two options and asked to choose the bat they thought was the better drop 5 in 2015. We tallied nearly 6000 votes—which makes it the most robust sample size of user rankings assembled.

We do keep a running best drop 5 baseball bat page that is updated often. You may find that helpful.

Best Drop Bat For 2015

Best Drop 5 Bat for 2015

There were 13 bats in the voting booth—the only ones that we could find which were actually drop 5 bats made in 2015. Points were awarded like a chess match—where more points were awarded for beating a bat that was higher in the standings.

As predictable as the sun rising the in East, the top of the podium in the drop 5 category for 2015 was the DeMarini’s CF7 (Amazon $239, Ebay) . We predicted several weeks ago, when we got an exclusive look a newly minted drop 5 CF7, that if you could swing this bat then you should swing this bat.  Best Drop Bat For 2015

We even took some flack for putting it on the ‘best youth bats of all time list’ before the CF7 drop 5 even had a swing in regulation play but we believe we stand justified in our assessment: The CF7 Drop 5 was the best little league bat on the planet in 2015. And after 6000 votes we stand as a voice among many saying so.

The Marucci CAT 6 (5th place), the Louisville Slugger Prime 915 (4th place), the Easton XL1 (3rd Place) and the DeMarini Voodoo FT (2nd place) rounded out the top 5. All fantastic bats made by legit companies who stand behind their bats.

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