Best Fall Ball Baseball Bat

Best Fall Baseball Bat

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We have written a number of best bat articles, but for whatever reason, we’ve yet to write a best fall ball baseball bat article. Some might argue there shouldn’t be a difference between the best bat for spring ball and the best bat for fall ball. We disagree at least a little bit. The following is our reasoning behind choosing a ‘best fall ball ball baseball bat’.

Best Fall Ball Baseball Bat Table

Click Picture for
Our Review
 2017 DeMarini Voodoo Balance ReviewBest Overall

DeMarini Voodoo Balanced

 Best Fall Baseball BatBest BBCOR

Easton Hybrid

 2016 5150 BBCOR 2Best Big Barrel

Rawlings 5150

 Best Fall Baseball BatBest Youth Barrel

Easton XL3

Youth Barrel 11th
 Baum Bat ReviewBest Wood Bat

Baum Composite Wood

 Composite Wood N/A
2017 Marucci CAT 7 Review
Another Legit Option

Marucci Cat 7

 All 3rd

Note: The bats above are in reference to the 2017 version. If you are considering the bats’ previous model, then refer to our specific bat review linked below. Within our individual bat reviews, we dive deep into the upgrades from previous years. (Click on the above pictures to get to them).

How We Decided the Best Fall Baseball Bat

Voodoo Balanced

If you are an avid reader of our site, you know what is about to come next. It is our disclaimer in terms of claiming the ‘best’ bat. We heavily caution, the ‘best’ bat for everyone else might not be the best bat for you. We suggest you consider the opinion above, read our review of the bat in detail, and then make an informed decision. In large measure, bat fitting is a function of taste and preference over science and popularity.

With that said, we have objectivity in deciding the best fall baseball bat. For starters, we have hit extensively with every bat in the performance space since 2014. On this very blog we have documented those efforts. Our YouTube page shows just a small glimpse into our due diligence.

We’ve also spent a considerable amount of time discussing bat production and performance with bat manufacturers and major vendors. Additionally, we have meticulously gathered reviews from players across the country and their direct feedback on these, and many other, bats.

Information gathered in our now thousands of hours of reviewing and writing, gives us confidence in selecting a best fall baseball bat .

Why A Fall Ball Bat?

2017 Marucci CAT 7 Review

It’s possible you don’t need a fall ball specific bat. But here are at least three reasons you might:

  1. If your growth spurt justifies it. Few things will make your upcoming spring ball season more painful than swinging with too light a bat this fall. Players who have grown a lot since the spring may have maxed out their bat speed with their current bat as fall arrives. To avoid making the kind of considerable jump in weight that makes hitting more difficult than it already is as next spring comes, you might want a transition bat in the fall.
  2. If you use fall ball for strength training more than for filling up the stat sheet. Many players approach fall ball as a way to get in some quality reps and build muscle in time for the spring when baseball tends to be more competitive. If this is your plan, consider a heavy bat (or even a wood one) to produce stronger at bats come the spring.
  3. If it gets cold where you live, playing with a composite barrel is not recommended. Composite barrels are not good for cold weather. They are infamous for breaking. Most manufacturers suggest weather 60+ degrees. If your fall season puts you on the field in sub 60 degree weather, you should really consider getting an aluminum barreled bat for the fall.

The Winners By Category

Overall #1 Ranking: 2017 DeMarini Voodoo Balanced

2017 DeMarini Voodoo Balance Review

Our introduction to the 2017 DeMarini Voodoo Balanced was love at first site. We’ve long been enamored with the two piece hybrid design that DeMarini pioneered, but felt it out of many player’s realm in a heavy swinging bat. But a new alloy design for 2017 finally gives us a lighter swinging version of the bat that started the hybrid craze. The aluminum barrel is perfect for fall baseball, and its somewhat heavier swing than the DeMarini Zen, or other two piece composite bats, facilitate some strength training for fall ball. It is, far and away, our favorite choice for fall ball—especially those in cold weather states.  (Amazon Price Check)

See our full 2017 DeMarini Voodoo Balanced Review

Best BBCOR Fall Baseball Bat: Easton Z-Core Hybrid

Best Fall Baseball Bat

For much the same reason we like the Voodoo Balanced, the Z-Core Hybrid’s aluminum barrel and focus on a more balanced swing fit in the wheel house of many fall ball players. It will work in cold weather, and give top shelf performance from a well known brand. The two piece design’s focus on dampening hand sting will make it a favorite among those who love two piece composite bats during the spring, but want a little strength training and an unbreakable aluminum alloy barrel for fall ball.  (Amazon Price Check)

See our full 2017 Easton Z-Core Hybrid Review

Best Big Barrel Fall Ball Baseball Bat: 2017 Rawlings 5150

2017 Rawlings Bat Reviews

In terms of a value purchase for fall ball, the 2017 5150 Rawlings is a legit choice. Its single piece design should increase power, make stronger hands through contact and not break in cold weather. There are definitely other choices in the realm of aluminum barreled big barrel bats, but the 5150 is as good as any we’ve swung.  (Amazon Price Check)

See our Full 2017 Rawlings 5150 Review

Best Youth Barrel Fall Ball Baseball Bat

Best Fall Baseball Bat

This Easton XL3 in the youth barrel space would also win our “value” buy. In terms of a short term bat with some extra umph to make balls fly further in cold weather, the XL3 is legit. It also has a lower price point than the bats above and comes in the requisite youth barrel 2 1/4 size. It is a single piece, so it may ring the hands a bit more than the hitter is used to—especially if they are a two piece composite kid in the spring. But in terms of a transition bat that works in cold weather and can get you to focus on really squaring up the ball, it really is hard to beat the Easton XL3.  (Amazon Price Check)

See our Full 2017 Easton XL3 Review

Best Composite Wood Bat For Fall Ball Baseball

Baum Bat Review

If you’d like a wood bat to swing in fall ball—specifically for strength training and a focus on good mechanics—the composite wood Baum Bat is a must have. It is nearly unbreakable and has great performance. Unfortunately, it is not an inexpensive bat, but you’ll only need to buy one for your entire life anyway, as it won’t break like other wood bats. (Amazon Price Check)

See our Full Baum Bat Review

Best Fall Ball Baseball Bat Conclusions

As we mention above, the ‘best bat’ for any given hitter may very well not be the best bat for the next. As such, consider all the information when you see lists like the ones we’ve made above. After thousands of hours of research, hitting, reading and writing, we are confident the above are good choices for the best fall ball baseball bat, especially if your focus is on good strength training, a transition bat into something heavier next spring and durability for cold weather play.


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