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Axe Composite Fungo Bat Review

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After hours of testing, we decided the Best Fungo Bat on the market for any budget is the SSK PS-200 or SSK PS-100. The bat is a smooth swinging stick used at the highest levels of baseball. Coaches prefer the SSK for its long barrel, balanced weight, and durability. The Japonica Poplar wood is unique for being lightweight, yet dense and durable at the same time. The SSK PS-200 is 37 inches long. The 33-inch PS-100 works for smaller fields or infield work. Either option is the preferred brand of most MLB teams and collegiate coaches.

Best Fungo Bat Reviews

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Last updated: Friday, October 28, 2016

Our Fungo Experience

Best Fungo Bat Review

Over the years, we have hit with a number of different fungo bats. We have tried high-end pure maple sticks, composite wood fungo bats and aluminum fungos. As well, we have spoken with a number of coaches about their fungo preferences. Our experience, combined with feedback from other coaches, bring us to our Best Fungo Bat Review conclusions.

Metal Fungo Options


Although a baseball faux pas, fungo bats with an aluminum barrel are practical. They will last forever, can control their swing weight better than wood and are usually a fraction of the price. Some will argue nothing quite beats the feel and control of a wood fungo. But, we have always been in love with the Aluminum Louisville Slugger Fungo. It is a 35-inch bat with a 22-ounce weight.  Although you may not be able to hit it to the corners of the bigs with this guy, and some traditionalists may scoff lightly, it works and, last we checked, it is cheap. ($29,  at last check).

Other Fungo Options

While the SSK PS-200 and SSK PS-100 are our favorites, there are plenty of others which might fit your bill. Two legitimate runners up are:Best Fungo Bat Review

The Easton MLF-5 Maple Fungo is a single piece maple fungo with fantastic user reviews. Amazon price check the MLF-5 here. The bat comes in both a 34 and 37-inch length. The pure maple is a traditional, durable hardwood with significant density for towering bombs. The extra thin handle allows for more control.

Axe Maple Fungo Review

The Axe Maple Composite Fungo is durable and built for hand ergonomics. The wood maple is combined with composite pieces strategically placed to create a very durable bat. It also creates a very light swing. The axe-shaped handle is smartly designed. This is the bat we use most regularly. Axe’s site shows the Maple Composite Fungo pricing, here.

Best Fungo Bat Review Options

RankingModelLength (inches)PriceRating
1SSK PS-20037$705
2SSK PS-10034$705
3Easton MLF-534 or 37$504
4Axe Composite Maple Fungo35$604
5Aluminum Slugger Fungo35$303

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