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Best Home Run Derby Wood Bat


There may be a thousand ways to slice into the oft asked question as to what would be the best home run derby wood bat. One idea that we considered was adding up the number of home runs each MLB wood bat could account for in 2016. This would be a tall task. Especially when considering (1) the number of home runs and (2) the fact many major league players don’t always use the same bat type or bat brand. The second idea we thought much easier. Simply document what the Home Run derby champ was swinging. This articles serves as a subset to our best baseball bats page and our general best bats page.

Last year we did a similar thing at least in terms of interesting facts about Todd Frazier’s 2015 HR Derby winning bat. This year, Stanton put on an absolute show. And, we considered while watching, how entirely dangerous it was watching those little kids in the outfield avoid try and shag balls that were easily 100+mph exit ball speed. Their parents must sign some serious waivers before they get on that field.

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GianCarlos Stanton’s 2K2 Sam Bat

Best Home Run Derby Wood Bat

Stanton’s Sam BAT is a 100% pure Canadian maple stick. The Maple 2K2, GianCarlo and Rideau Crusher are stamped on the barrel. The traditional Sam Bat Logo is there too. GianCarlo’s bat is a 34 inch and 32 ounce stick of dynamite. Although a little thinner barrel the 2K2 is very similar to Stanton’s hitting coach’s bat called the 2K1. His hitting coach is Barry Bonds and is known, among some other things, for giving Sam Bat’s their first big run in the majors. No surprise Stanton can hit. (Find the 2K1 on SAM BAT’s site).

Video Bombs with the Sam Bat 2k2

Rideau Crusher Meaning

Best Home Run Derby Wood Bat

Rideau is the name of a river in Ottawa, Canada. One of the very first times a Sam Bat was used by a player, or so the story goes, he hit a ball over the Rideau River. Hence the name.

In times gone by, Sam Bat put this name, Rideau Crusher, on every bat that left the mill. Consumers oft confused the slogan with the model number so we see it less and less on Sam Bat bats. Instead, we see the model number like CD1 or, with Stanton for example, 2K2.

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