Top 5 Best Youth Baseball Bats Ever Made

Best Youth Baseball Bat

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Looking for the best youth baseball bats ever made? Like we could ever know that. But we’ll take a stab at it. We’ve spent at least 300+ hours now in the cage, game or talking to players looking at every single performance based youth, senior league and big barrel on the market we can get our hands on. We’d guess somewhere close to 250 bats. (You can see our other Bat Reviews here).

Armed with that data and experience we present to you the best 5 baseball bats ever made. You may also like our best fastpitch softball bat article.

Last updated: Thursday, February 16, 2017

Best Youth Bats Ever

Best Youth Baseball Bats

*One Caveat, we use the word “Youth Bats” rather liberally here. In some circles, “Youth Bats” refer to bats made to be a 2 1/4 inch barrel width specifications. This is due to the fact that youth barrel bats are a category of bats made to Little League specification standards. This excludes the “Senior Barrel” bats which are 2 5/8 or 2 3/4 but are also used by younger players or “youth”. Our list includes all bats for younger players including senior barrel bats. In other words, expect to see a “Big Barrel” bat in our “best youth baseball bats” list.

Below are the top 5 best youth baseball bats in existence (as decided by us).

Top 5 Best Youth Baseball Bats Ever Made

Best Youth Baseball Bats Ever Table
RankModel (Click for Price)AvailabilityPriceRating
1BZ1-Z Ccore Easton Redline Drop 5Rare$$$$$12/10
22014 Easton MAKO YouthCommon$$10/10
32016 DeMarini CF8 2 3/4 Drop 10Rare$$$10/10
42006/07 Anderson Techzilla 2 1/4Rare$$$10/10
52015 DeMarini CF7 Drop 5Common$$10/10
HM 1Slugger TritonRare$9/10
HM 22016 Combat MaxumCommon$$8.5/10
HM 32012 Easton StealthRare$$$$9/10
HM 3.52013 Easton OMENRare$$8.5/10

Number 1

BZ1-C CCore Sc500 Easton Redline -5 Z2K Era

Best Youth Baseball BatSome may argue over this as the first pick, but if the order of the top 5 best youth baseball bats were to be decided on secondary market value, then the Redline ZCore (Price Check)—with the now famous SC500 aluminum/scandium alloy—is the winner. The bat appreciates in value and now, after over 10 years of it on the market, only used models can be found. They price well over $500 and, often, well into the $600 range.

The bat comes in a drop 5 or drop 8. It is categorized as an adult/middle school bat. It is a full aluminum single piece bomb-dropping fool. It is, as you can imagine, banned in high-school and NCAA. The drop 5, we submit, is the best bat on the planet.

This is the only bat we can find that actually appreciates in value. It has become the Michael Jordan Rookie Card of little league baseball bats–often fetching well into the thousand of dollars for a used bats. It is, at least these days, very difficult to find. Even ebay searches like this often turn up nothing.

They are said to last forever (at least by those trying to sell it), have a pop that would impress your grandmother, and, for those willing to get out a small bank loan to purchase a little league bat, will hit your favorite pitch somewhere into the Pacific Ocean.

Number 2

2014 Easton MAKO Youth

2016 Easton MAKO PRO

In the last decade, no bat has changed the game the like the 2014 Easton MAKO in the youth barrel. Easton dominated the BPF 1.15 space in the 2 1/4 barrel in 2014 and, many argue, they still do today. The Orange MAKO was a man among boys for 18 months before other bats even came close. Other bats have arguably caught up to The 2014 MAKO’s impressive, but at the time the MAKO was the best youth barrel bat on the market—and it wasn’t even close. In the spirit of the best “youth” barrel of all time, this is an easy choice.

It is difficult to find the 2014 MAKO these days. A search of Amazon (like this) usually turns up a couple of overpriced ones. Ebay always has a few with a search like this.

Number 3

2016 DeMairni CF8 2 3/4 Drop 10


How does a BPF 1.15 bat make it on the top 5 Youth Bats Ever made list? Easy, sell out within the year and cost nearly double the price as standard MSRP pricing in wrapper.

No doubt, however, the BPF 1.15 standards imposed by little league baseball to limit the bat’s effectiveness since the 2013-ish season puts recent bats at a serious disadvantage. Yet, in terms of the amount a bat is coveted by the market, make no mistake about it, the 2016 DeMarini CF8 2 3/4 Drop 10 barrel is among the very best. We have NEVER seen a bat sell out new in wrapper not even a YEAR after it’s release. Today, you can’t find this bat for less than $650 new. It is a testament to the reality that this bat absolutely rakes.

It is rare this bat is even found on Amazon. (You can check here). Instead, you need to check eBay auctions with a search like this.

Number 4

2006/2007 Anderson Techzilla

Best Youth Baseball BatLike the Combat B1, the original version of the Anderson Techzilla (Price Check) was (and is) a verifiable bomb dropper. A double-walled two-piece 2 1/4 alloy bat with enough pop to make a sailor blush put this bat squarely in the top 5 best youth baseball bats. You can still buy them used for around $200 and we suggest, like the Combat B1 and B2 above, its worth every penny.

Some claim that no other bat has ever been able to ‘release the kracken’ like this hero maker. There probably isn’t a good reason it sits below the #3 Combat other than Combat did a better job branding their success with the subsequent B series bats.

This bat swings like a hot knife through butter and if the game was on the line and I at the plate with two outs and the bases loaded, there are few other friends I’d want in my grip than this sweet swinging lady with a punch like Ali. The techzilla makes a bad hitter good, a good hitter great and a great hitter the king of the league.

(You can usually find some pricing with an Ebay search like this).

Number 5

2015 DeMarini CF7 Drop 5

Best Youth Baseball BatI am sure we will take some flack for putting a contemporary bat on this list, but the problem is we’ve actually hit with all these. And the DROP 5 CF7 (Price Check) is worthy of it. The 2015 Drop 5 DeMarini CF7 is an amazing stick and we just can’t stop thinking about this bat.

It’s smooth on contact. Butter like drives in the gaps are one-hopped to the wall. Hanging a ball in the zone and the bat nearly crackles at the ball before driving into the stratosphere. The bat has a middle range balance point on the barrel and is an earth shattering blast at full contact. It’s hard to miss with its over extended barrel.

Since we first hit with hit we were convinced that any little leaguer who can swing this bat should swing this bat.

Since it is not held back by BBCOR standards we think its the biggest hitting baseball bat you can still buy new in wrapper today—especially if you get the 33 inch length. It is an unashamed grizzly bear bat made to destroy baseball, home run records and pitcher’s confidence.

(You can usually find some pricing with an Ebay search like this).

Honorable Mention 1

Louisville Slugger TPX Triton

Best Youth Bat Ever

The Triton (Price Check) is a bit of an unconventional choice and probably not on most people’s top 5 best youth bats ever made, but there is something about this triple wall composite bat that makes me smile every time I hear it drive a ball in the sweet spot.

When you hit the ball dead on, the Triton sounds like the ball may have been laced with an explosive ordinance. It’s sound is a combination between a solid wood hit and a civil war cannon exploding. The pop is followed by this strange post-nuclear explosion hush as everyone wonders if someone on the field just got shot.

Expect two things if the ball is hit on the sweet spot of this bat: (1) the opposing team’s coach will want the umpire to inspect the bat because he thinks it is filled with gunpowder and (2) the ball will travel, the best anyone a the park will be able to tell, an estimated country mile. Crazier even still is these bats can be picked up used for a pretty reasonable price considering the five bats above it on the list.

Check on eBay for the Triton.

Honorable Mention 2

Best Youth Baseball Bat

The 2016 Combat MAXUM is the largest barreled baseball bat in existence and, as such, the distance you can hit a ball along the length of this bat is UNBELIEVABLE. The bat could row you into safety from a stranded island in the pacific. There isn’t a bat on the market whose barrel length comes within 2 inches. The 2016 Combat Maxum makes it as hard to miss as any bat we’ve ever swung.

If there’s anything to complain about it’s the potential sting on a mishit (as one piece bats tend to do) but such a little price to pay to be the king of the hill when it comes to a bat who takes no prisoners in opposing team’s bull pens. This one piece composite is a merciless attack on pitchers prone to hang their curve ball or put a fastball on the inner half. It is unashamed leather smashing goodness.

Amazon Price Check the 2016 Combat Maxum.

Honorable Mention #3

Easton Omen & Easton Stealth

Best Youth Baseball BatBest Youth Baseball BatsYou simply can’t leave Easton’s dynamite combo of two-piece full composite bats which changed the game forever: the Easton Omen XL (Price Check) and Easton Stealth XL (Price Check). These bats are the predecessor to the XL, S and MAKO series from Easton and, without the regulation that keeps the XL1 and S1 series at bay, the Easton Omen is an absolute force at the plate with a swing as smooth as lake placid. Only look as far as their price on eBay to see how loved they really are.

Few bats have a good enough feel and swing weight distribution to be a good fit for any hitter like the Omen or Stealth and anyone who has hit these knows exactly what I mean. These two also had their run at the Little League World Series fame and performed admirably.

Price check the Omen and Stealth on eBay.

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