Best Youth Batting Glove: DeMarini Digi Camo

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If the list for adult batting gloves is a mile long then the list of youth batting gloves is longer than a mile. In fact, if you took every brand of youth batting glove and put them end to end you’d never get back the time it took to calculate how long that would be.

Despite the amount of batting glove options there are in this sub niche, we like the Digi Camo from DeMarini the most. DeMarini was the first to go to the Digi Camo route during the 2013 NCAA world series and the industry hasn’t looked back ever since. Digi Camo is as popular as any design feature that baseball has ever seen.

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We also like the glove for reasons outside its design. Here they are in no particular order.

  1. The palm is smooth. This gives us a great tactile feel with the bat.
  2. The inside fit is solid without any added bumps inside for chafing. Those who like to wear their batting glove inside their fielding glove will like this.
  3. Lots of sizing and color options to match team colors.
  4. Price is reasonable and the digi camo look is in.
  5. The strap is simple and doesn’t take a full episode of Downton Abbey to wrap up—something little league coaches will like.


Overall we found that our children kept going back to the Digi Camo from DeMarini although they had several options. The gloves have good durability, a reasonable price, a great look and fit and feel just like a batting glove should. Highly, highly recommended. Best pricing is usually found by a search like this or this

A recommendable and similarly priced, if not less exciting, option:  Easton Youth Typhoon III Batting Glove.