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Biggest Sweet Spot | 2016 & 2017 BBCOR, Youth Big Barrels

Biggest Sweet Spot Baseball Bat


The bat with the longest maximum barrel size in BBCOR and Youth for 2017 is the Easton MAKO Beast. This is not a claim that it also has the largest sweet spot. The biggest sweet spot baseball bat would require a number of nearly impossible tests that no one is performing. Additionally, the biggest barrel may not be the first thing you should be looking for. We explain more below, as well as provide our measurement rankings for the biggest barrel baseball bats on the market.

Biggest Sweet Spot Baseball Bat

Price check the Easton Beast on Amazon. *We should note the 2017 Combat MAXUM actually has the largest barrel. However, we left them off the list because they are no longer in business.

Misconceptions: Biggest Sweet Spot and Barrel Size

Dispelling myths is one of our favorite things to do here at JustBatReviews.com. We find manufacturers and vendors often fall into hype traps.  One hype trap is that barrel is supremely important. We will look past the hype and offer solid reasoning as to why this is untrue.

One common misconception with barrel size is that it correlates with the size of the sweet spot. The sweet spot is the area of a bat that performs at max capacity, and in reality, a bigger barrel does not necessarily mean one bat has a bigger sweet spot than another.

To the bigger barrel bat’s credit, we submit at some level, the bat’s sweet spot and barrel size are highly correlated. A bat with the dimensions of a broom stick handle, for example, is unlikely to have the same type of sweet spot as the Combat Maxum. But, in more practical ways, the reasoning does not hold true. We explain more below.

Largest Barrel Size (not Sweet Spot) Lengths List

Biggest Sweet Spot Baseball Bat

After our discussion as to the maximum barrel size NOT necessarily leading to the largest sweet spot, if you are still looking for the list of bats that have the largest barrel, the following should be helpful.

Although the bat’s total length will effect the barrel size, the following list is from largest to smallest for 2017 BBCOR bats.

2017 Biggest Maximum Barrel Rankings

RankBrandModel (Review)Max Barrel
Size Rating
1EastonMAKO Beast10$$$$
4EastonZ-Core Speed9$$$
4EastonZ-Core Hybrid9$$$
7DeMariniCF Zen8$$$$
7DeMariniCF Insane8$$$$
11Louisville Slugger917 Prime7.5$$$$
12Louisville Slugger617 Solo7.5$$$
12Louisville Slugger516 Omaha7.5$$
14DeMariniInsane End Load7$$$
14DeMariniInsane Balanced7$$$

Measuring Total Barrel Size

Biggest Sweet Spot Baseball Bat

Measuring when a bat’s barrel gets to its largest size does not measure the length of a barrel. This is because real barrel size is really a measurement of total volume, not a volume on the barrel only.

In fact, a bat that never reaches maximum diameter may very well cover more area than than one that does. This is because of the bat’s taper. The taper is the shape a bat uses to move from the handle’s diameter to the diameter at maximum barrel size. Imagine a bat with a very long taper that begins early and never quite reaches maximum barrel size. Now, compare that to one which reaches maximum barrel size rather late and uses a very fast taper. The larger maximum barrel would not cover more area at the plate than the bat that is more voluminous for longer, though technically still measuring at the smaller max barrel size.

Why Assume Barrel Size and Sweet Spot Are Different?

If barrel size and sweet spot were the same, the best hitters would always choose the larger barrel. But, just take a quick look at any NCAA baseball game. They don’t. Neither do MLB players choose a bat because it has a longer maximum barrel. Do those players, who make a living based on hitting a ball, want a bat with a smaller sweet spot? Of course not.

This holds true in high school and little leagues too. Although bat companies are trying to make a larger barrel, the ones that have the biggest barrels are not always the ones that people purchase. The Combat Maxum, which we discussed at length on this blog, had the largest barrel ever. The result? They still went out of business.

This is not to say that a larger barrel does not mean the bat is bad. Indeed, it may be the perfect fit for you. But choosing a bat based on the length of its maximum barrel size because you think it also has a longer sweet spot is a mistake. Don’t fall for the hype of vendors and manufacturers who rely on the public being ill-informed.

Why Not Choose the Longest Maximum Barrel Size?

If you are looking for good reasons to justify a purchase of a bat that does not have the largest maximum barrel size, then let us add a few to your list.

First, we are not talking about inches. In most cases, the largest maximum barrel length ads literally millimeters squared to your plate coverage. A change from 2 19/32 of an inch to 20/32 of an inch all of 9 inches from your bat’s end cap will make no difference whatsoever. We guess you could claim you are more likely to foul one on a 2 strike count every 3,000 at bats or so. But don’t make the lure of a larger barrel sacrifice things that actually matter to you.

And, the things that should matter to you? Swing weight, grip feel, and maximum bat speed. As well, you should consider bats that have great bat reviews, on this site as well as other consumer sites (as far as they can be trusted).


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