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A Bat’s Purpose | $4 Swings and $400 Bats

Better Batted Ball Speeds

Last Updated: Monday, March 27, 2017The general goal of this site is to help players and parents find a bat that makes sense for them and their budget. The bat that makes the most sense, as a general rule, is the one that delivers the best exit velocity given the pitch speed the player most […]

Illegal Bat Lists | Busted For Bombing

Banned Bat Lists

Last Updated: Monday, March 27, 2017With the recent, and rather high profile, “temporary” decertification of the 2 3/4 DeMarini CF Zen drop 10, we wondered what other bats have been de-certified over the years. It is not easy to find such a list. Likely, we have decided, because there simply have not been many baseball bats […]

Is the CF Zen Illegal? | They Don’t Make Crappy Bats Illegal

CF Zen Illegal Big Barrel

Last Updated: Monday, March 27, 2017Word spreads fast on the internet. So, when DeMarini’s 2 3/4 drop 10 CF Zen for 2017 was deemed illegal by USSSA on Thursday night, and we were enjoying some spring training games, our social media and email blew up with requests for information on what exactly that meant. Since […]

Bat History: The Single Piece Hybrid Bat Revloution

2016 Rawlings VELO Review

Last Updated: Monday, March 27, 2017Some years ago, the idea of a single piece aluminum bat with a light swing and a big barrel did not exist. More specifically, it wasn’t possible. If a player wanted a light swing then a composite was always the answer. If a player wanted a hot out of the […]

Marucci CAT 7 vs Easton MAKO Beast

Marucci CAT 7 vs Easton MAKO Beast

Last Updated: Monday, March 27, 2017What may be the two most popular bats this year in a number of baseball categories are the Marucci CAT 7 and the Easton MAKO Beast. Both bats come from respectable institutions with a history of producing great sticks. And although the bats compete for the same dollars, they are […]

Rawings Bat Podcasts | Episode 7 of the Batcast

Rawlings Bat Podcast

Last Updated: Monday, March 27, 2017Below is a rough transcript of the podcast recorded with Justbatreviews, Closeoutbats and Rawlings Baseball on 3/10/2017. You can see the full link and download via your favorite podcast app here. You can also read up on our favorite Rawlings 2017 Bat Reviews here. *********Recording Begins*********** Brian: Welcome to the […]

Rawlings VELO vs Slugger 716 | Bat vs Bat

RAwlings Velo vs Sluger 617

Last Updated: Tuesday, March 14, 2017We have spent enough time with the Rawlings VELO and the Slugger 617 SOLO to compare them closely. At a high level, both bats are very similar. We discuss those details, as well as some of the differences, below. In terms of preference, for shorter BBCOR sizes we prefer the […]

February’s Dear Bat Guy | Psychic Bat Fittings and 2018 Bats

Last Updated: Tuesday, March 7, 2017Our Dear Bat Guy series we started last month went well enough to give it another run. If you have any questions then try us at Or, you can hit us up on one of our many social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.

Fighting with Giants | Staz DeStout and Rude American Bats

Fighting with Giants

Last Updated: Friday, March 3, 2017We have seen a number of bat companies rise and fall over the course of covering them extensive. Some, as is the case with Adidas and Mizuno, are massive conglomerates looking to tap into their established distribution lines and sell metal and composite bats. Others have gone the way of […]

DeMarini CF Zen vs Slugger 917 Prime | Head to Head

CF Zen vs 917 Prime

Last Updated: Thursday, March 2, 2017DeMarini’s CF Zen and Slugger’s 917 Prime are similar bats. We have hit with both bat lines extensively, spoken to manufacturers about the lineup at length and discussed the bats with parents and players alike. In the BBCOR space, we personally prefer the 917 for no other reason than it simply feels better to […]