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DeMarini Bat Reviews

DeMarini Bat Reviews


Below is the list of our DeMarini bat reviews—both baseball and softball. The DeMarini bat brand is a flagship player in the performance baseball, softball and fastpitch space. This gives us plenty to write about. And, frankly, drool over.

DeMarini Baseball & Softball Bat Reviews

2017 DeMarini Bat Reviews

2017 DeMarini Bat Lineup Overview: No CF9 in baseball this year. Instead, a CF Zen and a CF Insane

2017 DeMarini CF Zen Reviews2017 Baseball Bat Reviews

Balanced two piece the most like the CF8.

2017 DeMarini CF Insane Review

DeMarini CF Insane

End-Loaded two piece composite. New bat for this year.

2017 DeMarini Voodoo Insane Review

2017 DeMarini Voodoo Insane Review

You know this one as the next generation 2017 Voodoo two-piece hybrid.

2017 DeMarini Voodoo Balanced Review2017 DeMarini Voodoo Balance Review

New iteration to the DeMarini line that will takes the place of the NVS Vexxum, sort of.

2017 DeMarini Fastpitch CF9 Insane Bat Reviews

CF9 Insane

The endloaded fastpitch bat many college teams use.

2017 DeMarini Fastpitch CF9 Slapper Bat Review

cf9 slapper

The only bat on the market built specifically for left handers.

2017 DeMarini Fastpitch CF9 Bat Review

CF9 Drop 8.1

What might be the most loved bat in all of fastpitch.

2016 DeMarini Reviews

2016 DeMarini Bat Reviews: The 2016 CF8, Voodoo Raw, NVS Vexxum and Insane grace the shelves for DeMarini. Here is a preview of the 2016 class of DeMarini Bats.

2016 DeMarini CF8 ReviewDeMarini Bat Reviews: CF8

The 2016 CF8 will be the flagship bat from DeMarini this year. It continues to be a two piece composite bat but, this year, comes with an longer and wider barrel on most versions. Check the full review for details.

2016 DeMarini Voodoo Raw ReviewDeMarini Bat Reviews: Voodoo OverLord

The 2016 Voodoo Raw is an upgrade to the Overlord FT. It comes in specialized colors for each age group as well as some upgraded stiffness in a D-Fusion 2.0 handle.


2016 DeMarini CF8 Fastpitch Softball BatDeMarini Bat Reviews

The CF8 fastpitch line of DeMarini is their most robust with a bat for every hitter. Improvements to the handle from the 2015 version make this bat stellar and one to watch. Check the full review for more details.


2016 DeMarini Insane ReviewInsane 2016

The Insane is one our favorite single piece aluminum bats on the market with it’s heavy hitting style. It’s an aluminum log, but fills a good need for the hitter looking to recreate the wood bat experience.


2016 DeMarini Uprising Review2016 DeMarini Uprising Review

The Uprising serves as DeMarini’s low end mass market option. Not anything to get too excited about—except for maybe it’s price point.

2015 DeMarini Reviews

DeMarini Bat Reviews

2015 Limited Edition DeMarini Softball Reviews: Kraken, Yeti and Chupacabra

DeMarini Bat Reviews

2015 DeMarini  CF7 Review: The CF7 is the flagship baseball bat of one of the baseball bat industry’s flagship bat company. The CF series is DeMarini’s top shelf bat. It rivals the best bat on the market and DeMarini believes it is the best technology money can buy.

2015 DeMarini  CF7 Drop 5 Review: So Impressive, it gets it own review.

DeMarini Bat Reviews

2015 DeMarini Overlord FT Review: DeMarini Voodoo Overlord FT is an upgraded Voodoo from years past. It still boasts the same two piece hybrid design with an endload but the Flame Tempered transition adds barrel stability and drive through contact.

DeMarini Bat Reviews2015 DeMarini  NVS Vexxum Review: Arguably the best value purchase in 2015 the NVS Vexxum from DeMarini is back. Like years past (without the NVS title) it is still a two-piece hybrid.

DeMarini Bat Reviews2015 DeMarini  Insane Review: DeMarini’s only one piece alloy in its 2015 line up the DeMarini Insane is made for hitters who prefer the power of one piece bats and a parents who prefer a very affordable price point.

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Custom DeMarini Bats: 2016 Updates: The best modern day innovation baseball bat designs may have ever seen, DeMarini’s custom made baseball site (www.DeMariniCustomBats.com) let’s players design their own bat. Now including the CF8 and Voodoo Raw.DeMarini Bat Reviews

Bryce Harper Goes Yard at 16: DeMarini Voodoo in the mix.

DeMarini Bat Company Overview

DeMarini bats is owned by Wilson Sporting Goods (which also owns Louisville Slugger). The company’s base is in Portland, Oregon but runs operations out of Chicago Illinois. They were founded by a man named Ray DeMarini who sold softball bats out of his trunk in the mid 90’s among the amateur leagues of Oregon. The bats, called the double-wall Demarini were straight out firecrackers. Crazy, crazy hot and, at least nowadays, crazy illegal too. Ray took that knowledge of making hot bats that performed along the length of the barrel into the baseball space a few years later.

DeMarini bats, arguably, in the baseball space only Easton as a true competitor. Although many would say there are a few making a good run at that group of 2 on top of the baseball bat hill. Demarini is also considered a top brand in both the slowpitch and fastpitch space too. Most, if not all, players serious about baseball and softball have heard the DeMarini brand name and, more than likely, swung a few of their sticks.

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