Hit With Composite Bat Cold Weather

Hit With Composite Bat Cold Weather? Q&A

How much cold weather are we talking?

Most manufacturers suggest at least a bat of 60 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure it doesn’t crack. We test most of our bats at justbatreviews.com in the rocky mountains and would admit to, at least more than once, hitting with composite bats in less than 60 degree weather—but not less than 50 degree weather. We’ve yet to have one crack.

We also caution those who store their bats in a garage or outside in the truck only to run into an indoor hitting facility and get cracking. Remember, it is the bat temperature, not the ambient temperature in the room, that matters. So warm up those bats before you hit if they were kept in a room sub 50 degrees.

It does not matter, we should note, if the handle is cold—just where the impact occurs. A plastic (composite) handle with an aluminum barrel (aka hybrid bats) will not risk cracking in cold weather—unless you really miss and hit on the handle portion.

Hit With Composite Bat Cold Weather

We’d recommend an aluminum barreled bat for those who consistently hit in cold weather. There are plenty of performance based aluminum barreled bats on the market that you can read about here. Be aware of the usual disadvantage of aluminum barrels that tend to be shorter and tend to be heavier. There are some exceptions to this but it is the general rule at least.

You can also read more about differences between aluminum, composite and wood bats here.