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Louisville Slugger Bats Reviewed


Louisville SluggerLouisville Slugger bats reviews, ratings and articles index catalog we’ve written are below. Slugger is a household name in baseball. They are based in Louisville Kentucky. The company is a dynamite producer of some of the best bats that have ever been.

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2016 Reviews

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916 Prime

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2016 Louisville Slugger 516 Omaha Review

2015 Reviews

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2013 Reviews


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About Louisville Slugger Bats

Slugger has been producing baseball bats since the dawn of the process—which is about 120 years long. The company, more formally known as Hillerich & Bradsby, was a father and son business making butter churns. By the early 1900’s they had so much success in baseball bats that they began to focus their full attention to the matter.

For years and years they dominated the game. Guys like Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Mickey Mantle and Ty Cobb all swung Louisville Slugger bats. Even into the 21st century they dominated the game in the hands of Derek Jeter and Josh Hamilton. Today, even with a lot of competition, they still lead the way in MLB uses: Ian Kinsler, BJ Upton, Josh Hamilton and Alex Gordon to name a few.

Slugger has also dominated the college ranks. A good portion of college teams swing slugger’s line of ever improving metal bats. We cover those in this blog.

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