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Each of the slowpitch softball bat reviews below is own work. You can read about each method for evaulation at the links below. The general rules for review include:

  1. Using the slowpitch softball bat in practice or a game
  2. Getting other player feedback
  3. Discussing the engineering of the bat with the manufacturers
  4. Measuring the bats swing weight

Last updated: Friday, August 26, 2016

Unlike baseball bats, a slowpitch softball bat buyer is almost always also the player. Baseball parents tend to be buying bats for their children. Softball bat buyers tend to be buying bats for themselves. This phenomena, we’ve experienced, creates a greater need for more detailed information on slowpitch bats.

Overview on Slow Pitch Softball Bat Reviews

We’ve also found, the right softball bats really do make a difference. Sure, league association and their litmus tests have leveled the playing field. But, slowpitch bat differences are still very real. End loads, handle sizes, barrel lengths and barrel composition—to say nothing of player hitting type—all play significant role the performance of slowpitch softball bats.

We hit with every softball bat we review. The ‘softball bat reviews‘ list below represents thousands of hours of work and effort among a handful of individuals who want nothing else than legit information on softball bats to be available to other dads, players and coaches looking to make informed decisions, minus the marketing hype, on softball bats.