Why Pink Bats? Louisville Slugger & MLB Flashing Pink this Weekend

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Below is the press release by Louisville Slugger about why pink bats in the MLB this weekend. I was going to do my own write up and then thought that would be a waste of time when they already did it. Enjoy!


LOUISVILLE, KY (May 7, 2015) ─ When Louisville Slugger® and Major League Baseball® first gave players the option of using pink bats on Mother’s Day 2006, there was no telling how big the initiative would become. Now in its 10th season, Going to Bat Against Breast Cancer is a mainstay of Major League Baseball games on Mother’s Day, as players step to the plate with pink bats to raise awareness and funds to fight and prevent this disease.

“In 10 seasons, more than 5,000 MLB game-model pink bats have been swung on Mother’s Day in honor of those who have been diagnosed or affected by breast cancer,” said Louisville Slugger Director of Professional Baseball James Sass.  “It’s remarkable now to see how pro players, the baseball community and the fans have embraced this effort and pushed it to new levels each and every year.”Screenshot_4

“Awareness has been our focus with this program. We hope that when people see those pink bats, they pause for a moment and think about those in their lives living with breast cancer and that they think about their own health as well,” says Sass. “If we can encourage people to talk with their doctors or get a breast exam, we, along with our MLB partners, believe that is an incredibly important and powerful message,” Sass says.

This year the brand is donating two hot-pink bats to each of its Louisville Slugger MLB players, made to each player’s individual specifications. The 2015 pink Louisville Slugger Mother’s Day bats will be stamped with the MLB breast-cancer-awareness logo, and the bats used by players in MLB games will be authenticated and auctioned exclusively on MLB.com to benefit the fight against breast cancer. Screenshot_3

In addition, pink personalized bats will be available for purchase at MLB.com and sluggergifts.com. Louisville Slugger will donate $10 from the sale of each of these special personalized pink bats to MLB breast-cancer charities. Over the past nine seasons, thousands of pink Louisville Slugger bats have been sold, raising valuable dollars to support the fight against breast cancer.

Honorary Bat Girls for all 30 MLB clubs will also have personalized Louisville Slugger Going to Bat Against Breast Cancer bats as a symbol of their courageous fights in the face of cancer. And, for the third year, MLB home-team mascots will be sporting pink Louisville Slugger bats on Mother’s Day. Louisville Slugger will also be giving away pink bats through its social media channels: @sluggernation on Twitter, sluggernation on Instagram, and on Facebook at facebook.com/louisvilleslugger.Screenshot_2


This is the 10th season Louisville Slugger® and Major League Baseball® have partnered on pink bats for MLB® games on Mother’s Day, in support of the Going to Bat Against Breast Cancer initiative. The initiative was created in 2006 to support the fight against breast cancer. Some quick facts:

  • Hundreds of MLB® players will swing hot pink bats on Mother’s Day to raise awareness and funds for the Going to Bat Against Breast Cancer program. The goal is to save lives!
  • Since 2006 Louisville Slugger has made more than 5,000 game-model pink bats worth nearly $400,000 for MLB players to swing in Mother’s Day games.
  • After this season, there will have been 150 official pink-bat games since 2006 (15 games/year X 10 MLB seasons = 150 games).
  • Together, Louisville Slugger, MLB and other Mother’s Day partners have raised well over $1 million since 2006.
  • Again this year, MLB will collect and authenticate game-used pink Louisville Slugger bats with the official MLB breast-cancer-awareness logo and auction them exclusively on mlb.com. Net proceeds go toward supporting the fight against breast cancer.
  • Funds are also generated through the sale of pink personalized Louisville Slugger bats, sold to the public at mlb.com or sluggergifts.com. Fans can add a name or special message to these pink Louisville Slugger MLB breast-cancer-ribbon-logo bats.
  • $10 from the sale of each personalized pink Louisville Slugger bat sold to the public is donated in support of the fight against breast cancer.
  • 30 MLB team Honorary Bat Girls who have bravely battled breast cancer also received pink Louisville Sluggers.
  • On Mother’s Day, MLB home team mascots will also carry pink Louisville Slugger bats noting the 10th season of Going to Bat Against Breast Cancer.
  • Louisville Slugger will be giving away hot-pink bats through its social media channels. Follow on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for chances to win.
  • To learn more about MLB’s Going to Bat Against Breast Cancer initiative, please visit MLBCommunity.org.Screenshot_1

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