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The largest section of our site is found in the baseball bat review area. Then, our Best Bats section includes all types ways to slice and dice conversations on the best bats. Our Bat Lab is more commentary on our findings not so much reviews---but worth a look if you have questions. Bat Brands try and break down each review into the brand. Cheap Bats is a great place to find tricks and tips on deals for any type of bat. Although not as robust as our baseball section, don't forget about our softball bat section or our ball gear reviews too.

The most objective section of our site comes in the measurement of the bells and whistles of bat performance. We take considerable time in our Bat Lab measuring things like exit speed, barrel size and swing weight. We also have the most accurate bat size chart on the internet. These data points become instrumental in our best bat decisions but we also consider feel, user expressions and price into our final award section.

Ball Exit Speed

Best Bats

Updating our Best Bats articles every year takes a ridiculous amount of work. It is, far and wide, the most time intensive thing we do on our site. In our top performing bats section we try and answer most questions for folks looking for the best bat for a certain type of player. The articles have now swelled to well over 40 different best bat articles. The most common ones tend to be our best youth baseball bats, best BBCOR batsbest big barrel bats and the best bats for 8 year olds

Since 2014 we have reviewed every performance BBCOR, USSSA, Youth and USABat invented. Often, we get these bats before release to put our reviews up on the release date. This brings some advantages as players looking for information on new bats find the site useful. But, our reviews can modify over the course of a year as other players get their hands on them and we learn more about durability. As such, we do edit/udpate our baseball bat reviews over the course of the year. We categorize our baseball bat reviews by the league they are produced for. That is, BBCORUSSSA Big Barrel, wood and USA Youth Bats.

Baseball Bats

Bat Reviews

Although not nearly as busy as the baseball side of things, the improvements in softball bats (both fastpitch and slowpitch) over the last few years should give pause to any player about to drop several hundred dollars on a bat. We divide our softball bat section into both a fastpitch and slowpitch section. Those sections are divided into year, USSSA and ASA sections. See, too, our best bat section for more information on our choices for the top performing softball bats.

We have divided bat reviews into brand pages too. Although most people tend to search for bats by type (like BBCOR, USABats, Big Barrel USSSA, etc), these pages serve the person committed to a brand and looking more specifically for a brand than a type. If that sounds like you then check out our bat brands page that covers the major brands like Easton, DeMarini, SluggerAxe, Rawlings and Marucci.

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Bat Reviews

In addition to reviewing every bat on the planet in any number of ways, we also keep track of industry news and general bat information. This includes a number of details on tournaments and MLB updates. It is generally our least visited section in terms of google traffic but our most shareable traffic in terms of interesting articles to read and think about. If you are looking for some sharing eloquent waxing on bats then see our blog.

Looking for reviews on hitting gadgets and non bat but baseball related things? We leave most of those in the section of gear reviews. These include articles like the pro-hitter thumb guard review, Boombah bat bags, and our plate crate review. At one point we reviewed baseball batting and fielding gloves on this site but then moved it to our sister site But, there is plenty of weird stuff in our non-bat gear reviews worth your consideration.

Bat Reviews

2017 HOliday Baseball an dSoftball Gift Guide

Over the years we have spent considerable time collecting articles that detailed information on performance bats at cheap prices. These ideas have ranged from very popular gift guides and advice on how much to spend on a USABat. Ever wonder how to find used bats at considerable discounts? We answer that too.