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2016 Fastpitch Bat Reviews | Cage Tested Real Results

2016 Fastpitch Bat Reviews


We review hundreds of bats every year. We don’t review a bat if we haven’t hit with it extensively and seen others do so too—usually both in the cage and in a game. We then take their feedback and, if we are lucky, get a response from the manufacturer of the bat about some further questions we have. After all that, we then compile our findings into a readable article. The below are links to each of our 2016 Fastpitch Bat Reviews. (You may also like our 2017 fastpitch reviews).

Last updated: Saturday, February 25, 2017

Our Pick of the Best Fastpitch Softball Bat can be found here.

2016 Axe Fastpitch Bat Reviews

2016 Fastpitch Bat Reviews2015 Axe Avenge Fastpitch Bat Review: This performance two piece composite bat is made unique by an asymmetric handle. The idea is for a more ergonomic path to the ball. We review extensively and have fallen in love with the Axe Avenge fastpitch bat.

2016 Anderson Fastpitch Bat Reviews

2016 Fastpitch Bat Reviews

2016 Anderson Rocketech 2.0 Fastpitch Bat Reveiw: Our most favorite single piece aluminum bat made for big hitters and cold weather. We found the bat very hot in the cold and made durable for big hitters.

2016 DeMarini Fastpitch Bat Reviews

2016 Fastpitch Bat Reviews

2016 DeMarini Fastpitch Bat Reviews: The most robust line up of any fastpitch softball company in the market. DeMarini’s CF8 are reviewed here. Some of our most favorites of the year are also found here.

2016 Easton Fastpitch Bat Reviews

2016 Fastpitch Bat Reviews2016 Easton Mako TORQ fastpitch bat review: Quick to and a Long Through: Another large grouping of faspitch options come in the Easton line. The marquee bat is the TORQ, but the better one may just be the plain old fashioned MAKO.

2016 Fastpitch Bat Reviews

2016 Easton FS3 Fastpitch Review: Easton takes an older name they’ve used in the past and applies it to the new version of the FS1. A value purchase on a two piece composite.

2016 Fastpitch Bat Reviews

2015 Easton FS1 Fastpitch Review: We don’t have a 2015 page, so we thought we’d sneak this in here. The peak of the Power Brigade set of bats. The FS1 is the high water mark.

2016 Fastpitch Bat Reviews

2014 Easton FS1 Fastpitch Review: Since we added the 2015 here, we’ll do the same with the 2014. Same bat as the 2015 versions.

2016 Louisville Slugger’s Fastpitch Bat Reviews

2016 Fastpitch Bat Reviews

2016 Louisville Slugger XENO PLUS Fastpitch Bat Review: A Monster swinging beast used at every level of the sport, the XENO defines top shelf. It is a well known bat in a thick industry and few there be that don’t fall in love at first swing.

2016 Fastpitch Bat Reviews2016 Louisville Slugger LXT Plus Review: The LXT Plus uses the same make up as the XENO but with a bit more stiffness in the transition. This makes for a stronger attack and more feedback in the hands. Collegiate players tend to appreciate this bat more.

2016 Mizuno’s Fastpitch Bat Reviews

2016 Fastpitch Bat Reviews

2016 Mizuno NightHawk Fastpitch Bat Review: The new Mizuno Nighthawk is another two piece composite with a balanced swing. Fun bat to hit with and a great name behind it. If nothing else, you can bet Jenny Finch is a huge fan.

2016 Worth’s Fastpitch Bat Reviews

2016 Fastpitch Bat Reviews

2016 Worth 2 Legit Fastpitch Review: This two piece monster is Worth’s flagship bat and, with their close connection to Rawlings, finds itself at the plate in a lot of collegiate games. The bat’s a balanced composite with a monster barrel and remarkable pop.

We’ve also found, as we point out in several articles, that the appropriate bat for any given individual is more dependent on the individual instead of the bat. In just about any performance bat category—where several bats are vying for your dollars and commitment—we’ve found many bats to be “top shelf.” Each bat’s twist on marketing or branding doesn’t have much to do with actual performance. However, there are enough differences in many bats to make it quite the chore to find who indeed has the best fastpitch softball bat for any given player. Our hope is the above is helpful in your quest to find the fastpitch bat best for you.