Written by: Just Bat Reviews

Batcast Episode #9: Axe Bat Podcast with Trevor Stocking

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Trevor Stocking, one of the bat product managers at Axe Bats, takes some time with JustBatReviews.com and CloseOutBats.com to discuss the arc of Axe Bats.

Where to Listen to the BatCast

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Axe Bat BatCast Overview

Intro, Background, 2017 Axe Technology.

Why Just Bat Reviews thinks the Axe is the Best Bat you Never Heard Of

Why Closeoutbats.com thinks Axe is here to stay

Why did Axe think it made sense to take Trevor away from Zepp Labs?

What makes a great swing?

How is the Major League exposure helping Axe?

How was this Axe idea invented?

What is the value of an asymmetric handle?

What is the value of predictive impact?

Axe Bat Plans with USAbat bats

The Axe end cap difference

Axe Bats growth focus

Why Axe Bats makes sense and who should buy