Illegal Bat Lists | Easton Ghost X, Dirty South KAMO, DeMarini Zen


Illegal Baseball Bats (6/6/2018)

Year League Brand Model Amazon
2017 USSSA DeMarini CF Zen (*Sizes) See It
2018 USA Bats Easton Ghost X 30-inch See It
2018 USSSA DeMarini NOW LEGAL ** See It
2018 USSSA Dirty South Bats KAMO (***Sizes)
BBCOR Mattingly Balistk Check
BBCOR Nike CX2 Check
BBCOR Slugger TPX Dynasty Check
BBCOR Marucci CAT 5^2 Check
BBCOR Reebok TLS Check
BBCOR Marucci Black Check

*The 2017 CF Zen USSSA lost its 1.15 certification in all sizes and lengths of the drop 10 2 3/4 and drop 8. This is the Blue/White 2 3/4 as well as the drop 8 Green/White one. As well, the bats zero dark thirty and custom versions are also decertified. Serial numbers that start with: WTDXCBR & WTDXCBZ.

**The 2018 CF ZEN USSSA lost its 1.15 certification, then gained it, then lost it, then gained it. As of 6/6/2018 the bats are LEGAL for play. And, although it is hard to believe, we think this one is actually here to stay. See DeMarini’s commentary here.

***The DSB KAMO lost its 1.15 certification in the 31 and 32 drop 10 (so 31/21 & 32/22) as well as the 30, 31 and 32 drop 8 (30/22, 31/23, 32/24).

DeMarini 2018 CF Zen: LEGAL

Updated: 6/6/2018

2018 CF Zen Illegal Bats List

Find this bat in Stock

After a huge amount of hullabaloo, USSSA decided today that the 2018 CF Zen is now re-LEGAL for play. They are removed from the banned list. We have updated that information below. You can find insight/return information via DeMarini here.

Updated 6/6/2018

After further consideration AFTER their original further consideration, all sizes in the CBZ drop 10 DeMarini 2018 CF Zen are LEGAL for play.

Updated: 5/4/2018

USSSA adds the 28, 29 and 30 inch 2018 CF Zen to the banned list that included the 31 and 32 of the same bat. They also clarify the 2018 Ghost X USA will NOT be allowed in USSSA games.

2018 Easton USA Ghost X 30/20: NOT LEGAL

Updated: 5/3/2018

USA Baseball decertified (made illegal) the USA Easton Ghost X bat in a 30 inch drop 10 in the 30/20 on 5/3/2018.

From what we’ve read on social media, Easton is offering a $500 voucher on their website for the return of a legitimately purchased USA Ghost X.

Return questions via Easton can be directed to Easton via email at or at 1-844-531-7079.

More information can be found on USA bats decertified bats page.

Dirty South Bats KAMO: NOT LEGAL


The USSSA announced on 4/12/2018 at 4pm PST that the Dirty South KAMO with serial number BB KA 8 is illegal for play in the following sizes: two drop 10’s and three drop 8’s (30/22 31/21 32/22 31/23 32/24).

The DSB KAMO (BB KA 8) has been withdrawn from USSSA play. This means, in not so many words, the bat is now banned for play. This includes the 30/22 31/21 32/22 31/23 32/24.

All the people saying Dirty South bats were hot were, clearly, right. Apparently a little too much so.

We are sure it is a huge headache to deal with but, for what its worth, they might take some solace in knowing they are in good company. They simply don’t make crappy bats illegal. (See our DSB Made USA Bat Review. This one is perfectly legal). And, we should note, several of the KAMO’s are still legal.

Are they (DSB) going to be able to withstand the capital and inventory issues associated with getting a marquee bat of theirs recalled? If they can, expect them to get a long term bump (akin to Anderson and the Techzilla).

These bats are the banned KAMOs (including 3 drop 8’s and 2 drop 10’s).

  • 30/22
  • 31/23
  • 32/24
  • 31/21
  • 32/22

2017 DeMarini CF Zen Banning

With the recent, and rather high profile, “temporary” decertification of the 2 3/4 DeMarini CF Zen drop 10, we wondered what other bats have been de-certified over the years. It is not easy to find such a list. Likely, we have decided, because there simply have not been many baseball bats over the years that have been banned. Slowpitch softball has seen the worst offenders—with at least a dozen bats getting banned over the years. In the baseball space we have found only 3 in the last 5 and we have yet to find a fastpitch bat to get the boot.

CF Zen Illegal

Find This in Stock

Illegal Bat List Sources

A couple of sites, like ezteamsports, had a good list of softball bats that have been banned over the years. It does not look to be updated very recently, but was useful nonetheless. As well, SFsoftball has a similar list.

On the baseball side, one league site has at least some information on what bats are banned. The Texas Association of Sports Officials appears to be keeping at least some tabs on what bats are illegal.

Although it does not tell you what bats are decertified, the WSU site tells you what bats may have been originally certified.

De-certification Processes

To become certified, a bat must pass a particular standard set by the governing body. These tests are performed by an independent sports science lab at a major university. If the bat passes then it is eligible to carry the stamping of the association.

However, throughout the year, governing bodies randomly test bats. Picture it much like random drug testing at the Olympics. These governing bodies can buy the bats directly on the shelf or take them from tournaments directly. They are sent to the lab and then tested.

If a bat does not pass it is removed from play and becomes “decertified”.

Illegal Baseball Bats

Although likely others, we can find three bats that have lost their certification over the last few years in the baseball space. They include the CF ZEN 2 3/4 Drop 10, the Marucci CAT 5-squared in 32 and 33 BBCOR and the Reebok TLS. Those three lost their certification in both highschool and collegiate play. The Marucci Black 33 and 34 inch bat lost its certification for NCAA play only.

Mattingly BalistkIllegal BAt list

Trying to make a play on the scene, the Mattingly brand of bats produced a super hot stick in the Balistk. Apparently, too hot. Mattingly bats never quite took hold and, as of today, they’ve yet to produce a new bat in years.

Find a Balistk on Ebay.

Nike CX2Illegal bat lists

A few years back, Nike made a serious run at the baseball bat space. However, the CX2 losing its certification appeared to mark the beginning of the end for the Nike Bat experiment.

Find one Ebay.

Louisville Slugger’s TPX Dynasty 2012

Illegal Bat Lists

Holding the distinct honor as the only drop 12 bat to lose its certification, Louisville Slugger’s 2012 Dynasty was one of the very first BPF bats to be banned.

Find one Ebay.

CF ZEN 2 3/4 Drop 10CF Zen Illegal

As the only non-BBCOR bat on the list, the CF ZEN 2 3/4 was a dynomite bat that people raved about. It did have some durability concenrs, but people still bought the bat in droves as it gave little timmy’s across the universe chances to hit it into the stratosphere.

Find a CF Zen 2 3/4 Drop 10 on Ebay.

CAT 5^2 BBCOR 32 and 33

Illegal BAt Lists

The CAT 5^2 (5-Squared) in BBCOR was a beastly bomb dropper known for killing balls. It put Marucci on the map, but also got de-certified after folks found it too hot to handle.

Find one on Ebay.

Reebok TLSIllegal BAt list

Most were not aware Reebok made a baseball bat. Indeed, the TLS was legit. But it became decertified and Reebok never quite recovered in the bat space. The BBCOR 33 inch was banned in both highschool and collegiate play.

Find a Reebok TLS on ebay.

Marucci Black

Illegal Bats List

The Marucci Black bat has the distinct honor of getting banned by the NCAA but not by the NFHS. That is, college said you’re out while high school said you’re safe. Strange turn of events and we don’t quite follow how that could happen considering both leagues use the same standard. But, nonetheless, there it is.

Find one on Ebay.

Illegal Softball Bats

The list of illegal softball bats is longer than we care to write about. Or, frankly, you should care to read about. As an example, let us simply picture the ASA bats that have been decertified up until 2014 only.



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Memorial Day Road Trip: Great Baseball Player’s Gravestones

If your summer plan included visiting the grave sites of five of the best baseball players in history, then, if you lived in Mount Pleasant New York, you could do it in just over…wait for it…

Thirteen Hours.

Much of that drive involves getting to Macon, Georgia to see the mausoleum of Ty Cobb. But if you bailed on the Georgia Peach, then the remaining four fall within five hours of Mount Pleasant. And, if the four hour trip to DC to see Walter Johnson’s Grave could be passed up, then you could see Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Jackie Robinson’s grave sites in all of 45 minutes. Talk about a well spent hour on a Memorial Day weekend.

Baseball Grave Sites Road Trip

You can zoom in to see the places of the Ty Cobb (Atlanta), Babe Ruth (New York), Lou Gehrig (New York), Jackie Robinson (New York) and Walter Johnson (Washington, DC).

Stop 1: Babe Ruth’s Grave Site

Gravestones of Great Baseball Players

The Gate of Heaven Cemetery sits in Hawthorne, New York. You can find Ruth’s Grave there, and it is often adorned with baseballs and caps commemorating the Sultan of Swat. His legend lives to this day as the original Beast and shot caller. History has been kind to Mr. Ruth and his legend likely lives larger today than it ever has. Yet even despite his ascension in baseball folklore, the guy was the best player in his time—and many still argue he was the best player ever. (See Babe Ruth’s Bats)

Gravestones of Great Baseball Players

Stop 2: Lou Gehrig’s Grave Site

Gravestones of Great Baseball Players

You barely need to get back in the car for the next stop. Lou Gehrig’s grave site sits on an adjoining cemetery to the Great Bambino’s. All of one mile down the road, Kensico Cemetery is the home of another contender for the best baseball player ever. Although well known today for the disease that killed him and often carries his name, Gehrig was the first player to have his number retired. (Lou Gehrig’s Bats)

Stop 3: Jackie Robinson’s Grave Site

Gravestones of Great Baseball Players

Few argue that Jackie Robinson was a top five baseball player of all time. Indeed, his feats on the field were notable, but his overall stat lines were nothing like the others’ on this list. But in terms of changing the game of baseball, few stand even close. Barring traffic, Jackie Robinson’s grave site can be found 45 minutes south in Cyprus Hills cemetery right in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. (See Jackie Robinson’s Bat)

Stop 4: Walter Johnson’s Grave SiteGravestones of Great Baseball Players

Four hours down the road from Jackie Robison’s grave is the Rockville Cemetery north of Washington DC. There lies Walter Johnson. Walter Johnson may be the best baseball player of whom most have never heard. When he set the records for complete games (417), strikeouts (3,509), wins (417), shutouts (110) and 20 win seasons (12), there was no doubt he was a different kind of human. Guys like Cy Young broke a few of those records quickly, but his strikeout record lasted for nearly 60 years. Even today, he holds the complete games (531) record.

Stop 5: Ty Cobb’s Grave Site

Gravestones of Great Baseball Players

The longest stretch is from DC to Macon, Georgia, which should take you a good half day. But, once there, find the Rose Hill cemetery in Macon, which lies a little over an hour south of Atlanta. Cobb, considered the best all-around baseball player ever, was buried in his home state. He and his wife have their own free standing above ground cemetery. He died on July 17th, 1961. (See Ty Cobb’s Bat)

Gravestones of Great Baseball Players

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Mother’s Day Baseball | Pink on Bats, Yankess Vases, Masks and Cleats

Baseball has an obsession with both America and Women. These are, we could argue, reasonable things to commemorate. As such, there are no moments with more pageantry then that of Independence Day and, at least more recently, Mother’s Day.

See Amazon’s mother day deals. Not many baseball related things in here, except for the official MLB Mother’s day baseball.

Baseball MLB Flowers

Not a crazy idea for the women in your life that love flowers as much as they love baseball. 1800 Flowers has a few specials going on for Mother’s day…

What is the New Mother’s Day Gear?

This Mother’s Day, the MLB and its plethora of serious manufacturers are delivering a serious amount of pink to the weekend. The following attempts to document each of the mother’s day special items you can find on MLB ball fields. If you find one we have yet to mark, please let us know on social.

Wilson Mother’s Day Things

Mother's Day Catcher's massk umpire

Wilson, the parent company of Slugger and DeMarini, has some nice looking umpire masks. They are, for the special occassion, pink. We put Slugger in it’s own category below.


Mizuno Mother’s Day Gear

Mizuno with some dope Mother’s Day cleats. See Mizuno’s mother’s day sale.

Rawlings Mother’s Day Gear

Rawligns Mother's Day Deals

Expect pink bats and pink balls from Rawlings. See all the Rawlings Mothers’ Day deals.

Easton Mother’s Day Things

Easton Mother's DAy

Easton did a handful of pink things on discount for Mother’s day

Adidas Mother’s Day Cleats

Hard to say these are anything but amazing. Maybe a little over the top but this is, after all, the Adizero line from Adidas. You can’t buy these exact cleats anywhere, but they do have some pink options.

Louisville Slugger Pink Bats

Mothers day Baseball Like they have for a couple of years now, Slugger will be providing several MLB stars with pink bats to use for the day. (You can make your own Mothers Day custom bat here). From what we have gathered no less than the following four will be swinging pink come Sunday:

  • Javier Baez – Cubs
  • Yasmani Grandal – Dodgers
  • Addison Russell – Cubs
  • Curtis Granderson – Mets

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Axe Handle on a Chandler Bat

Axe has been an a war path of licensing deals this off season. A few short weeks ago they announced their agreement with Tucci Lumber to add to their agreement with Victus from last year.. Last week they announced their new relationship with George Springer (to add to their Mookie Betts agreement). Today they announce a licensing deal with Chanlder Bats. The same Chandler bats swung by the likes of Harper, Judge and Kris Bryant.

You can buy Axe Bats and Chandler Bats.

Although impressive we are by no means surprised. The use of an ergonomic handle on a bat is the final frontier for wood bats. They can’t be any lighter. We doubt there is any break through wood to change the game like Sam Bats did with Maple a couple decades ago. So, what else is there but an improvement in the knob? Don’t be surprised if Slugger finds its way on the knob of some very big time companies very soon. Not that Victus, Tucci and Chandler are not big time, but you know what we mean.

Wood Bat Reviews

Here is a portion of their press release:

Axe Bat, Chandler Bats Announce Licensing Partnership

Premium Chandler bats with Axe Handles now available to pro players

RENTON, Wash. (Dec. 19, 2017) – Axe Bat today announced the addition of Chandler Bats to its expanding roster of licensing partners allowed to manufacture and sell wood baseball bats with the patented Axe Handle to professional players. 

Chandler Bats, founded in 2010, built its reputation on the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of its products, and is widely regarded among Big Leaguers as the maker of the finest wood bats in the game. 

Axe Handle Chandler Bats

“Chandler checks all the boxes for what we look for in a licensing partner,” said Jay Helmick, senior vice president of Axe Bat. “They share our passion for making the world’s best bat, adhere to the highest standards of quality, and put the player first in everything they do. We’re honored and excited to add them as a licensee of our Axe Handle and are eager for players to swing the new Chandler Axe Handle bats this spring.”

Axe Bat has doubled its wood licensing partners this offseason in response to growing demand for the Axe Handle among pro players. This year, at least three dozen Big Leaguers swung an Axe Handle bat during the regular season, including All-Stars George Springer and Mookie Betts.

 Chandler Bats is the fourth wood-bat maker to sign a licensing deal with Axe Bat.

 Last month, Axe Bat finalized a licensing agreement with Tucci Lumber, another top supplier of premium wood bats to Big League players.

“Since our first day, we’ve made it our goal to give players the best possible bat we can make,” said David Chandler, founder of Chandler Bats. “Partnering with Axe Bat helps us fulfill that mission by making available the very latest and best handle technology in the game. We’re excited to get started.” 

Chandler Bats recently completed a move to a new 20,000-square-foot facility in East Norriton, Pennsylvania, featuring an expanded retail space and two new batting cages.

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Axe Handle Tucci Bat | Ergonomics Meets Tucci Lumber

When Marucci Bat aquired Vicuts most had one question: how would the asymmetric handle found on a lot of Vicuts bats be affected by the Marucci acquisition. Marucci and Axe compete in a lot of markets so would Marucci drive the ergonomic handle out of their line up? While that process still plays out in the majors, Axe continues to make new agreements with other MLB wood bat companies. Most recently, Tucci Lumber.

We have covered the use of the Axe handle in a few of our articles. Our discussion with MLB pro bats using an Axe design as well as the history and theory behind an oval shaped handle. Check, too, our story on the acquisition of Victus by Marucci.

Learn More about Tucci Bats.Learn More about Axe Bats.

Here is the press release announcing the agreement.

Axe Bat, Tucci Lumber Announce Licensing Partnership

Tucci Lumber bats with Axe Handles now available to pro players

RENTON, Wash. (Nov. 30, 2017) – Axe Bat today announced a licensing agreement with Tucci Lumber Bat Company allowing Tucci to manufacture and sell wood baseball bats with the patented Axe Handle to professional players.

Tucci Lumber, headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut, is one of the top suppliers of bats to Big League players and counts All-Stars Troy Tulowitzki and Pablo Sandoval among its pro-player investors.

“We’re excited to add Tucci Lumber as a licensee of our Axe Handle,” said Jay Helmick, senior vice president of Axe Bat. “Tucci’s manufacturing capabilities, product quality, and professional connections make them an ideal partner for introducing more elite players to the benefits of swinging an Axe Handle bat.”

Popularity of the Axe Handle among pro baseball players has grown exponentially since 2015. This year, at least three dozen Big Leaguers swung an Axe Handle bat during the regular season, including the championship series MVP and two starting all-stars.

Two-time All-Star Mookie Betts is an endorser and has swung an Axe Handle bat exclusively since late 2015.

Unlike a conventional round knob, the Axe Handle is engineered to support the biomechanics of the swing. Its shape conforms to the natural contours of a player’s wrist and palm, and enables a more efficient swing that maximizes bat speed and improves barrel control.

Tucci Lumber is the third wood-bat manufacturer to sign a licensing deal with Axe Bat.

Tucci was founded by Pete Tucci, a former first-round draft pick whose promising baseball career was derailed by a hand injury suffered while swinging a bat with an oversize round knob.

Tucci bats are known for their precision craftsmanship and high-quality finish, which includes a steel-burnishing process to increase hardness.

“Axe Handle bats are in demand at the highest levels and we’re excited to be able to now offer them to our pro players,” said Pete Tucci, owner of Tucci Lumber. “We’re looking forward to working with Axe Bat to deliver the best possible bat for every player’s swing.”

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Press Release: Rapsodo & Just Bat Reviews Join Forces




Partnership Marks a World First as Public Gains Access to Real Performance Data

Just Bat Reviews is the #1 online destination for reviews of baseball bats and baseball bat accessories

Bountiful, Utah, United States – November 1st, 2017 – Just Bat Reviews today announced the success of their new partnership with Rapsodo, a sports analytics company that provides baseball and softball players powerful data on pitching and hitting performance to improve their game with instant statistics for smart analytics and measurable progress.

The partnership, which began in October 2017, has enabled the baseball bat review site to deliver even more in-depth reviews by including quantitative ball flight information to readers seeking to find out more about specific models of baseball bats prior to purchase.

“This is the first time in the history of baseball that third-party quantitative data on bat performance has been available to the public,” said Brian Duryea, owner of Just Bat Reviews. “We feel that this is a giant leap forward in consumer information, and it is our intention to put this data at the fingertips of every parent and player being asked to spend hundreds of dollars on performance equipment.”

Just Bat Reviews uses Rapsodo to measure a variety of metrics with advanced analytical tools, including the exit velocity, exit launch angle, exit direction, spin rate, spin axis, and even 3D ball flight with tested bats to deliver a comprehensive, honest review of a bat’s true performance with scientific data.

The powerful equipment can either be mounted on a tripod, 7 feet behind the home plate, or in a protective tank 14 feet in front of the plate. It also provides video playback for extra insight into the physical mechanics behind bat performance. This enables players and their coaches to make on-the-spot adjustments to improve their overall game.

Adding more quantitative data via Rapsodo to the vast amount of qualitative data Just Bat Reviews already provides marks a huge step forward in the review of sporting equipment. Objective, measurable performance allows for less bias in reviews and rankings. It will serve as a vital piece for consumer before spending money on performance softball and baseball bats.

Due to the recent nature of this partnership, not all bats have been reviewed using Rapsodo, but this will change in the future as more reviews are added as well as altered to reflect this Rapsodo exit speed data.

Rapsodo released its pitching monitor in 2016, giving baseball players of all skill levels a powerful tool to measure their mound performance. Now, the addition of their hitting device gives data for both sides of the plate. Rapsodo has received widespread acclaim from professional players.

“Rapsodo pitching has been instrumental in the development of our elite pitchers,” said Randy Sullivan, a baseball coach at the Florida Baseball Ranch. “We’re taking science to the other side of the ball. The information our hitters gain about exit velocity, launch angle, and spin creates a fertile environment for self-organized swings that do damage!”

For more information about Just Bat Reviews and to find full reviews on the latest baseball and softball bats bats, please visit For media inquiries, please contact Brian Duryea by email at

About Just Bat Reviews

Just Bat Reviews provides independent and expert reviews of every baseball bat available on the marketplace today – without the hype. The in-depth reviews are written by parents and players and focus on performance as well as for which playing style a bat is best designed. For more information, please visit Just Bat Review’s website.


About Rapsodo

Rapsodo Inc is a sports analytics company that uses computer vision and advanced radar to help all athletes maximize their performance. Our proprietary technology applications range from helping PGA Tour golfers optimize their launch conditions to allowing MLB pitchers to increase the efficiency on their breaking balls. From the diamond to the court to the tee, Rapsodo gives athletes of all ages the tools to get to the next level.







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Investment Bats | Appreciating Appreciating Bats

Ever wonder if a bat could be bought in the market today and sold at a higher price at a later date? The simple economics of manufacturers limiting or ending production on bats definitely makes it possible. In reality, only a number of bats can be bought today for more than they were sold for new in wrapper just a few short weeks or months ago.

After patrolling the market and discussing inventory and demands from major vendors, this page keeps a running list of bats that have a real chance to go for premium prices in future years.

See our best pitching machine here.

2016 DeMarini CF8: The Prime Example

Investment Bats

The most recent example of post-inventory skyrocketing bat prices is DeMarini’s CF8 in a drop 10 2 3/4. That bat, which you could have found for under $300 a few short months, regularly goes for 2 to 3 times that number used. If you had a thick supply of those bats new in wrapper, and some patience, you could easily make $4 for every $1 you spent.

But, no doubt, the CF8 2 3/4 is an anomaly. Few bats are more expensive than they were originally and most are substantially less. This creates some real risk to packing your garage full of bats no one wants. Yet, there are a few helpful factors to consider when adding these bats to the list of potential investment bats.

Investment Bat Criteria

  • Brand Name. Although it likely goes without saying, familiar brands carry an inherent price bump. This makes some obvious sense as secondary marketplaces (i.e. eBay) are controlled by search terms. And popular search terms get more eyeballs, bids, and ultimately, sale price.
  • Popularity. Another seemingly obvious point, but bats that go berserk in the secondary post-inventory market were very popular bats at initial release.
  • Novelty bats. We don’t mean like gag gift bats, but bats that had a unique take on an old concept—especially when those bats are printed in short supply from a well known manufacturer. If you can’t find that feature on any other bat, and the only place selling the bat is eBay, then expect higher prices corresponding to the supply shortage.

Quick Navigation2016 DeMarini CF8: The Prime ExampleInvestment Bat CriteriaInvestment BatsMarucci CAT 6Marucci CAT 6Marucci AP5Combat VIGOR2018 DeMarini CF ZEN 

Investment Bats

Predicting the future price of a bat is at best terribly difficult. But, we believe we have had enough conversations with vendors and manufacturers to understand demand and current inventory. Here is the list of bats we think could be worth more in the future. We may or may not have more than a couple of these still in wrapper just waiting for retirement.

Marucci CAT 6

Investment Bats

Marucci’s CAT 6 has been one of the most popular bats in the market since 2015. Now with the release of the CAT 7, Marucci’s production of the bat has stopped. But, if you paid good attention, you noticed the price on the CAT 6 did not go down once the CAT 7 was released. This is a tell-tale sign of a bat that will be valuable post inventory.

As manufactures look to make room for the full line of 2017 Marucci bats and clear out their remaining CAT 6’s we fully expect this bat to be difficult and pricey to find.​

Price Check the Cat 6

Easton Mako Torq

Investement Bats

Remember that time everyone hated this bat? And by everyone, we mean not everyone, just most people. Well, the people that liked this bat still like it. And the inventory in the market is nearly dried up.

Notice as well, how in 2016 Easton unloaded these bats in the market, significantly lowering the prices. Now, compared to their non-torq counterparts, they are the same price if not more. We subscribe this fact to the reality that as inventory dries up, folks continue to look to acquire these. We suspect it will follow that today’s prices will be a reasonable amount cheaper than what this bat will sell for come February of next year when vendor inventory is gone.​

Price check the MAKO Torq XL

Marucci AP5

Wood Bat Buyer's Guides

As a wood bat model, the AP5 is one of the most popular bats on the planet. And when Albert Pujols retires, will Marucci keep making his model bat? It is possible, but unlikely. If they do indeed stop making the AP5 when Pujols leaves the game, expect the guy who stocked up on these to have enough money to buy tickets for Albert’s Hall of Fame induction.

Price Check the Marucci AP5

Combat VIGOR

Investment Bats

We were never huge fans of the Combat VIGOR. As a performance bat we always felt it a bit lacking. But, by every user measurement, people rave about the bat’s value. Few users rate the thing less than 5 stars.

Consider this, Combat is out of business and Easton reprinted the 2017 Combat Maxum. It would be very unlikely for Easton to reproduce the low end Vigor again. Add in the fact the Vigor can be bought for a song right now, and as inventory dries up, the only place to buy this highly rated bat will be on the secondary market.

Remember too, someone bought a truck load of crazy hot Combat B2 bats and sold them on eBay for years after everyone else ran out of inventory. They made a killing. The Vigor might be the best bat investment on this entire list.

Price Check the Combat Vigor

2018 DeMarini CF ZEN 

CF Zen Illegal

Although the 2018 DeMarini CF ZEN drop 10 (2 3/4) and drop 8 (2 5/8) were banned from USSSA and several other leagues, the bat is still legal in many that do not enforce bat standards. But the ban took the bat off the shelves of most major vendors. There are still a few of these that can be found on eBay at their slightly, gulp, premium price. But don’t be surprised if come February of 2018, these bats are hard to find for less than $700.

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Best Baseball Bat Instagram Accounts | 12 Can’t Miss Feeds

→ Read our entire Best Baseball Bat Lineup→ Read our Best Bats Article

___TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW__<p>As the second largest social media site in the universe, we have found some of the best baseball bat Instagram accounts. What are they?</p><p>We put together our definitive list of Best Baseball Bat Instagram Accounts to follow. If you think we missed one, or two, hit us up on <a href=””>ouram account</a>.</p>[ezcol_1half]<h3>[su_heading]List Inclusion Criteria[/su_heading]</h3><p>On the whole, the Instagram accounts that made the below list are baseball bat heavy. Many post things instead of bats, but we had to make some exceptions. Aside from that, our decision process was rather arbitrary to our preferences. We can’t think of the last time any of these accounts posted something that we did not double tab.</p><p>[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]</p><h3>[su_heading]Best Baseball Bat Instagram Accounts Contents[/su_heading]</h3><p>[/ezcol_1half_end]</p><h3>[su_heading] Just Bat Reviews[/su_heading]<a href=””><imggnnone wp-image-13284 size-full” src=”” alt=”Best Baseball BAt Instagram Account” width=”500″ height=”431″ /></a></h3><p>Well, let us get this one out of the way. This is our Instagram account. Although out of the official rankings, we think our Instagram account a worthy follow for those interested in all things baseball bats.</p><p><a href=””>Followreviews on Instagram.</a></p><h3>[su_heading]#1 DeMarini[/su_heading]<a href=””><imggncenter wp-image-13282 size-large” src=”×617.png” alt=”Best Baseball BAt Instagram Account” width=”625″ height=”551″ /></a></h3><p>In terms of consistency and great shots on bats, DeMarini’s IG account is a very worthy baseball bat account. You can join the other hundreds of thousands of followers.</p><p><a href=””>Followi’s</a></p>[ezcol_1half]<h3>[su_heading]#2 CurtofHotIronCC[/su_heading]<a href=”“><imggncenter wp-image-13281 size-medium” src=”×268.png” alt=”Best Baseball Bat instagram Accounts” width=”300″ height=”268″ /></a></h3><p>Easily one of our favorite follows, CurtofHotIronCC makes custom laser engraved bats. Dope designs that we have been the welcome beneficiary of.</p><p><a href=”“>FollowotIronCC</a></p><p>[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]</p><h3>[su_heading]#3 Trinity Bat Company[/su_heading]<a href=””><imggncenter wp-image-13290 size-medium” src=”×256.png” alt=”Best Baseball BAt Instagram Account” width=”300″ height=”256″ /></a></h3><p>Another off the beaten path follow is Trinity Bat Company. Consistently updated with dope shots this bat manufacturer makes as good of Instagram pictures as they do bats.</p><p><a href=””>Follow Bat Company</a></p><p>[/ezcol_1half_end]</p><h3>[su_heading]#4 Slugger Nation[/su_heading]<a href=””><imggncenter wp-image-13289 size-large” src=”×591.png” alt=”Best Baseball BAt Instagram Account” width=”625″ height=”528″ /></a></h3><p>As the arguable leader in brand recognition for baseball in the world, Slugger’s IG account is a very worthy follow of any baseball bat aficionado. Dubbed #sluggernation, the account is popular follow.</p><p><a href=””>Followlle Slugger</a></p>[ezcol_1half]<h3>[su_heading]#5 Rawlings[/su_heading]<a href=””><imggncenter wp-image-13288 size-medium” src=”×266.png” alt=”Best Baseball BAt Instagram Account” width=”300″ height=”266″ /></a></h3><p>At this point, if you have followed DeMarini and SluggerNation above, there is no reason to leave out Rawlings’ IG account too. Often replete with gloves and other sorts of equiptment, there are enough bat pics and insight to be worth a follow and this list.</p><p><a href=””>Follows’ Instagram</a></p><p>[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]</p><h3>[su_heading]#6 Marucci Sports[/su_heading]<a href=””><imggncenter wp-image-13286 size-medium” src=”×261.png” alt=”Best Baseball BAt Instagram Account” width=”300″ height=”261″ /></a></h3><p>For the same reason you would follow Rawlings you would also follow Marrucci. they have 200K+ followers and often show great bats among other Marucci branded gear.</p><p><a href=””>Follow‘s Instagram</a></p><p>[/ezcol_1half_end]</p><h3>[su_heading]#7 MLB Game Used Bats[/su_heading]<a href=””><imggncenter wp-image-13287 size-large” src=”×598.png” alt=”Best Baseball BAt Instagram Account” width=”625″ height=”534″ /></a></h3><p>One of our favorite follows on Instagram. Expect almost daily pictures of MLB game used bats and a little bit of history behind it all. Although only 8K followers now, we fully expect them as one of the biggest IG accounts in the space soon enough.</p><p><a href=””>Followe Used Bats'</a></p>[ezcol_1half]<h3>[su_heading]#8[/su_heading]<a href=””><imggncenter size-medium wp-image-13285″ src=”×260.png” alt=”Best Baseball BAt Instagram Account” width=”300″ height=”260″ /></a></h3><p>The largest vendor in the bat space also has a decent Instagram account. You can find some good giveaways and promotional material there too. Worth a follow to keep up to speed on what is hot and what is discounted.</p><p><a href=””></a></pcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]</p><h3>[su_heading]#9[/su_heading]<a href=””><imggncenter size-medium wp-image-13291″ src=”×262.png” alt=”Best Baseball BAt Instagram Account” width=”300″ height=”262″ /></a></h3><p>For the same reason you would follow, you would follow Although not as big as justbats, they still offer a number of discounts and promotions worth checking out. In fact, a number of their products are only available through social media channels.</p><p><a href=””></a></pcol_1half_end][ezcol_1half]</p><h3>[su_heading]#10 Easton Baseball[/su_heading]<a href=””><imggncenter wp-image-13283 size-medium” src=”×265.png” alt=”Best Baseball BAt Instagram Account” width=”300″ height=”265″ /></a></h3><p>Easton’s Instagram is a worthy follow in the baseball space. Although bat information and pics are few and far between we can’t imagine you’ll be dissapoitned in the content feed.</p><p><a href=””>FollowBaseballs</a></p><p>[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]</p><h3>[su_heading]#11 Axe Bats[/su_heading]<a href=””><imggncenter size-medium wp-image-13293″ src=”×266.png” alt=”Best Instagram Baseball Bat Accounts” width=”300″ height=”266″ /></a></h3><p>Great videos, great shots and some unique insight found on the asymmetric handled bat. Worth a follow and worthy of this list on best baseball bat Instagram accounts.</p><p><a href=””>Follows instagram</a></p><p>[/ezcol_1half_end]</p>__TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW___

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Bat History: The Single Piece Hybrid Bat Revloution

Some years ago, the idea of a single piece aluminum bat with a light swing and a big barrel did not exist. More specifically, it wasn’t possible. If a player wanted a light swing then a composite was always the answer. If a player wanted a hot out of the wrapper bomb maker with an unwieldy swing then aluminum was the answer. Although many players wanted a hot out of the wrapper bat that brought with it a controllable swing the market, and physics, made it impossible.

Single Piece Hybrids

Things changed when the NCAA and NFHS reset the playing field for bat performance by implementing the BBCOR standard. Although composite barrels were still capable of producing a lighter swing weight, the post break performance of those bats was tempered in serious ways. In 1998, before BBCOR standards took effect, an average college game would see 1.06 home runs. Five years later, when BBCOR was in full effect, the average game saw only .46 dingers (reference). Runs per game dropped over 25%. Batting average at the collegiate level dropped 20 points.

Although no secret that BBCOR standards changed the games offensive production, it is not widely known that BBCOR standards changed the bat company market share dramatically too. BBCOR was not as much a restriction on bats as it was a lasso on composite material. Composite could still be used, but it must be refined to only reach a certain level of pop after it was worked in. As such, when BBCOR reset the standard on composite barrels, a number of aluminum based baseball bat companies woke up to a brand new playing field. One where aluminum could match performance even after break in.

[su_heading]Rawlings First To Market[/su_heading]

Rawlings, as one example, was a far cry from even a serious player in the pre-BBCOR realm. BBCOR standards came out in 2011 and, with it, Rawlings full line of new BBCOR bats. South Carolina, using Rawlings BBCOR bats, then wins the collegiate national championship in 2011 and, boom, Rawlings is a dead serious player in the BBCOR bat space ever since.

Shockingly, Rawlings did not make a composite barrel bat in 2011. In fact, they didn’t make one until just this year (2017). Instead, in 2011, Rawlings made a single piece aluminum bat that utilized an extended composite end cap. That end cap extended two to three inches into the barrel and dramatically lowered the swing weight of the bat. The process even lowered the swing weight enough that more material could be added to increase the size of the physical barrel while keeping the swing weight down.

This technique, now known as the single piece hybrid bat, has attracted both player and manufacturer. It gives the player a lighter swinging bat but doesn’t completely sacrifice the barrel size. As well, the aluminum bats barrel are more durable and do not require a break in period. To boot, these single piece hybrid bats are not as expensive to produce, or buy, as a two piece composite.

Manufacturers now compete in this previously unknown niche of bat construction that BBCOR standards produced. No less than four major manufacturers make a single piece hybrid bat today. We’d guess more are to follow. We discuss the currently available ones below.

[su_heading]Rawlings VELO[/su_heading]

Single Piece Hybrid Revolution

The catalyst of all single piece hybrid bats on the market, the Rawlings VELO started a new standard of light swinging aluminum barreled bats. Still going strong after 6+ iterations, the VELO has added variable wall thickness to drive down the swing weight even further and expand the sweet spot. The VELO gets high marks for production in other sizes intead of BBCOR, but loses a few points for only not coming in shorter (30, 29-inch) BBCOR sizes.

Price Check the Rawlings VELO. See our full 2017 Rawlings VELO Review.

[su_heading]Boombah Cannon[/su_heading]

Single Piece Hybrid Revolution

On their 3rd iteration of the single piece hybrid bat, Boombah’s Cannon looks like some earlier versions of the VELO. It also comes in Big Barrel sizes as well as a BBCOR version. Still no 31 inch version which is a real head scratcher for us. But, as a direct to consumer company expect a great price on a bat that few people have even heard of.

Price check the Boombah Cannon. See our full Boombah Cannon Review.

[su_heading]Axe Hyperwhip[/su_heading]

Single Piece Hybrid Revolution

Always pushing the limits of what people think bats are supposed to look like, Axe got in the single piece hybrid game this year too. They use the traditional aluminum bat with an extended composite end cap for a lower swing weight on a bat called the Axe Hyperwhip Fusion. The “Fusion” refers to the composite end cap. The “Hyperwhip” name comes from the fact they have shaved mass off the back of the composite end cap to lower swing weight even more. Unlike other bats they can do this due to their predictive hitting on the front side of the barrel made possible by the axe handle on the bat. Only offered in BBCOR, the bat shortest length is 31 inches.

Price check the Axe Element. See our full Axe Hyperwhip Fusion Bat Review.

[su_heading]Louisville Slugger 617 SOLO[/su_heading]

Rawlings VELO vs Sluger 617 Solo

Another new iteration to the single piece hybrid array is Louisville Slugger’s 617 Solo. This, like the others, is an aluminum bat with an extended composite end cap. We are big fans of this bat due to our love of single piece hybrids but, most importantly, because it actually comes in short sizes for BBCOR. Not only did Slugger come out with a bat that players want, but they were also thoughtful enough to make it in sizing that kids needed. The 617 SOLO comes in a 29 inch BBCOR bat and that version is the lightest swinging BBCOR bat on the market. As leagues push younger and younger kids into BBCOR bats the 617 SOLO is on the top of our list.

Price check the Slugger 617 SOLO. See our full Louisville Slugger 617 review.

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Fighting with Giants | Staz DeStout and Rude American Bats

We have seen a number of bat companies rise and fall over the course of covering them extensive. Some, as is the case with Adidas and Mizuno, are massive conglomerates looking to tap into their established distribution lines and sell metal and composite bats. Others have gone the way of all the earth like RIP-IT, Worth Baseball and COMBAT. Some monsters have acquired other monsters like Wilson and Louisville Slugger. Yet, despite all that movement by massive players in the space, new and fresh faces still try their hand. Folks like Rude American, RICO Bats and Dirty South each come offering a new take on the market and, more importantly, a bat.

Fighting with Giants

Price check the Rude American Bats.

See our Full Rude American Bat Reviews.

We believe this blog space is as useful as any for these small guys to get their word out among the giants. We took some time to put together, with the help of Staz DeStout, the following Q&A on the progress of Rude American bats since we first covered them in 2015.

Just Bat Reviews: Staz, How is Business?

We actually surpassed our 1st Quarter 2016 numbers in the 3rd week of January and it hasn’t stopped since. We could have never projected that and by early February we were nearly out of all stock. We have increased production to meet the demand and are now beginning to fulfill all of the back orders and have available current stock.

Just Bat Reviews: To what do you this growth?

Really a lot of things such as quality, performance, differentiating ourselves from the competition, grass roots marketing, the internet. Years ago you would have had to have had a much much larger advertising budget to get the word out, but today the internet has changed all that. We spent a lot of time researching the most effective ways to get our message out and worked diligently over the past year developing that strategy. We’re not going to give out our behind the scenes corporate secrets here but I can tell you it’s working and mainly because of our customers. Again there are many reasons for the growth but certainly customer videos are at the core. Our customers are testing our bats against all of the 800 pound gorillas in the bat industry and posting them on facebook. The customer facebook videos are viraling like crazy which is driving the traffic.

JBR What makes the MOAB different than other 800 pound gorilla company bats?

Everything, the bats look different, feel different, sound different; the ball comes off different. We were the first to produce a full graphic wrap around the bat. Our original decal company that produced for most of the major brands told us they had never seen anything like it in all the years they’ve been in the business. We’re the only bat on the market today with a “Ribbed Grip” giving the bat a sweet feel. At a trade show the booth next to us was Lizard Skins and they were passing our bat around saying “man feel this grip” and they’re the grip guys! They’ll not produce a ribbed grip because they are killing it with a flat grip with colors. Our bats also sound different and the ball definitely comes off different.

JBR: Every company we have ever spoken to says their bat is better and that the all comes off different. Why would you also say yours does too?

First we truly understand the performance standards better than the big companies and even have engineers that helped create those standards. Think about this, if you barge in thousands of bats you would have to live in a fear of exceeding the standard and having to eat all of those bats. We have no fear, we understand the performance standards better than the big companies, we are extremely aggressive, we do much smaller production runs right up to the edge of the standard and then we give the player a competitive advantage that exceeds it legally by having a Speed Engineered and a Power Engineered in every size model.

The Speed is moderately balanced and the Power is moderately end loaded, key word is moderate. We do not make a heavily end loaded bat. Hitting is finite. An instructor may make a minor adjustment in a player’s swing that gets dramatic results and that’s what we’re doing with our weight distribution as long as players keep an open mind, it is definitely not lead off swing speed clean up swing power. There is no rhyme or reason, we have a 270 pound D1 player swinging speed and a 100 pound high school player soaking wet that does better with the power and vice versa.

By doing a proper demo with one of our reps or dealers players are picking up a 3 to 5 MPH of increased ball exit speed; gaining a competitive edge over the competition. That’s the feedback we’re getting from players, coaches and instructors every day.

Just Bat Reviews: How important is bat fitting?

The player does become part of the secret sauce as we have lined up the right bat for his/her swing, many times for the first time in their career. That’s why there is not a better bat between our speed and power, there is a better bat for your particular swing and we don’t know which it will be.

Just Bat Reviews: What if a customer goes on line, guesses and buys one or the other?

You can guess and the players is going to get increased ball exit speed over their best bat but if you have a chance to demo it may reveal we just left a couple of MPH on the table. That’s why we love the demo process in the instance where it is possible.

Just Bat Reviews: Is direct the only way you sell? Or are you having any success getting in any big box stores anytime soon?

We are not concerning ourselves with that at this time and believe that will happen on its own in its due time. Our focus is more on local entrepreneurs around the country (and world for that matter) that are blazing the trail with us by investing in stocking our products in their existing Baseball Academy’s; Area rep’s that are taking our Inflatable batting cages direct to the tournaments and doing live demos. We have brick and mortar specialty sports stores too but the guys that create the buzz are definitely the guys doing demos. Those Academy Reps are golden with us and we have a strategy to allow those same entities to be the “Johnny Apple Seed” of Rude American.

The plan compensates them as they play a role in our distribution growth and rightfully so as they are the ones with skin in the game that are helping to blaze the trail with us. It’s a real Win/Win for everybody involved. Ultimately, and we’re starting to see this now. Players are walking into stores asking for the MOAB, that’s typically when the stores come on board many of which are introduced by the local field reps.

Just Bat Reviews: How has the company evolved over the last year?

We’re bringing on key personnel in administration, engineering design and development. We brought on the founder of Post Net and we consider him to be an administrative, accounting, pick pack and ship monster. Our newest engineer, well really inventor, is a big part of not only our quality control today but our new product designs tomorrow and moving into the future.

Just Bat Reviews: What is coming down the pipe and where do you see Rude American in 3 to 5 years? Still in the game? Bought by some big company?

Had you asked me that this time last year I would have told you we hoped to capture a nice niche market of the big bat industry. Today our goals are much more lofty. We are spending our resources on bringing in people and minds that we believe are not only capable of managing our growth but are also capable of developing technology for bats and other related products that will absolutely change the industry.

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