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In addition to bat reviews, we review a number of non-bat yet baseball/softball related gear items. These include some of our favorite batting grips, bat wax and bat sensors. Of course, our Rapsodo device and Pocket Radar are high on the list of things we think are fantastic in the gear space insomuch we are willing to give them some press on this site that is, supposedly, dedicated to bats. Our most popular article on this page is the one dedicated to the best pitching machine.

We also review gloves on our site Just Glove Reviews.

Custom Catching Gear | Matching vs Custom Recommendations
By Blake Muir If you've ever seen a kid behind the plate with sweet customized catcher's gear, you may have[...]
The Rope Trainer Pitching Tool | Arm Hurt from Throwing
By Jason Wilson One of the most precious things in a parent’s life is their child.  When a child plays[...]
Rapsodo Review | Baseball & Softball Launch Monitor Tests
We have spent over 15 hours with the Rapsodo Hitting Monitor. In that time, we have recorded at least 1,000[...]
Hitting Vault Review | Drills, Videos, Is Lisle Worth It?
We spend several hours each week behind the Hitting Vault's paywall, and over the course of that time, have watched[...]
Wilson A1010 Baseballs | Blem Wholesale Reviews
We have spent a lot of time with the A1010S (A1010S Pro and A1010HS1). These are, effectively, the approved NFHS[...]
Plate Crate Review | Subscription Baseball Presents
We took a spin with plate crate, the subscription based monthly box of baseball goodies. You pay just under $30[...]
Diamond Kinetics Review | Vs. Zepp 2 & Blast Motion | JBR
We have now spent time with the Diamond Kinetics Sensor, Zepp Labs Swing Analytics and the Blast Motion sensor. (We[...]
Make Batting Gloves Sticky Again | The Best Bat Pine Tar
In terms of their stickiness, even the best batting gloves do not last more than a few months. Most parents,[...]
Best Portable Pitching Mounds | Real Clay & Little League Approved
There is an entire market of portable pitching mounds. The upkeep of a real mound, or city fields where softball[...]
Best Pitching Machines for the Money | Youth, Kids, Adult | 3-Wheels or Bust
We have used and tested no less than 6 different pitching machines for this review. We have also read, watched[...]
Chinook Seedery Review | The Best Seeds You’ve Never Heard Of
Running a baseball and softball bat site brings with it a few perks, not the least of which is speaking[...]
Tricked Out Bat Grips: Tape Kings Bat Grip Review
We found TapeKings on Instagram a few months back. They claimed to take your existing bat and put a custom[...] Review | Insights on the World’s Largest Bat Vendor
Here we overview our experience, as well as many bat buyers' experience, with, the site. This page will serve[...]
Best Throw Down Bases | Tried and Tested
Over the last several years we've used a number of different throw down bases. We have struggled to notice the[...]
Marucci Catchers Gear Set Review: Mark 1 Memory Foam
If you are serious about your catcher's gear then it is likely, indeed recommended, you put Marucci's catcher gear equipment[...]
Blast Motion Baseball Review: Compared to Zepp Labs
Below we discuss our Blast Motion baseball review as it compares to the Zepp Labs and other options in the space.[...]
Pocket Radar Ball Coach Review: Stalker Sports Comparison
Below is our Pocket Radar Ball Coach review which discusses many features and benefits as well as our comparison with the[...]
VARO Baseball Bat Weight Review
Our VARO Baseball bat weight (Amazon Price Check) review comes after 10 hours of use with the specialized bat weight[...]
Best Looking Bat Grip: Readers’ Choice Awards
Best Looking MLB GLOVE Most Exciting Bat for 2016 Best BBCOR Bat for 2015 Best Bat Deals of 2015 Best Drop[...]
HIVE Baseball Bag Review
About a year ago, we saw one of the very first glove bags to enter the market. (We reviewed that[...]
Boombah DEFCON may be the Best Youth Catcher Gear You’ve Never Heard Of
As we mostly sit around and wait for the little league world series (and the barrage of baseball bat releases[...]
Boombah Bag Reviews
If you've ever met someone who has a Boombah bat bag then you know these bags are LOVED. And I mean[...]
Mizuno MP ELITE Wheel Bag Review: A Pocket for everything, seriously.
Mizuno makes everything and they tend to make everything well. It is no surprise, then, they happen to make a pretty[...]
What’s on his Thumb? The Prohitters Batting Training Aid Review
Let us guess, you were watching an MLB game and you noticed some hitter with a thing on his hand. Wait,[...]
DeMarini Black OPS Bat Bag Review: A White Black OPS Bat Bag
Every person who has ever looked at my selection of bat bags gravitates to the white DeMarini Black OPS Backpack.[...]
DeMarini Black OPS Wheeled Bag Review: The Cadillac of Gear Bags
DeMarini makes a fantastic high end bag for travel players. It has everything you could ever want in a roller[...]
Best Inflatable Batting Cage: Rude American Takes the Prize
Inflatable batting cages, in theory at least, are the single best way to add a hitting cage to your back[...]
Zepp Baseball Review — Real Time Analyzer: So What?
If this is the first time you've heard or seen the Zepp Labs baseball sensor then be prepare to feel[...]
Love The Game? Then Love Your Glove: A Baseball Glove Bag Review
Eight months ago I invested in a Nokoma men's softball glove. These gloves are high quality leather made to last[...]
Lizard Skin Bat Tape | A Lizard Skin Grip Review
No bat review site would be complete without a conversation on bat grips. And no conversation on bat grips would[...]
The Best Sunflower Seed | 10 Flavors On your Bucket List
What better group of people than serious baseball and softball players to determine what is the best sunflower seed? Below[...]