Ball Gear Reviews and Ratings

Over the years we’ve used a lot of baseball and softball gear. Below represents the articles we’ve written in the realm of ball gear.

Pocket Radar Smart Coach Review

Smart Coach Pocket Radar Review

The Pocket Radar Ball Coach has been on our holiday gift guide for 2 years running. It might be run ...
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Garmin Impact Sensor Review

Garmin Impact Bat Swing Sensor Review

We used the Garmin Impact Bat Sensor for several weeks among several different hitters on several different bats. In short, ...
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Easton Jaw Guard

Easton Jaw Guard | C Flaps For Youth

Easton’s Jaw Guard was made popular during the LLWS due to its visibility. And, turns out, it likely saved a ...
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3+ Baseball Helmet Face Guards

3+ Baseball Helmet Face Guards

If you have seen any MLB games this season you’ve seen a new piece of face guard protection for players ...
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Backspin Tee Reviews

Backspin Tee Reviews | Does It Really Work?

The backspin tee is a hitting device that hangs a baseball over the plate to reveal the part of the ...
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Best Batting Tee

Best Batting Tees | The Case for a Top End Tee

There are a number of fantastic options for great batting tees on the market and we’ve tried most of them ...
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