The Best Sunflower Seed | 9 Must Try Flavors

What better group of people than serious baseball and softball players to determine what is the best sunflower seed? We ran a user generated poll on this site about bats for player’s favorite sunflower seeds.

After 100,000 votes…

Users thought the Spitz Cracked Pepper were the best.

(You might also like to get a plate crate, which often has a unique brand of seeds inside.)

Total Votes Cast: 103,290

#1 – Spitz Cracked Pepper

Best Sunflower Seeds

Spitz Cracked Pepper were, far and away, the best sunflower seeds.

Wins: 1287 Losses: 1282 Total: 2569

Without surprise, we think, Spitz Cracked pepper ruled the day. We discovered these seeds 10 years ago and our life has never been the same since. These are our personal go too seeds whenever the options is available. A few people even combine this one and a BBQ flavor to get a nice steak taste. (Price check).

Video Taste Testing of Chinook Seedery

#2 – Bigs Sea Salt and Black Pepper

Best Sunflower Seeds

Clearly, our users liked the black pepper taste on their seeds as the flavor hit both 1st and 2nd in our list.

Wins: 1293 Losses: 1269 Total: 2562

Both #1 and #2 in the list contain a black pepper taste. It is, clearly, a winning combination of flavors and well worth your try. We prefer the Spitz Cracked Pepper to these Bigs Sea Salt and Black Pepper. But, to each his own.

#3 – David Jumbo Original

Best Sunflower Seeds

The original, original seed was 3rd place.

Wins: 1272 Losses: 1253 Total: 2525

The original, original sunflower seed (and what most of us grew up on) are the David seeds. We never called these seeds original because, at the time, these were the only type. The idea of putting flavors in seeds is a somewhat new phenomenon. It is good to see old school style still making the top 3 of best sunflower seeds.

#4 – Bigs Sizzlin Bacon

Best Sunflower Seeds

Users liked this the 4th most, we have never tried them.

Wins: 1242 Losses: 1226 Total: 2468

We’ve never tried the Bigs Sizzling Bacon, but our readers love them enough to give it a worthy top #4 finish in the best tasting sunflower seeds department. These are on our short list to try find and this year.

#5 – Spitz Spicey

Wins: 1273 Losses: 1271 Total: 2544

Best Sunflower Seeds

Our biggest surprise of the entire voting—we think these are TOO hot. Apparently some like.

Easily the biggest surprise to us as we personally do not like these. We find them too spicy and they really tear our mouth up. Two bags later and you’ll find yourself in the ER. But, clearly, enough folks love them to put them in the top 5 of all sunflower seeds on the market today. If you’ve never tried they are worth a handful or two. You might get hooked.

#6 – David Jumbo Ranch

Best Sunflower Seeds

At a reasonable #6 in our list of best sunflower seeds—the David Jumbo Ranch.

Wins: 1326 Losses: 1322 Total: 2648

The first real derivation from the original flavor was Ranch. When they first arrived on the scene folks went crazy over a flavored sunflower seed. Ranch was a good fit. Although not our personal cup of tea, we can appreciate that others like them. David’s Ranch are as good as ranch flavored seeds get.

#7 – Giants Kettle Roast

Best Sunflower Seed

Never tried these, but on our short list if we can ever find them.


Wins: 1168 Losses: 1163 Total: 2331

The only other seed flavor on this list of best seeds we have never had the chance to taste. Giants, apparently, makes a Kettle Roasted flavor. These, based on user comments, appear to be sweet and taste like, well, kettle roasted popcorn. Intriguing enough for us to seek this out this year and try a few.

#8 – Spitz Smokey BBQ

Best Sunflower Seeds

Another classic taste, we think. combine these with #1 Cracked Pepper for a Filet Mignon sort of taste.

Wins: 1311 Losses: 1295 Total: 2606

Smoky BBQ from Spitz are a solid alternative when Cracked Pepper just isn’t giving you the same buzz it used to. In fact, we love combining our bag of Spitz BBQ into our Cracked Pepper back to create a nice steak flavor. It’s a good off speed approach when straight fastballs of cracked pepper get out of whack.

#9 – Chinook Seedery

Best Sunflower Seeds

Most have never heard of these. But, honestly, they should themselves a bag of parmesan & pepper Chinooks.

Not officially in our taste testing voting (since these are not widely available) we came across the Parmesan & Pepper Chinook seeds a few years back and fell in love. These are found online and in some major chains like Whole Foods. Well worth a trip out of your way to find a bag, or two, of these. (We review the entire line of these seeds here individually)

In the weirdest video we have ever made, we did a taste test and box opening video of Chinook Seeds.

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  1. Lately I’ve become very interested in sunflower seeds because in here, Korea, we don’t really eat them for snack unlike China or many other countries. I’ve been wondering what they taste like so I decided to order some of them on online (by using a freight forwarder). I searched every brand and flavor to find the best ones and your “Best Sunflower Seeds” and “Chinook Seedery review” was very helpful. I ordered bunch of them from Chinook Seedery and BIGS. Can’t wait for them to arrive! Thank you.

  2. Michael Giblock March 31, 2018 at 4:51 pm

    Great choice getting BIGS, cms. Most people agree that dill pickly is their best flavor, what’d you think of the ones you got?

  3. Chinook has slowly taken over my top spot. The Hatch Green Chile provide me a touch of home (New Mexico). The Parmesan & Pepper (#9) are really good. They don’t tear my mouth up like some of the other brands. BiGS Tapatio Chile & Lime are still a very close second after being bumped from my top spot by the Green Chile Chinooks.

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