Boombah DEFCON may be the Best Youth Catcher Gear You’ve Never Heard Of

Best Youth Catcher GearAs we mostly sit around and wait for the little league world series (and the barrage of baseball bat releases that come right after that) we find our selves with a bit of time on our hands to show you some stuff we used this year but never got a chance to actually talk about it.

As we wrote about in some previous reviews (here and here), Boombah is a direct to consumer sport apparel and equipment manufacturer whose goal is to make high quality stuff but with direct to consumer prices. We think they succeeded in that goal in their bat and bag market. We also had a chance to use their youth catcher’s gear (Direct for $220) and have a hard time saying it isn’t the best youth catcher’s gear for the money.

Best Youth Catcher GearThis set was used right along side a set of high end Easton gear so we can make some comparisons.


Looks and design are clearly a personal taste but based on the number of comments we received from players, coaches and parents the Boombah look far outpaced any other catcher’s gear. In fact, the royal blue gear we had made our catcher look like a transformer and, as a result, we often called him megatron behind the plate.

Boombah youth catcher’s gear also has plenty of color options in Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue and black. A feature we didn’t find in other gear we tried to check out.



It would hard to say that one catcher’s gear preformed better when compared to another. Both, in the end, protected the player and were adjustable enough to just about any size of little league player. However, Boombah’s direct to consumer model does make their entire set a bit more affordable which gives them the edge in the ‘function’ of keeping my bank account more full.

Best Youth Catchers Gear

There isn’t much to say about catchers gear outside of it worked and it looks great. Boombah clearly makes a quality set of youth gear comparable to anything we saw on the market this year. The helmet looks great, comes off easy and is as good looking as any helmet we saw.

Boombah (and Easton Youth Gear) both held up well. Straps stayed in place and the knee savers were a must and fit on both sets. Here is a picture of a our dirty set of Boombah gear after a year of use. Those aren’t scratch or paint wears, that is just dirt. It would clean right off.

Best Youth Catcher GearBest Youth Catcher Gear

A few more pictures from Boombah’s website:Best Youth Catcher Gear Best Youth Catcher Gear

 Best (and only) place to purchase Boombah gear is right on their website.

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