HIVE Baseball Bag Review



About a year ago, we saw one of the very first glove bags to enter the market. (We reviewed that here). Since then, we’ve seen several bags with the same idea of protecting the leather pop up on our radar.

Recently, the folks at HIVE baseball let us get a closer look at the HIVE protective baseball glove bag. This bat has neoprene bag designed with a stiff plastic shell secured to the bottom. Your glove is slid into the shell to keep its shape while the water proof and thick bag keeps it safe. The bag also has drawstring at the opening. Any glove’s pocket (infield, outfield, catcher, lefty, righty) will fit directly into it.


The neoprene bags are two pieces of fabric with a thin layer of foam between them. It feels very well made. The plastic shell inside the bag is to preserve the glove’s pocket and maintain its overall unique shape.

Maybe the best recommendation I could give: My son has used it for several weeks now and loves everything about it. This video gives you a pretty good idea on how it works and looks.

Hive baseball bags can be found here.