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If you are looking for the light swinging BBCOR in the one piece aluminum marketyou’ve come to the right place.

Many bats just don’t get enough space in the blogsphere–and the 2015 Anderson Flex BBCOR is one of them. We reviewed this bat late last year and lumped it in with the youth 2.0 Techzilla bat. But we thought it deserved some publicity on its own.

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Other reference pages on the Flex can be found no these industry pages below. We refer to them, as well as our own data and experience, to write this 2015 Anderson Flex review.

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The BBCOR Flex is a single walled aluminum bat. This gives the bat a fantastically low swing weight. This bat is securely in the hand-weighted category with the Rawling’s Velo and DeMarini’s CF7 trailing in swing weight.  This light swing weight should play well with highschoolers looking for a single piece stick with a lot of ring on the hands.


Anderson Flex

The single-walled BBCOR flex also gives the bat noticable pop and a ping off the barrel when you find its sweet spot. In the right hands it can really drive the ball in the gaps. Smaller hitters trying to find a bat they can get some distance and batted ball speed with should find some satisfaction with new iteration from the Anderson name.

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Anderson Flex BBCOR Bat

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