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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

2015 Easton S2z Review

(The 2015 Easton top shelf bat line has 10 individual lines that are reviewed individually here: MAKO TORQMAKO XLMAKOS1S2S3XL1XL3S2z and S3z)

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With the Easton MAKO and MAKO Torq getting all the publicity these days, I think the industry might be missing an impressive addition to Easton’s now gigantic Power Brigade line. The Easton S2z is a new concept bat from Easton that incorporates a few industry tricks and the shell of the new Easton S2.

Like the 2015 Easton S2, the S2z has a composite handle with spiraled graphite to help dampen sting as well as the new HyperLite aluminum alloy barrel.

However, and most notably, unlike the S2 the 2015 S2z has an internal carbon sleeve, under the new-fangled aluminum shell, that runs the length of the barrel. This allows enough strength in the material to extend the barrel dramatically (like 3 real inches) yet still give the bat an aluminum feel and sound. It also allows the engineers to create a thin walled aluminum barrel for an ideal swing weight. Easton is referring to this technology as Z-Core internal technology. The Z-core name, if that sounds familiar, is a shout out to the greatest bat ever made.2015 Easton S2z Review

The bat, to some extent, reminds us of the original Exogrid bat from Louisville Slugger. Yet the S2z is a hybrid design instead of the Exo’s one piece aluminum. We are not aware of any hybrid bat (composite handle, aluminum barrel) that has had an internal composite casing.

Also of note, the S2z does not incorporate the CXN technology in the connective piece as has become famous in Easton’s two piece bats for the last several years. We can’t find much information on how the two piece bat comes together so we suspect it is simply welded.2015 Easton S2z Review

Currently the bat is released for only a BBCOR size. This may explain why the 2015 S2 is only in little league versions of the bat. However, Easton has been known to claim the bat is only going to be a certain size only to release other versions of the bat before spring time rolls around.

Overall we are quite excited about this new concept bat. We expect it to be a great fit for those BBCOR hitters who want an aluminum barrel with the barrel and sweet spot size of a composite bat. Those looking for a new concept bat and are willing to try something a bit different this year may very well be looking in the right place.

2015 Easton S2z Review

(As of now, the best place to buy the 2015 Easton S2z will be here and here. If that changes we will try and update. If you find better pricing please contact us @justbatreviews on twitter or

We recommend the 2015 Easton S2z for hitters who: Prefer aluminum barrels; Like hybrid and two piece bats; Are looking for the latest innovation from, arguably, the leader in the metal bat space; Prefer a balanced to light swing weight; Also need a BBCOR bat.

We do not recommend the 2015 Easton S2z for hitters who: Prefer composite barrels; want a one piece bat; are on a budget; little leaguers (as the S2z isn’t available in their size).