2015 RIP IT Air BBCOR ReviewThe RIP IT Air is back for 2015 and that gets a lot of folks excited. This bat is in addition to the RIP IT Air Elite and the very exciting Helium baseball bat from RIP-IT. There are not a lot of changes to the 2015 version from the 2014 version and, considering the 2014 was one of the most well received single piece aluminum BBCOR bats in the market, that is a good thing.

The bat still has the unique rifle barrel design on its inside. That is, it has a groove in its metal. This helps give the aluminum bat a light swing yet still durable enough to last against 90+mph heaters. In fact, this bat is the lightest swinging BBCOR full aluminum bat on the market–at least as far as we could tell. It’s closest swing weight one piece aluminum competitor is the Adidas EQT X1 and the 515 from Slugger.2015 RIP IT Air BBCOR Review

As also should be noted, although some sites are reporting differently, we actually found the RIP-IT Air to have a lighter swing weight than its top shelf brother the 2015 Air Elite BBCOR.

The bat also comes with RIP-IT’s best in the business warranty. It is a 400 day unlimited return as well as a 30 day love it or return it and RIP-IT will pay for the return shipping. It really is a no risk trial and we at justbatreviews love that about the company and bat. It is no wonder they have the reputation for customer service that they do.

As well, the 2015 version does come with an updated paint job from last year. Here is a shot of the 2014 version:

2015 RIP IT Air BBCOR Review

The Air, during our time in the cage with it, had great consistency throughout the barrel. It may not have an official sweet spot bigger than some other overly engineered bats, but we found hits outside the sweet spot to still hit very well.

The few who did not love the 2014 version complained that the white handle got dirty fast (lame complaint we think) and that the barrel could be bigger. The 2015 handle grip is now gray (and quite comfortable we might add) but those looking for a baseball bat that doesn’t get dirty should make sure they look for some baby wipes with their purchase. (Look at us, making a joke).

2015 RIP IT Air BBCOR Review

The barrel, compared to other bats, could be bigger. However, we think, the gradual neck is what lends to the consistent barrel performance. We don’t believe you’d have as much success off the sweet spot if the bat was engineered to look more like a boat oar.

As well, for every 1 who said they didn’t like the bat there were about 99 who said they did. The bat was one of the most popular one piece aluminum bats on the market in 2014 and since not much has changed for 2015 we suspect results will be similar.

The bat is, in our opinion, a hitters bat. It isn’t particularly frilly or overly designed and its balanced swing doesn’t make it a home run hitters bat. Players who want a bat that looks like a bat, swings like a bat, and hits like a bat with a lighter swing should be quite pleased they picked up one of these bad boys.

You can pick up one of these (or its 2014 version) or here.

We recommend this bat for hitters who: Prefer the power in one-piece aluminum bats; Are on a budget yet want a top shelf BBCOR bat; Are base hitters; Are looking for a bat with the best warranty in the biz; Want a bat they can try out for a couple of weeks to decide if they want it for the season; Hitters looking for a light to balanced swing.

We do NOT recommend this bat for hitters who: Are not on a budget; Prefer composite barrels or two piece bats; Prefer end loaded bats; Are big bomb hitters.

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