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2015 RIP-IT Bat Review

2015 RIP-IT Bat Review

March 21, 2019 | @BatDigest

When I get a new bat to write a review on my wife and kids usually ask me something like, What do you think about that new bat? My first response is usually quite honest: I think it hits baseballs.

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And it usually is true. Most bats I get are actually designed to hit baseballs and, generally speaking, they do that quite well. Sure, some are end-loaded, some are handle-loaded, some sound different off the barrel, some have a different location of the sweet spot. Some are for some type of hitter and other for other types. That all seems fair enough. But, in the end, they all hit baseballs and deciphering the differences between one bat and another is, I’m sad to report, quite often inconsequential.

This all leads me to wonder, in a metal bat regulated world where you can no longer pay for pop, if we have forgotten about bats that just hit baseballs well. No fanfare, no frillyness, no nearly exhaustive story about a new mechanism for getting your hands through or flexing the barrel or improving the design to over extended the already over extended barrel or rubber knobs or fancy grip or so on and so on and so on.

The facts of the matter are this: At some point in all of our baseball lives we come to grips with this reality—the determining factor of our success in the sport is a function of how much time we spend in the cage not how much time we spend in the sport’s aisle deciphering the minutia of one bat’s alloys and another’s inner casing.

2015 RIP IT Bat Review

Don’t get me wrong. I love the innovation of new bats more than anyone I know. I love to see how these manufacturers can come with some crazy ideas to help me and my sons and daughter have more success at the plate. But in the market’s desire to redefine the space post BBCOR and BPF regulations, I sometimes wonder if we forgot that it’s the marksman not the gun, the rower not the oar, the Indian not the arrow and the hitter not the bat. It would appear, at least through some lenses, that in the market’s rush to innovate the latest and greatest we may have forgot that a good hitter just needs a bat that looks like, feels like, swings like and hits like a bat.

If any company has been true to that philosophy—that a good hitter needs a quality bat that looks like a bat, smells like a bat, feels like a bat and swings like a bat—then it has to be RIP-IT. RIP-IT is the biggest of the little fish in the space and, with their near religious following, sale a serious amount aluminum alloy barreled bats. They have a reputation, far and wide, for making durable bats that perform with remarkable pop through all parts of the barrel. They are also know for the best warranty in the industry and a 30 day love it or return it policy. (They even pay for return shipping!).

2015 RIP IT Bat ReviewsRIP-IT’s line, if you are not familiar with them, are very traditional baseball bats with very traditional shapes and a real balanced feel. The company prides itself on being managed by former baseball players and, we think, that comes through in their honest approach to making a bat that is designed to do not much else than hit baseballs well for a mechanically sound hitter.

RIP-IT bats are not overly designed or engineered to feel like a boat oar or a sledge hammer turned backwards in your hands. They look like a bat, feel like a bat, smell like a bat and, most importantly, hit like a bat…and a very good one at that. Hitters who take more pride in their mechanics than their bat’s patented technology should do quite well taking a swing with the 2015 RIP-IT class.

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