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Combat, a Canadian based company, is known in the baseball space for a high-performance one-piece composite baseball bat with a lot of barrel.

For 2016, they brings another iteration and upgrade of that mold to the market. They are calling the 2016 Combat Maxum. We have hit with this bat extensively and use that data to compile our 2016 Combat MAXUM review.

The 2016 Maxum upgrades directly from the 2015 Portent G3. It also adds a youth (2 1/4) barrel to the lineup—-which they haven’t produced since 2014. The 2016 Maxum line is the largest line of baseball bats Combat has ever released—which is a tell tell sign that whatever they are doing up North is working.

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Industry Reference Guide

Other reference pages on the Maxum can be found no these industry pages below. We refer to them, as well as our own data and experience, to write this 2016 Combat Maxum review.

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Combat Maxum

We love how Combat keeps improving the one-piece composite bat when many other manufacturers have abandon the type. Those who appreciate the feel of a one-piece bat with a light swing weight and also prefer the value a composite design brings should love the 2016 Maxum line. Combat has really mastered that art.

We also love how Combat’s one-piece composite design is, relatively speaking, highly durable. We say relatively because one-piece composites are notorious for durability issue. The fact Combat is committed to the one-piece composite market proves their proprietary seamless construction design creates a durable bat. The bat comes with a 500 day warranty if bought from authorized retailers.


2016 Combat Maxum USSSA Big Barrel review
Combat Maxum

The first order of business is a discussion on barrel size and barrel size claims. In our first publication of this article we were quite skeptical of the barrel size and, more specifically, Combat’s claim that their barrel was 20 to 40% larger than competitor barrels. We have verified this to be true. The Combat MAXUM’s barrel is the largest on the market. No one else is even close.

Comparable Bats

In the comparable bat world of 2016 the only thing close to this bat is the a Dirty South Swag. Both are big barreled single piece composite bats. Both also have massive followings.

You can also look at something like a 2016 Louisville Slugger Catalyst. Those bats don’t have as big a barrel but they are made of a single piece of composite.

Research: 2016 Combat Maxum

2016 Combat Maxum Review

The Biggest Barrel?

For 2016 and anything before, the 2 5/8 Combat MAXUM is the largest barrel we’ve ever seen on a baseball bat. We are not sure how to even measure the actual size difference, but we found these 2 5/8 discs helpful. You take the disc and slide it down the bat. When it can’t go any further, it has reached it’s 2 5/8 diameter. Notice, the Combat MAXUM just crazy amounts bigger than the 2 5/8 Marucci Hex, 2 5/8 CF7 and a BBCOR RIP-IT.

2016 Maxum Construction

It will NOT be hard to love Combat’s flagship baseball bat. The barrels are gigantic. The one piece design can ring your hands but the power that comes with the seamless construction is a thing of beauty. The continuation of the premium lizard skin grips are a great touch. We also love the numerous sizing options. We are hopeful the drop 5 Maxum will become as good a bat you can find. The color coding is well thought out. The 500 day warranty is the best the industry has ever seen.

Performance wise we have no reason to suspect the bat will be anything other than its predecessors—which was fantastic. The drop 5 will be a player favorite and the all big barrel versions should have the most plate coverage per swing weight any one can purchase for any price in 2016. The low swing weight will feel right at home for many players at the plate.

Do we wish it wasn’t as pricey out of the gates? Of course. But we are sure this won’t be the last time our asthma inhaler is on overdrive due to the price points of 2016 baseball bats.

Bat Sizing Options

Like last years Portent G3, Combat Bats are color coded to the drop. For  those wondering: The black bat with green graphics: -12 2 /14, The black bat with the aqua accents: -10 2 1/4, The white bat with aqua accents: -10 2 3/4, The white bat with the green accents: -12 2 5/8, The white bat with the orange accents: -10 2 5/8, The white bat with the red accents:  -8 2 5/8, The white bat with the yellow accents: -5 2 5/8, The white bat with the blue accents: -3 2 5/8 BBCOR.

The Blue bat on the far left is the t-ball bat.

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