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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Look, we rarely ever review bats like this on our site because they aren’t any different then the hoards of budget bats found at major retailers across the world. The 2014 Easton S50 (YB14S50), along with its cohorts hanging in big box stores, has one thing in mind with it’s production: how cheaply can we make a baseball bat in the youth space. Apparently, pretty cheap. This Easton S50 Bat Review discusses the sizing, construction, comparable bats and recommendations of this youth sized baseball bat.

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Easton S50 Bat Review

But due to how popular this bat is we thought it at least partly prudent to put up a small blurb to those who are considering pulling the trigger.

The Easton S50 is a youth barrel bat (meaning it is a 2 1/4 inch diameter—not big barrel like a 2 5/8 or 2 3/4). This makes the bat only a smart choice for those in leagues where a small barrel is required—which, come 2018, should be no one.

Construction of the Easton S50

This budget bat is also a single piece aluminum with no particular features worth highlighting by Easton’s marketing team. We don’t find anything remarkable compelling aside from its low swing weight—making it an easy swing for a new player.

Sizing of the Easton S50

The bat only comes in a drop 10 (meaning its numerical difference between its length in inches and weight in ounces is 10). There is no BBCOR or big barrel versions of the bat. There are some softball versions of the bat but we’ll save those reviews for another day.

Other Bats Comparable to the Easton S50

Easton makes a line of budget bats that use the same nomenclature. The S50, S200, S400, S500 and so on make up Easton’s cost-conscience line of baseball bats. The S50 is the least expensive of them all as it does have the least advanced aluminum as well as the least attention to detail in the line. Any bat in the little league space found at a big box store under $30 would be comparable and, we dare say, produced in the same factory as each other. These are low end single piece aluminum alloy bats with no particular feature to give it an advantage over another bat of similar make.

Easton S50 Bat Review

Recommendations of the Easton S50

We are sensitive the fact many are unwilling to afford a baseball bat anything other than dirt cheap. If that is you, the S50 from Easton is as good a choice as any in that space. The bat will do nothing in particular to allow your player success at the plate other than giving him something to swing. The bat, it should be noted, will do next to nothing to dampen hand sting. In the event your player is hitting off ‘fast’ pitching and takes one on the end cap or handle then remember to remind them to pick up their thumb on their way to the dugout.

Those who would like to see their child focus more on mechanics and skill mastery, as well as don’t see any particular value in giving their level of skill a bat with some features, could use the Easton S50 to their advantage. The bat does have good reviews among players who aren’t particularly competitive and simply want a bat to take to the game with them. In that regard, it’s hard to think the $20 you spend could be a bad idea.

In short, and maybe a bit too frankly, if your player is terrible then getting a terrible bat shouldn’t matter very much and will save you considerable money in the mean time. If this isn’t you then we’d suggest start looking here for some ideas.


Geroge Romero says:

We love this bat! It’s our #1 zombie self defense club. It’s swing weight is right on point for the youngest among us to club some Zombie’s! And all for less then $30. How can you go wrong?!

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