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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

After some good time in the cage with the Adidas Aero Burner Composite, as well as conversations with vendors and emails with the manufacturers about the bat, we have gathered enough information to present this review.

We found, on the whole, this bat is an upgrade to last year’s EQT RBZ X3, a sweet swinging two piece composite, and a fitting complement to the single piece Aero Burner Adidas also makes. The big barrel and light swinging two-piece composite space is chuck full of legit options. Adidas produces the bat in limited sizes, but if this is the type of bat you should be looking for and they make it in your size, we recommend the AeroBurner Comp go on your short list.

Adidas 2017 Aero Burner Composite Review

Amazon Price Check the Aero Burner BBCOR or Adidas’ site might be helpful too.. Check Adidas’ website.

2017 Adidas Aero Burner Comp Article Contents

2017 Adidas Aero Burner Comp Recommendations2017 Adidas Aero Burner Comp Review

As a new iteration on the 2016 EQT RBZ X3, the Aero Burner Comp is made for players looking for an ultra light swing and a composite barrel that needs some working in. The two piece design gives a real smooth feel even when it isn’t that great at contact. As such, we would recommend the bat for players who:

  • Want an oversized composite barrel with a buttery smash
  • Need or prefer a light swing
  • Play in BBCOR or Big Barrel (there is no youth)
  • Have or want to afford the budget

Players who should keep looking include those who:

  • Need or prefer a heavier swing weight
  • Need a short BBCOR (it only comes in a 32, 33 and 34)
  • Are looking for a “value” buy

2017 Adidas Aero Burner Comp Comparable Bats

Rawlings Quatro Multi PIece

The two piece composite bat with a large barrel and balanced swing is a very crowded space. That is nearly an understatement. It would seem every serious bat company looking for elite dollars from elite players makes a two piece composite with a balanced swing. Easton and their MAKO and DeMarini and their CF series have led the space for years. Sluggers’ 917 Prime is in the mix and so is Rawlings’ new 2017 Quatro. Axe’s version is called the Avenge. Marucci, the last hold out, came out with a two piece composite in the big barrel space. Even Mizuno’s MaxCor, it could be argued, is a two piece bat with a composite type barrel.

In other words, there are a lot of comparable bats to the Adidas Aero Burner. Clearly, the big barrel, light swing and buttery smash of a two piece composite is where companies think there are big dollars to be captured.

2017 Adidas Aero Burner Comp Sizing

At the time of publishing this article, only the BBCOR bats are available. They come in a 32, 33 and 34 inch bat length, all of course with the drop 3. We have seen and played with a 2 3/4 drop 10, but have yet to see it released to the public. We would guess that will be released well before spring baseball starts.

Check on Amazon and for the latest sizing options.

2017 Adidas Aero Burner Comp Construction vs 2016 RBZ and 2017 Aero Burner

2017 Adidas Aero Burner Composite ReviewMuch like the 2016 Adidas RBZ EQT X3, the 2017 Aero Burner Composite is a two piece composite bat with a large barrel and a light swing. Expect a similar feel to other “balanced” two piece composite bats on the market.

Don’t confuse this Aero Burner Comp with the Aero Burner. The Aero Burner is a single piece aluminum bat with a slight end load.

Compared to the 2016 RBZ version, the Aero Burner Composite comes with a lighter swing weight. Adidas accomplished this by upgrading the end cap on the previous version. As well, as we mention above, they added a 2 3/4 drop 10 to the sizing option.

2017 Adidas Aero Burner Comp Sources

Adidas Aero Burner Review

There are at least a few places we looked in gathering information for this 2017 Aero Burner Comp Review. Namely, Adidas’ product section on the Aero Burner Composite. There you can find sizing information as well their marketing write up on the bat. As well, our 2016 RBZ EQT X3 review might serve you well as this is the new iteration of that bat. (Both, if you notice, are named after high end golf clubs in the Adidas owned TaylorMade Series).

Amazon reviews on the RBZ were also helpful, as was the section on the Aero Burner Comp.


Jim B says:

We took a chance on the 2017 adidas AeroBurner Comp USSSA version and were astounded by it’s performance. While it had good pop out of the wrapper, It took a lot longer than any other 2 piece composite to break-in. (Roughly 2-3 times longer to breakin compared to other 2 piece bats in it’s class) We believe it’s a testament to the extremely durable carbon composite materials used to construct it. Once fully broken-in it was/is my son’s favorite composite bat and truly “white hot” and super durable. Also the sound made when hitting the ball was awesome and thunderously loud! It is what composite bats should sound like. Highly recommend if your player loves hitting enough to properly break it in.

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