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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

After a number of emails and at least one phone conversation with the folks at Axe bats, combined with our extensive hitting experience with Axe bats, we have put together our 2017 Axe Avenge review and recommendations. On the whole, those who like or prefer the asymmetric knob and want a two-piece composite with a more balanced swing should have the 2017 Axe Avenge on their short list.

2017 Axe Avenge Review

These are available on Amazon (Price Check) or directly on Axe’s Site. Most major vendors carry them, too.

2017 Axe Avenge Recommendations

2017 Axe Avenge Review

If you have yet to try an Axe handled bat, we highly recommend you do so. For many, after just a few swings, the Axe Handle has a very natural feel. The HyperWhip end cap is a fitting touch on a bat that looks to leverage predictive impact.

The Avenge model in particular suits the player who prefers the smoother smashes delivered from a two-piece composite design. It should be considered a ‘balanced’ bat, but isn’t ultra-light. The barrel size is respectable.

2017 Axe Avenge Sizing

2017 Axe Avenge Review

The Avenge comes in BBCOR, a Senior Barrel (2 5/8) Drop 8 and a drop 11 Youth (2 1/4 barrel). BBCOR sizing falls between 31 and 34 inches, and both the Senior Barrel and the Youth should be available in a 28 through a 32 inch length.

2017 Axe Avenge Construction

2017 Axe Avenge Review

Very generally speaking, the 2017 Axe Avenge, like its 2015 and 2016 predecessor, is a two-piece composite bat. Four noteworthy construction elements make up the 2017 Axe Avenge. In no particular order they are: (1) The Asymmetric Knob, (2) The EndoGrid Knob Cover, (3) The Directional Barrel Insert and (4) the Asymmetric End Cap.

The Asymmetric Knob

In our 2015 Axe Avenge review, we discuss the thinking behind the asymmetric knob. This feature is present in the 2017 Avenge too. We would refer you to that article for a more detailed discussion. As a reminder, the asymmetric knob, which is shaped like an ax handle, allows for a more ergonomic swing. This better hand positioning allows for better bat control and speed.

The EndoGrid Knob Cover

New to the 2016 Axe Avenge, we cover the reasons for the change in knob design in our 2016 Axe Avenge Review.  More information can be found there. In short, the new knob improved the feel through contact by absorbing any mishit vibration.

The Directional Barrel Insert

Predictive hitting may be the most important feature any Axe bat brings to the table. The ability to foresee on which side of the barrel significant contact will be made is a godsend to engineers. This predictive impact gives unique opportunities for bat design that can affect the size and durability of the sweet spot. Axe adds a directional barrel insert within the bat to increase durability and the size of the sweet spot.

The Asymmetric End Cap (aka Hyper Whip)

Axe released a late and limited edition bat last year called the Hyperwhip. This bat, which we discussed at length then, leveraged the one-sided hitting forced by the shape of the knob, by creating an endcap that was also asymmetric. Axe refers to this as the HyperWhip end cap. The absence of bat length on the non-hitting side of the barrel end helped to decrease bat swing weight without affecting the usable barrel length on the hitting side. The 2017 Axe Avenge adds that HyperWhip feature to the bat.

2017 Axe Avenge Comparable Bats

2016 Axe Avenge Review

There is nothing else like the 2017 Axe Avenge, save of course its predecessor, the 2016 Axe Avenge. However, that 2016 version does not have the asymmetric end cap (HyperWhip) and, as such, will be a heavier swing. The 2015 Axe avenge has neither the HypwerWhip end cap nor the EndoGrid knob.

Some 2016 and 2015 Axe Avenge’s are still available on Amazon (Price Check). We think the HyperWhip end cap is a worthy upgrade, but whether it is worth the price difference, we’ll leave up to you.

2017 Axe Bat Sources

We revisited our 2016 Axe Avenge Review and our 2015 Axe Avenge Review. Many of these photos come from Axe Bat’s instagram account. Amazon’s review section is marginally helpful, but a place we always look. Justbats and Closeoutbats product pages are also useful.

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