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We have a week’s worth of cage hitting with the 2017 DeMarini Voodoo Insane. We’ve also exchanged emails with DeMarini discussing the upgrades and performance of this new bat.

That data, combined with our 2016 and 2015 reviews of the DeMarini Overlord and our extensive knowledge of baseball bat performance, works into the following 2017 DeMarini Voodoo Insane Review.

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Industry Reference Guide

Other reference pages on the Voodoo Insane can be found no these industry pages below. We refer to them, as well as our own data and experience, to write this 2017 DeMarini Voodoo Insane review.

DeMarini Voodoo Insane Video Review


This 2017 Voodoo Insane is considered the real next generation of the Voodoo we’ve come to know and love. On the whole, the endloaded Voodoo from DeMarini is built for advanced and strong players with great mechanics who most often hit for power.

BBCOR Voodoo Insane

DeMarini Voodoo Insane

As such, we recommend the Voodoo Insane to players who: Prefer hot out of the wrapper bats; Need a heavy swinging bat for maximum power in the BBCOR space; Do not struggle for bat speed or power; Consistently hit for power; Are considered one of the better players around. Although the Voodoo Insane is a top shelf performance bat, it still isn’t for everyone. We would not recommend the Voodoo Insane for hitters who: Prefer a light swinging or balanced bat; Like the buttery smash of a two piece composite bat; Would prefer the largest barrel per swing weight possible; Like the feel and power associated with a single piece stick.

2017 vs 2016 Voodoo Insane

The 2017 Voodoo Insane and 2016 Voodoo Raw have much in common. Both are end loaded two piece hybrid bats built for the elite player. Both barrels, at least for the hybird space, are legit and perform well at all pitch speeds. Each bat has the ability for customization through DeMarini’s custom site. Both have tapered knobs.

If there is any difference, besides the obvious colorway change, DeMarini claims the alloy material has been upgraded from the 2016 Raw. This upgrade gives DeMarini more latitude on swing weight placement. However, since the Voodoo Insane is already endloaded, the upgraded alloy doesn’t effect the Voodoo Insane. Instead, the noticeable upgrade in the Voodoo alloy will be found on the 2017 Voodoo Balance.

Comparable Bats

The most obvious comparable bat to the DeMarini Voodoo Insane is the 2016 Easton Hybrid XL. Both are endloaded two piece hybrid bats with oversized barrels, top shelf pricing and legit performance.

There are other two piece hybrid bats in the market, but none with a real focus on the end load like the DeMarini Voodoo Insane.

Research: 2017 DeMarini Voodoo Insane

Voodoo Sources

In addition to our own experience, we referenced the following sources in putting together this 2017 DeMarini Voodoo Insane Review. In no particular order.

Bat Sizing Options

The Insane is only available in a BBCOR size. This may sound unfortunate at first, until you realize DeMarini realeased a new line of Voodoo bats for 2017 referred to as the Balanced. That balanced bat is made in a number of sizes and models. The Voodoo Insane, on the other hand, is made for elite players with lots of power and great mechanics who play at the highest levels of the sport.

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