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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

We have covered Easton’s TORQ-handled bats since their release over two years ago. There is not a version we haven’t hit, seen hit or tested extensively. Although not available at major vendor sites, Easton is producing the TORQ in several versions for 2017 directly on their site. Count this as our 2017 Easton TORQ reviews overview.

2017 Easton TORQ Reviews

See the models and pricing directly on Easton’s site. You can also find some rogue 2017 TORQs on eBay.

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2017 Easton TORQ Models Table

Model Version Drop
MAKO Beast Youth 10
MAKO Beast 2 5/8 5
MAKO Beast 2 5/8 8
MAKO Beast 2 3/4 10
Z-Core Hybrid BBCOR 3
Z-Core Speed BBCOR 3

2017 Easton TORQ Reviews Table of Contents

Easton TORQ References

2017 Easton TORQ Reviews

If you are looking to learn more about the genesis and reasons behind the TORQ, then a few sources can get you started. Our “What A Bat Should Do” is helpful, as well as our Baseball Life Hack video. Reading Amazon reviews on the Beast might be helpful too, as they are essentially the same bat. We spent some time on Easton’s product pages for this review, as well.

A TORQ Review2017 Easton TORQ Reviews

Although in the minority, we actually like the spinning handle. We think it feels smooth. You can read our defense of the bat within some of our 2015 MAKO TORQ reviews.

No doubt, however, the market struggles to see it the same way we do. Today, the secondary market is flooded with unused or still new in wrapper TORQ bats of all shapes and sizes for remarkable discounts. Inventory unloading of the TORQ is interesting to watch as they price out well below their non-TORQ counterparts. Why people don’t just buy these TORQ bats and tape them up, instead of spending full price on a MAKO, is confusing to us.

We submit Easton’s 2017 line of TORQ bats are what the 2015 line should have been. That is, the same price as their counterpart non-TORQ bats. Had Easton not tried to gouge players the extra $100 on an already expensive bat, we predict the TORQ would have been much more palatable to parents, and possibly worth the risk. But at the 2015 mark up, all people needed was a reason to hate it—and hate it many did.

2017 Easton TORQ Models and Highlights

There are seven different 2017 TORQ models. The three flagship BBCOR bats (Z-Core Speed, Z-Core Hybrid and Beast) come in a TORQ option. Three Big Barrel bats do too (2 5/8 drop 8, drop 5 and 2 3/4 drop 10). Easton will also release a 2 1/4 youth barrel in a drop 10 TORQ option.

Z-Core Speed TORQ Review

2017 Easton TORQ Reviews

As we cover in our 2017 Easton Z-Core Speed Review, the Speed line from Easton is a single piece aluminum built with an ultra light swing in mind. Although not quite as light as the Beast, the Z-Core Speed is as light as any single piece aluminum on the market. It also boasts a remarkably sized barrel for a single piece alloy bat.

The TORQ version is literally the same exact bat with a spinning lower handle. It only comes in 33 and 34-inch lengths, and because of the TORQ, has a different grip structure on the bottom hand. Other than those features, expect the same exact performance.

Z-Core Hybrid TORQ Review

2017 Easton TORQ Reviews

As we cover in our 2017 Easton Z-Core Hybrid Review, the Hybrid is a two-piece bat with a middle of the road swing weight. It is built for the player that prefers the buttery smash of a two-piece stick, but likes the aluminum barrel’s ping, durability, and hot out of the wrapper performance. It is the easiest way to get the largest aluminum barrel possible.

The Z-Core Hybrid is exactly the same with the obvious exception of the spinning handle. It also only comes in a 33 and 34 inch size and has a different grip structure due to the TORQ element.

Beast TORQ Review2017 Easton TORQ Reviews

As we cover in our 2017 Easton Beast Review, the Beast is Easton’s flagship two-piece composite baseball bat. This beauty took the world by storm just a few years back and the bat market has not been the same since. We named the 2017 Beast as our Best 2017 Baseball Bat for a reason.

The TORQ versions of the Beast are exactly like their non-TORQ counterparts with the exception of the spinning handle. The offering is not as large in the TORQ. Lengths are fewer and the options are only in the drop 5 and 8 2 5/8, drop 10 2 3/4 and BBCOR. But for those who have equivalent sizing, expect the same impressive barrel performance and swing weight.

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