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After 2 solid hours in the cage with Slugger’s 2017 917 Prime in tow we have a good grasp on its total performance, how it compares to it’s predecessor and what type of hitter will appreciate this bat the most.

We’ve also measured it’s swing weight and overall barrel size in relation to its peers as well as considered user reviews. Our emails with Louisville Slugger’s bat team and our thousands of hours in the bat evaluation space were also helpful in our review.

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Industry Reference Guide

Other reference pages on the 917 Prime can be found no these industry pages below. We refer to them, as well as our own data and experience, to write this 2017 Louisville Slugger 917 Prime review.

Louisville Slugger 917 Prime Video Review


BBCOR 917 Prime

Louisville Slugger 917 Prime

On the whole, we’d measure the 917 as a real, if arguably small, upgrade from the 2016 916 Prime to whom it owes many of its characteristics. Like the 916, the 917 is a light swinging two piece composite bat with a considerable, and now measurably larger, sweet spot. The grip is the best in the game. The swing weight of the bat will fit in the wheel house of what most players appreciate.

USSSA 917 Prime

2017 917 Prime Review
Louisville Slugger 917 Prime

The sizing options, although first released in just BBCOR, will cover a wide range of hitters in the Big Barrel, Junior Big Barrel, Youth and Senior League Space.

The players who tested the bat that were looking for a light swinging two piece composite with a buttery swing favored the 917 Prime. Generally, these were hitters who fit in the 2, 3, 5, 6 or 7 hole in most traditional lineups.

2017 vs 2016 917 Prime

Comparable Bats

The 2017 Louisville Slugger 917 Prime fits in the most competitive niche of non-wood baseball bats. That is, the light swinging two piece composite space with an emphasis on a large barrel and max performance. This realm is not only the most crowded space but also the most expensive. Easton’s MAKO, DeMarini’s CF Zen, Adidas RBZ and Axe’s Avenge are just a few.

It should also be noted, the most crowded space in the bat market is also the most coveted. A light swinging bat with a buttery feel even on mishits with an over sized barrel for maximum contact possibility is what most players want if they have the choice.

Research: 2017 Louisville Slugger 917 Prime

917 Prime Slugger Review

How to Choose One Bat Over Another?

We get dizzy, admittedly, when we start measuring and weighing and endlessly comparing performance-based top-shelf baseball bats. Specifically comparing those in the same class as the 917 Prime (the two piece composite balanced bats) gives us clinical vertigo.

These bats are so much more alike than different and, what we all know but don’t admit enough, any great hitter will be fine with any of them. However, we do think a certain type of hitter would appreciate the 917 Prime from Louisville Slugger’s 2017 line more than other types of bats. Those criteria would include at least some of the following. The hitter:

  • prefers a lot of barrel length for his given swing weight.
  • Is comfortable with the idea of working in a composite bat.
  • Hits in the 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7 spots in the lineup.
  • Would rather have a bat that didn’t blow up his thumbs on mishits.
  • Likes a name brand bat with a great tradition of performance gear.
  • Wants a bat with some pedigree and a good warranty.

2017 917 Prime Construction

When compared to the 2016 Prime the 917 has many similarities. Namely, the bat’s general construction is built for the player who likes a light swinging two piece composite with a buttery feel and a good sized barrel.

There are a couple of differences very much worth noting. The 2017’s version improves upon the size of the usable sweet. A new composite in the 917, likely developed in conjunction with Slugger’s new boss Wilson (who owns DeMarini too), expands the length of the usable sweet spot when compared to the 916. It’s a noticeable difference in the cage. Also, Slugger tightened the connective piece (they call the TRU3 design) for added durability and a little more feel at contact.

Bat Sizing Options

The 2017 Louisville Slugger 917 Prime will be available in the following sizes.

  • BBCOR -3 (34, 33, 32, 31 in.)
  • Senior 2 3/4″ -10 (32, 31, 30, 29, 28, 27 in.)
  •  Senior 2 5/8″ -10 (32, 31, 30, 29, 28 in.)
  •  Senior 2 5/8″ -8 (32, 31, 30, 29, 28 in.)
  • Senior 2 5/8″ -5 (32, 31, 30 in.)
  •  Youth 2 1/4″ -12 (32, 31, 30, 29, 28 in.)
  •  Youth 2 1/4″ -10 (32, 31, 30 in.)
  •  Tee ball 2 1/4″ -12.5 (26, 25, 24 in.)

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